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Warm colours and local art dominate Anuradha Kapoor’s home in Gurgaon

  • Ideas and Inspiration
Oct 30, 2017

This sprawling home shows how to live with colour and easy ideas to update your home

Located on the 15th floor of a high rise in Gurgaon’s gated community, décor blogger, Anuradha Kapoor’s home is delightfully Indian from the minute she opens the door. Colours jump at you from the entryway, which seems double its size thanks to the addition of a large mirror. Anuradha has divided her living into two zones, a formal living room that opens to an expansive terrace, and an informal living cum dining room where the family gathers everyday.

Anuradha’s informal living room sees a bright splash of colours with her upholstery and art. A trick we came to love is cladding the seat with a loose fabric, which allows you to change it as often as you please.

Foregoing the regular table runner, Anuradha has instead spiced up her dining table with an unusual runner made of a wooden plank with a row of succulents on it.

Instead of the oft-used beige for the sofas, Anuradha went all out with a red sofa set for her formal living room.

The décor is a mix of local art sourced from artisans from around the country paired with curios from their travels around the world. Unlike most people we know, she is unafraid to live with colour, as is evident from bursts of it that greet you at every corner of the home.


Her home has aged well, with pieces fitting in even better than when she first bought them while still keeping room for newer ones. We have always believed that a home is a work in progress, which grows richer with your travels, experiences and love. And Anuradha’s home is a testament to that.

Anuradha Kapoor with her mum in their expansive terrace. She has decorated her terrace with an assortment of ceramic, metal and clay pots, and each material sitting in contrast with each other.
The entryway to Anuradha’s home is peppered with bright art, painted trunks and a large mirror. Instead of leaving the back of the door as is, she has treated it like a canvas in itself and painted it with a mural of Lord Ganesh.
Anuradha uses the fail-safe trick of adding a mirror to the narrow hallway to make it appear larger.
The wall in the formal living room shows Anuradha’s love for the elephant headed God. If there’s one tip to take back, then it is – more the merrier. Just remember to vary sizes and materials to create an interesting gallery wall with similar prints or iconography.
The master bedroom in Anuradha’s home like with every other room, displays her love for local art. We love how she’s used two, single settees to create a daybed.
One of the oldest tricks of decorating is working with symmetry. Not only does it help create a tone of formality but also helps you achieve a sense of balance as seen in Anuradha’s living room.
Anuradha’s son’s room is a colourful canvas in itself. If you ever thought you couldn’t play with bright colours and busy prints at the same time, you just need to take a look at this room.
Who said art on walls had to be straight-laced paintings? Take inspiration from Anuradha’s formal living room where she has used vintage brackets as art.
Anuradha aces her centre table arrangement by following the simple rule of levels. Always create a movement for the eye when putting togather an arrangement. Use books to add height, add trays for dimension and tall pieces to accentuate the height.

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