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Best Diwali decoration ideas for your home in 2022

  • Festive Interior Design
Oct 19, 2022
Diwali light decoration for your home's diwali decoration in 2022 - Beautiful Homes

Up your Diwali game this year with these fun decoration ideas

With festive celebrations in full swing, it is time to start planning for Diwali. Outdo yourself and be the talk of the town with some help from these fantastic Diwali decoration ideas. From Diwali home decoration and Diwali pooja decoration to Diwali office decoration, this list has everything you need.


1. Diwali Light Decoration: Glass Bottles with Fairy Lights

Make this year's Diwali decoration affordable and sustainable with this idea. Repurpose all the glassware and containers as lanterns for Diwali light decoration home ideas with a contemporary twist. Fill them up with fairy lights or LED diyas for that ethereal glow. Paint them or cover them in gelatin paper to add some colour. This is one of the easier DIY Diwali decoration ideas too.

2. Diwali Home Decoration Ideas: Decorative Furnishings

If you've been looking to redo your furnishings, now is the time. Bring in colour, texture and pattern to your Diwali home decoration with new upholstery. Brocade, jacquard, silk and damask are luxurious options. These fabrics would work well for other house Diwali decoration ideas as well. For something a little less permanent, just change the covers, draperies and other textiles. Jewel tones, vibrant hues and metallic accents are exactly what you need for Deepavali decoration.

Diwali decorative furnishing for your diwali home decoration - Beautiful Homes
Homemade diwali craft for Diwali decoration - Beautiful Homes

3. Handmade Diwali Decoration Ideas for Home: Homemade Craft

Flex your creative muscle with DIY Diwali decoration ideas. Here are a few house Diwali decoration ideas you can try:

  • Honeycomb paper balls
  • Origami ornaments
  • Twine lanterns
  • Macrame lampshades
  • Traditional motifs in clay for Diwali wall hanging

Since many of these are paper Diwali decoration ideas and relatively easy to handle, make it a family affair by enlisting children's help. You can use these as Diwali decoration ideas for the office as well.

4. Diwali Flower Decoration

Flowers are quintessential to traditional Diwali decorations in India. They're everywhere: toran for Diwali, rangolis, Diwali wall hanging, centrepieces, floating décor in uruli, and more. Moreover, they help you set an ambience with colour, texture and fragrance. And you can compost flowers, so they're also an eco-friendly option. If you want Diwali decoration items that you can reuse, choose paper Diwali decoration ideas for flower requirements. Use these for Diwali home decoration and Diwali decoration ideas for the office.



Diwali flower decoration for Diwali pooja decoration - Beautiful Homes
Traditional diwali diya decoration for your home - Beautiful Homes

5. Diwali Light Decoration: Traditional Diyas

Another traditional Diwali decorations staple is diyas. Earthen diyas add a rustic charm to Diwali house decoration that can't be beaten. They're especially great for Diwali light decoration outside the home, foyer, entrances, etc. If you plan to use diya decoration more as highlights or focal points, paint them to match the colour scheme of the rest of the Deepavali decoration. For a safer option, instead of lighting up the diyas, place LED ones inside the traditional ones.

6. Diwali Light Decoration Outside Home: Paper Lanterns/Decorative Diwali Lanterns

Diwali decoration means lantern galore. If you want the best Diwali house decoration, consider these options:

  • Macrame lanterns
  • Bamboo lanterns
  • Lantern made of painted plastic bottles
  • Lanterns with carvings or cut-outs
  • Pom-pom lanterns

Use them for Diwali decoration ideas for the office to add a creative touch.


7. Diwali Light Decoration: Candles

Add candles to your Diwali decoration items list to up your game. Deck up your entrances, side tables, dining table and more with carved candles, tea light candles on elegant candelabras, etc. Use this Diwali decoration in the workspace as well.


8. Diwali Decoration Ideas for Home Handmade: Fancy Rangolis

Elegant geometric designs, stunning sanskar Bharti, stylised motifs, etc., are all kinds of rangoli styles you can try for Diwali decoration. If traditional rangoli is not for you, you can use stencils to paint beautiful designs at the entrance and for Diwali Laxmi puja decoration at home. A time-efficient and easy Laxmi puja decoration at home is to use flowers for rangoli. If you want to add some pzazz to your rangoli, incorporate diyas, samai, and other handicrafts.


9. Diwali Flower Decoration: Diwali Torans for Diwali Decoration

Torans are versatile; you can use them in entryways, windows, wall hangings, etc. They're excellent options for Diwali decoration ideas for living rooms and Diwali office decoration. Opt for the traditional marigold and banana leaf torans for elegant and easy Laxmi puja decoration at home. For a cohesive look, opt for floral puja thali decoration and Kalash decoration. Other toran options include embroidered torans, Meenakari, beaded, origami, etc.


10. Diwali Light Decoration Home Ideas: Paper Cup Lights

Looking for Diwali decoration ideas for the living room for the party? Incorporate paper cup lights into the home decoration. Paint the cups or carve out shapes for beautiful shadows. Add a tiny bulb inside and use them individually or string them together like a garland for Diwali wall hanging.



11. Diwali Home Decoration Ideas: Diwali Coasters

Diwali time means tons of time spent around food with loved ones. If you're planning on hosting people, opt for detail-oriented Diwali decoration ideas. For example, have Diwali-themed coasters at hand around the dining and socialising areas. You can hand paint coaster-sized MDF boards, glass or mirrors. You can use them as Diwali decorations for the walls, instead of rangoli and even as gifts.

12. Diwali Home Decoration Ideas: Table Décor

Much about this festival of lights revolves around food and community. You must thus bring the same energy into decorating the dining table and the socialising area as any other. Celebrate the festival of lights with a candlelit dinner. Start with a traditional table runner. Set up floral arrangements, lighting, lanterns and so on to match the Diwali house decoration.

Diwali table decoration ideas for your home Diwali pooja - Beautiful Homes
Diwali Laxmi pooja decoration ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

13. Diwali Laxmi Puja Decoration At Home

Here is everything you need for Diwali pooja decoration:

  • Flowers for torans, garlands and thali decoration
  • Diyas- you can decorate to match the rest of the Diwali decoration
  • Ensure that Kalash decoration matches the rest of the samagri for a cohesive look
  • Rangoli
  • And lastly, some tasty Prashad

Diwali Decoration Items

Here is a list of basics for all your Diwali decoration ideas:

  • Puja paraphernalia
  • Lanterns and diyas
  • Flowers
  • Craft supplies- paper, scissors, glue, tape, thread, etc.
  • Fairy lights
  • Rangoli



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