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This home in Chennai showcases a Scandinavian aesthetic

Balcony design with hanging lamp – Beautiful Homes
By Pallavi Mehra

Aug 23, 2023

Designers Kishore Rajasekaran and Keerthika Surenthar of The Design Shop give us a glimpse of this light-filled apartment, which features paints, curtains and wallpapers by Asian Paints

A young family of four reached out to architects and interior designers Kishore Rajasekaran and Keerthika Surenthar, founders of The Design Shop to refurbish the interiors of their 2,200-square-feet residence in Chennai. Named ‘The Summer House’, the apartment is located in the upscale neighbourhood of Alwarpet in Chennai. The residence is situated on the ground floor of a three-storey building, which is owned by the clients. In addition to the refurbishment, The Design Shop was tasked with expanding the apartment from 1,800 sq. ft. to 2,200 sq. ft.

The existing 4BHK layout was reconfigured into a spacious 3BHK design. Upon entering, one is greeted by a foyer adorned with chequered tiles and a wooden swing. An eye-catching feature of the living room is a vertical opening with a wooden shutter, which has been integrated into the TV unit wall. This feature creates dancing shadows and serves as a focal point in the room. The living area flows into the dining area in an open layout. The kids’ room is a clutter-free space, incorporating shades of pink and mauve. The master bedroom boasts a vestibule entry with a storage wardrobe, a walk-in closet, an open deck, and an attached toilet. The kitchen has an earthy colour palette and is designed to be both simple and functional, featuring a pantry space and a utility area.

Scandinavian interior design with gold accents – Beautiful Homes

‘The Summer House’ in Chennai is a light-filled abode showcasing a Scandinavian design aesthetic.

Here, Kishore and Keerthika of ​​The Design Shop take us on a tour of this minimal, light-filled space that’s both practical and warm.

Beautiful Homes (BH): What was the idea behind the design aesthetic of this home?

Kishore Rajasekaran (KR): ‘The Summer House’ project entails the renovation of a 20-year-old apartment with the aim of transforming it into a Scandinavian dwelling. Due to the apartment's location on the ground floor and the limited ventilation openings in the neighbourhood, the house suffered from inadequate natural light. As a result, our clients emphasised the need to significantly enhance the availability of light sources. Consequently, the design and style of the space embraced a Scandinavian minimalist approach, prioritising abundant sunlight as key elements. 

Living room design with floor lamp – Beautiful Homes

Kishore Rajasekaran and Keerthika Surenthar of The Design Shop have crafted a warm home in muted tones and practical furnishings.

Wooden dining table with hanging lights – Beautiful Homes

The dining area features an arresting modern chandelier by The White Teak Company and a large six-seater teak dining table.

BH: What were the specific requirements of the family?

Keerthika Surenthar (KS): The agenda set by our clients was to drastically increase the light sources. Therefore, a Scandinavian minimal approach with ample sunlight were kept as primary elements while designing and styling the space. Moreover, a thoughtful selection of warm tones, muted hues, and earthy materials was employed, meticulously crafting an inviting ambiance that resonates with its residents.

Kids bedroom design with floral wallpaper – Beautiful Homes

The children's bedroom features a beautiful floral wallpaper and vibrant curtains from Asian Paints.

BH: Tell us a bit about the process of working with Asian Paints.

KR: The apartment was completed in just six months, including both civil changes and interior styling. Asian Paints played a pivotal role, providing top-notch materials such as the Asian Paints Royale Aspira paints for the walls, PU shutters, sofa fabrics, kids’ room wallpaper, and a modern dining space chandelier. Collaborating with Asian Paints was a breeze. Their distinct product categorisation spanning over a wide price spectrum ensured a tailored solution for every need.

BH: Do you have any interior design tips for people who would like to craft spaces with a similar design aesthetic?

KS: Scandinavian design focuses on making spaces feel open and peaceful by using clean lines and white space to find a balance between too much and too little. Use earthy tones and light shades on walls and furniture, add pops of brighter colours for a vibrant touch, and consider bold accents for a cheerful atmosphere. I would also encourage the designers to draw inspiration from nature's palette to achieve a similar design aesthetic.

Coffee table for living room – Beautiful Homes

Conceptualised by The Design Shop, the apartment’s interior design meets the needs of each member of the family.

Wash basin for dining room design – Beautiful Homes

The walls of the home have been elevated by Asian Paints Royale Aspira paints.

Modular kitchen with textured kitchen cabinets – Beautiful Homes

The kitchen features abundant natural light, muted hues and sleek contemporary fittings.

Master bedroom linen upholstery – Beautiful Homes

The primary bedroom boasts elegant green curtains by Asian Paints.

Unique window design for master bedroom – Beautiful Homes

The primary bedroom features black shutters that open into a light-filled deck area with two chairs and a planter.

Study room design with bunk beds – Beautiful Homes

The kids’ bedroom is a functional and warm space with bunk beds, a work desk and ample storage.

Balcony design with hanging lamp – Beautiful Homes

The master bedroom’s shutters can be left open or closed depending on the needs of the residents.

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