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A tropical vacation home in Goa

  • Vacation Home
By Bindu Nair
4 min read
May 11, 2018

We take a peek into a vacation home in Goa that marries a tropical themed interior with a modern facade

A vacation home in Goa sounds like the perfect brief for an architect. For Shabnam Gupta, principal architect at The Orange Lane, it was a cue to create a space that could accommodate her client’s need for privacy while at the same time giving them access to the site’s vast tree-lined outdoor space. The house had to be designed for a joint family consisting of grandparents, the parents and their children. The homeowner was one of Shabnam’s clients so there was a great working relationship between the architect and the client.


“The USP of the plot were these large banyan trees that surrounded it from all sides, almost like a grove. The client wanted the trees to kiss the structure,” recalls Shabnam.

Tropical themed soft furnishings have been paired with upholstered furniture done up in a neutral palette.

The women in the family were keen to have a vernacular structure. Shabnam convinced them to opt for a more modern exterior and suggested that they soften the home from inside.


Concrete is the material of choice with lime washed walls. The styling for each of the rooms was kept distinctly different, keeping in mind the needs of individual members. The children’s room had a low floor bed, with a blue palette and wooden flooring. The parent’s room was similarly styled in an egg white and turquoise blue palette with an adjoining sitting area, which was separated by a low-standing cement divider. The palette for the grandparent’s home is mustard with a white brick wall and an adjoining outdoor patio space which gives them a sense of their own private garden.


The tropical theme is incorporated in different forms of detailing. For instance, tropical prints are present across most of the soft furnishings in the hall and dining area while built-in wardrobes made of bison boards had hand-painted botanical prints on the exterior.  The dining room ceiling has an interesting dimpled detail from which contemporary style wire lamps have been hung. 


The furniture has been customised for the entire bungalow. Distressed wood furniture is peppered around the house, lending it an eclectic touch.


A vacation residence is a home away from home but with the added benefit of feeling like an escape from your day-to-day life. This Goa home clearly brings out that feeling in abundance.

An informal dining space was created in the patio with a concrete top table, and lounge space with low hanging lights.
A dimpled concrete ceiling sits atop the dining space.
The informal seating area in the living room, with retro styled flooring tiles.
A hand-painted tropical themed wall mural matches similarly themed upholstery in the living room.
Every bedroom has a private balcony space attached to it. Seen here is the children’s room.
An overview of the parent’s bedroom.
The informal outdoor lounging area.
A swing in the vast, tree-lined garden.

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