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10 room heaters under Rs 10,000 for the dip in temperature

By Aishwarya Bhonsle

Jan 03, 2020

All the news outlets are talking about this season as a 'record-breaking winter' in the country, only set to get worse this month. We are definitely re-thinking our razaai-heater-whisky strategy, and adding more of it all to keep ourselves perfectly snug and warm. We will leave the comforter and warming beverage decisions to you for now, but have made a list of the best heating equipment that you can buy right away:


A)    Radiant Room Heaters

If you can only fantasize about a fireplace every winter, here is a product that can be the second best thing. Radiant room heaters won't give you the romance of a fireplace, but they radiate heat in one location in the room. This basically has an in-built heated surface that emits heat directly at the people or objects close to it. Its reach isn't enough to heat up the whole room so it works best when placed next to your bed or near your work desk. Additionally, it doesn’t make much noise, and keeps the space heated for a while longer even after it's switched off.

1.    Usha Quartz Room Heater (3002) 800-Watt with Overheating Protection

Quartz Room heater is small and will easily fit on your desk or in a corner of any space. Make sure to not place it on the floor in case you have kids or pets.

Price: Rs. 1,244

2.    Bajaj Flashy 1000 Watts Radiant Room Heater (Steel)

If you are looking at more than just spot heating, this is an option worth considering. This will heat up a small room completely with heat spread evenly in the room due to its metal reflectors.

Price: Rs. 1,040

B)   Oil filled radiators

As the name suggests, oil filled radiators work on heat generated by the oil inside. Noiseless and compact in size, they generally work well for medium-sized rooms.

1.    Havells OFR - 11Fin 2900-Watt PTC Fan Heater

This one does the job and looks good while doing it. It has three different power modes and automatically switches off in case it heats up too much. It has wheels attached and can be easily rolled into any room.

Price: Rs. 10,099

2.    Morphy Richards OFR 9 9-Fin 2400 Watts Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater

This one Morphy Richards is a basic oil filled heater and gives a much smoother experience as compared to an electrical heater. It also has an automatic power selector feature that switches on in case you are facing any electric supply issues. Place this heater in your bedroom for a peaceful night's sleep because it doesn't make in any sound.

Price: Rs. 8,399

C)    Convection Heaters

Convection heaters mainly work on hot air blown out of the machine with the help of a fan. These heaters work best in closed spaces generally and are extremely convenient in terms of portability. Even though they are very fast in heating up a room, the heat runs out soon after you switch it off. 

1.    Havells GHRFHAGW200 2000-Watt Comforter

Ideal for compact spaces, you can easily move it around as needed. This is a good option in case you are looking for a product that doesn't take up too much space but does its job well.

Price: Rs. 4,590

2.    Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater

Here's a multitasker in a small size, and light on your pocket. It can be used as a heater as well as a fan. A good option to go for if you are on a budget.

Price: Rs. 1,120

3.    Usha 3632 PTC 2000-Watt Fan Heater (Green)

Add some fun, colour and of course heat to your home with this one. Ideal for small spaces, you can mount this on your wall or place it on your desk.

Price: Rs. 3,645

4.    Morphy Richards Aristo 2000 Watts PTC Room Heater

Here's another great option for a medium-sized light-weight heater. The sleek machine will keep a medium-sized room easily warm.

Price: Rs. 3,732

5.    Bajaj Majesty RX11 2000 Watts Heat Convector Room Heater (Ivory)

This power-packed machine instantly heats up your room as it works on a fan forced mechanism that pushes hot air around super-fast. It automatically switches off when the room is warm enough and avoids overheating. During the summers though, you can use this as a personal fan so it won't sit around catching dust.

Price: Rs. 2,299

6.    LIBRA 1500 Watt PTC Portable Ceramic Room Heater with Adjustable Thermostat (1506L)

If you are looking for a portable heater that adds some quirk to your house along with warmth, this one would work well.

Price: Rs. 1,999


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