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Vastu for the main door: Welcome good energy with these house entrance Vastu tips

  • Vastu Tips
Jul 22, 2022
Main door vastu tip ideas for your home design - Beautiful Homes

Vastu for main door design in your home. Explore various main door house entrance vastu from south east entrance vastu to north west entrance vastu & everything for your home

Vastu Shastra not just lays immense significance on the home overall, but stresses on every aspect equally and the main door is no different. It paves the entry and exit to positive and negative energies. It is driven by several factors and holds the pulse of the entire house together. Consequently, it is better to be mindful about its placement and positioning while building or buying your dream house. 


From the position of the main door to the material used to create it, everything adds an element of positivity to your house. To make sure that everything that enters your house is right, here are some very important Vastu tips for the main door.




The direction of the main door as per Vastu holds tremendous significance in every household. Some directions are more promising as compared to the others.

Northeast is considered as the best direction to place your main door. It not only adds positivity but an element of vitality too. The second-best option is the north entrance main door that attracts good fortune and the east-facing main door is ideal if placed close to the north wall.


In case you have no option, you may also opt for a northwest entrance main door or a southeast entrance as per vastu. You may alternatively opt for a west facing entrance that is more beneficial for the kids at home.


While a few entrances are considered auspicious, there are a few directions that do not bode well with the house members.

Main door direction for your home entrance as per vastu - Beautiful Homes

The southwest entrance vastu is not the best direction for the main door. However, if it is entirely unavoidable, it is better to create an open space in the northeast direction of the house to allow proper cross ventilation. Besides this, the south entrance main door is not considered a good option either.

Material to choose for your main door for your home entrance - Beautiful Homes


Wood door is usually the most preferred material for the main door as per vastu. It not only looks regal but exudes a calming effect on the house overall. However, if your main entrance faces south or west, it is better to have a combination of wood and metal. A north-facing main door may also include a tinge of silver. An east-facing main entrance is better if made of wood without any metal accessories.


As per vastu, the main door has to have maximum visibility as it is an essential part of the house. The main entrance must be quick to recognise and resonate with the rest of the house members. The height of the main door as per vastu also plays a vital role. You can build your main entrance around 6 feet to 7 feet tall and close to 3 feet wide—the more enormous the door, the better the ventilation and energy in the house. It is advisable to keep the height of all the other doors inside the house, lower than the main door.

Vastu tips for your main door design at your home entrance - Beautiful Homes
Home entrance décor as per vastu for your home - Beautiful Homes


You can make your main door stand out by creating a unique nameplate in different styles. You may additionally mention your house number and address, use a few ornamental engravings or minimalistic designs, as per your preference. You can also place certain decorative elements on and around your main door.


Besides being aesthetically appealing, the direction and colour of the main door are vital.


Based on Vastu, you can paint your door white and blue for a west-facing main entrance and pink, orange and silver for the south or southeast main door.


  • You can use yellow for the southwest-facing entry and green, cream, or yellow for north and northeast facing the main door.

  • White and cream are ideal for northwest-facing main doors, and wooden colours.

  • White and light blue, are suitable for east-facing main doors. 
Main door colour for your home as per vastu for your home entrance - Beautiful Homes



There are a few do’s and don’ts that allow us to maintain a balance of energy at home.


Do’s for the main door-

  1. It is best to make the main door bigger than the other doors of the house interior design.
  2. Always keep the main entrance door well-lit with bright lights.
  3. It is better to keep the main door away from the corner as per vastu.


Don’ts for the main door-

  1. Avoid keeping shoes at the entrance of the main door and place them at the side.
  2. It is better to not have any dustbin or garbage near your main door entrance as per vastu.
  3. Avoid using black colour to paint your main door as it emits negative energy.



1. What is the best position of the main door?

The ideal position for the main door is northeast, north, east and west.


2. Which God's idol is suitable for the main door?

As per vastu, it is ideal to have the idols of Lord Ganesh or Goddess Lakshmi at the entrance of the home. They welcome prosperity and good luck. Alternatively, you may place symbols such as a Kalash with a coconut on it or a swastika to ward off negative energy. 


3. Can the main door open anticlockwise?

No, it is best not to have the main door open anticlockwise. It is better to have the door open at 90 degrees clockwise without any hindrance or obstruction around it. In addition, you must keep your main door well-maintained throughout the year.


4. How many steps should be there leading to the main door?

It is ideal to have an odd number of steps leading to the main door entrance as per vastu. 


5. Can a house have two entrances?

It is better to have one main door leading to the house. However, if you wish, you may build a small alternate door behind the place to let your helpers inside. Alternatively, you can have two main doors, one for entry and the other for exit.


6. Is the sliding door good as per vastu?

It is preferable to have it in two parts rather than one big unit. It is not ideal to have sliding doors as the main door design per vastu. 



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