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9 unique Diwali decoration ideas to beautify your home

  • Festive Interior Design
Nov 11, 2020
Home corridor diwali décor ideas - Beautiful Homes


While this may be the first year we’re celebrating a festive season in an unprecedented pandemic, it hasn’t stopped us from getting creative and finding ways to celebrate our joyous occasions at home. And, with Diwali round the corner, we’re getting inspired to go a step further by taking our Diwali decoration ideas up a notch with some simple tips and tricks with pieces and accessories around the house.


Whether you’re a large family celebrating Diwali in a big bungalow or a couple in your first rented apartment, here are nine unique Diwali decoration ideas to style your home decor.

1.    Diwali Decoration Ideas For Your Dining Table

With the festive season comes festivities, gatherings, get-togethers and parties—and Diwali is the perfect occasion to host friends and family at home, whether it’s for a small, intimate dinner or a large spread that goes into the wee hours of the night. To decorate your dining table for Diwali you could choose to be a minimalist or pull all the stops and be an opulent maximalist—the choice is yours. The key here is to make the entire setting look vibrant and festive. Adding décor pieces with a metallic finish and elements with bold designs will set the tone for the perfect Diwali feast on your dining table.


Pro Tip: While we love this dining table spread styled by Beyond Design, which has every festive element from the floral settings to the eye-catching light fixture above, you don’t have to break the bank when setting your table for Diwali. If you’ve been storing your heirloom China passed down to you over the years, this is a good occasion to include it in your dining décor—as long as they’re no children included in the guest list!

Dining table design ideas for Diwali - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beyond Designs

Simple diwali decoration ideas for your home decor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sanjyt Syngh

2.    Simple Diwali Decoration Ideas For Your Home’s Décor

Either you may not want to buy new decorations which will not be in use after the festive season or you might want décor pieces in your home that blend in with the rest of the interiors while still looking festive. To create a lively mood in any space, consider the simplest elements such as candles and flowers for your Diwali decorations. Not only are these evergreen accessories that are easy to find and decorate with, but they can be used through the year on good occasions or days when you want to spruce up the house.

Style Tip: When choosing candles, pick a scented one in your favourite fragrance or pick a set of simple candlesticks and places them in decorative holders. For floral displays, freshly cut flowers from the florist or your garden work wonders as do marigold or lily garlands strung across doorways in the house.

3.    Your Food Can Be A Part Of Your Diwali Decoration Ideas

Since food tempts all the senses, it can be used as a visual treat in your Diwali decorations. When planning for a festive food spread, consider using earthen pots and wooden bowls, such as these from Ellementry, or even traditional Indian utensils to echo the mood of the season. You could also enhance the entire setting by including small tea lights and marigolds (or any flowers or leaves from your garden.

Traditional indian utensils diwali decoration ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Ellementry

Diwali decoration ideas for home entrance - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, MADS Creation

4. Don’t Forget Your Home’s Entrance In Your Diwali Decoration Ideas

As the entrance is the first place one steps into in a home, it works as the perfect space to incorporate the style or theme you’re looking to mirror in your house. And this also holds true when planning your Diwali decoration ideas during the festive season. Placing flowers at lights at the doorway or in the foyer at the entry point of the house will immediately create an inviting and happy mood for the festivities ahead.


Insider’s Eye: While we all love hanging lights, we’re intrigued by this light installation by MADS Creations, which breaks conventional style rules by placing lights much below eye level. This provides an illusion of lights floating on the water below it. A simple way to recreate this aesthetic is by placing large earthen pots or urli bowls filled with water, and sprinkling fragrant petals over it along with floating candles. 

5.    Create A Festive Nook With Your Diwali Decoration Ideas

Maybe you don’t want to disrupt the existing décor in your home or maybe the space doesn’t allow for it, but you can also style a small corner or nook in the house with your Diwali decorations to create a festive niche. To echo your Diwali decorations on your décor, think ethnic prints and traditional Indian designs. This is a good time to pull out simple accessories such as embroidered or block-printed cushion covers, candle stands (especially with metallic detailing), and other decorative pieces for the home.


Style Tip: You don’t have to run out to specifically buy new furniture or furnishings for your Diwali décor. To create a festive nook, simply work with any ethnic accessories you already have around the house, and pair or mix and match them together. Use this corner designed by Sarita Handa as your Diwali home decoration inspiration!

Diwali decoration ideas for home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sarita Handa

Home corridor diwali décor ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Ochre At Home

6.    Your Diwali Decoration Ideas Can Play With Light In The Corridors And Passages

Whether it’s on the entrance table at a doorway, in a corridor or passageway, or even a coffee table by the window, you can spruce up with space with small details to start the festivities. With fresh lilies in a clear vase and a tray of simple white candles, this nook styled by Ochre at Home can easily be recreated in any space in an Indian home. We also love the geometric mirror placed behind the table which doubles the Diwali décor for the entire room.

7.    A Festive Outdoor Diwali Decoration Idea

With the Diwali season comes cooler climate, which means better weather to hang out or host gatherings in your outdoor spaces. From gardens and patios in bungalows and independent houses to balconies or even the windowsills or ledges of apartments, the outdoors (or areas leading to it) work as the perfect canvas for any Diwali decoration idea. To pay homage to the festival of lights in your home, get inspired by this balcony styled by Sarita Handa in this living room, and incorporate as many lighting accessories that work well with your décor. For the garden or on balconies, strings of fairy lights hung across walls or around plants or trees look magical at night; while earthen divas or tea candles placed at doorways are meant to bring good luck into a home on Diwali.

Festive outdoor diwali decorations for home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sarita Handa

Diwali decoration ideas by Good Earth - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Good Earth

8.    Don’t Forget The Small Details In Your Diwali Decoration Ideas

The devil is in the detail, and this couldn’t be further from the truth when it come to home décor. Sometimes the smallest details or a single element can add visual intrigue in a space and set the mood for the entire room. Drawing inspiration from sacred rituals and ceremonies which includes pomp, pageantry and an abundance of flowers, Good Earth’s festive collection ‘Puspanjali’ is inspiring us to get a head start on our Diwali decoration ideas with simple flower garlands or bowls of flower petals around the home.

9.    Diwali Decoration Ideas For The Bedroom

If you’re looking to incorporate your Diwali decoration ideas in not just the living room and the outdoors but also in the bedroom, you can get inspired by this bed styled by Good Earth, with bedding and linens in ethnic Indian floral and leaf prints. Since the season of Diwali brings with it the start of a change in season and the festive months ahead, it is a good time to indulge in a fresh change of bedding or linens to spruce up the home with a new set of furnishings and accessories.

Diwali decoration ideas for bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Good Earth


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