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From the BHS album: A weekend home designed for a large joint family

Living room with a brown sofa
By Ela Das

Dec 08, 2021

This Asian Paints interior design service helped the family build their getaway home on the outskirts of the city on a tight deadline


Sanand, Gujarat.



A recently bought farmhouse on the outskirts of Ahmedabad for a joint family of ten.



2,150 square feet.


Renovation Time

Two and a half months.


Number of Rooms

A single floor with two bedrooms and attached bathrooms, a living room and open kitchen, along with a storeroom.

Client Profile

After staying indoors for most of the pandemic last year, Karan Shah and his joint family of ten wanted a quick getaway close to the city. “We have a large group of around 20 friends who meet up regularly every weekend, and wanted to spend more time outdoors. Along with this, we also liked the idea of having this weekend home to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and festivities through the year,” he explains.


After constructing this home, Shah (who runs his family’s manufacturing business) was on the lookout for finding the right designer to decorate the space. “The house is 25 kilometres outside the city, and to get it designed and decorated while running a business everyday was posing to be an impossible task,” he recalls, adding, “After hearing about the convenience of the Beautiful Homes Service from a couple of friends, it felt like a no-brainer to enlist a trusted brand like Asian Paints for the job.” 


How would you Describe the Design Process?

Karan: It was a very smooth process overall. The first thing that impressed me was how the designers visited our home in Ahmedabad to truly understand how we liked to live and what our design preferences are. They were so enthusiastic and took down notes and pictures of the smallest details. After that, and discussing what we were looking for in our new home, they presented a 3D mock-up of our designs. 

Bedroom with a mirror above the side table next to the bed

The entire project by the Beautiful Homes Service was completed within two and a half months.

This was a very clever way to go about the design process. Everyone’s imagination is subjective and this helped draw a clear picture of what our home would look like. We also saved on time as we barely had any changes after seeing the mock-up.


How was the Budget Planned Around the Project?

I had a very specific budget in mind based on the amount of work I wanted to get done at the farmhouse. Thankfully, Asian Paints was very understanding about it, and helped facilitate negotiations with the contractors to accommodate this.


What was the Experience Like During the Renovation?

Unfortunately, even though I meant to, I didn’t get to visit the property during the renovation as I was tied up with work every day. Thankfully, I was regularly kept abreast with the goings-on over the phone and via pictures. Any troubleshooting was also tackled this way.

What was the Material and Swatch Selection Process Like?

Before the renovation began, we spent one full day with the contractor to select almost all the materials—from the fabrics and lights to the laminates and fixtures.


Any Words of Advice for Someone Signing Up for the Beautiful Homes Service?

These days, everyone wants to own a beautiful home; yet no one has the time to invest in building it. There was a certain brand value expectation I had for Asian Paints when I chose the Beautiful Homes Service—and I was not disappointed. If there was any problem along the way, they were always quick to support us. Also, this is a line of work that’s known to never meet deadlines, but our home was handed over to us on the date we were promised. We were quite relaxed through the entire renovation—all we had to do was sit back and look forward to seeing our new home!


Are you looking for interior design expertise for your own project? We can help. Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints offers customers personalised interior design and hassle-free execution, all in one. We can help you design, visualise, and create your dream home. For a home consultation, click here.

Living room with a brown sofa
The large living room opens into the sprawling outdoors to accommodate the family of ten.
Kitchen with printed tiles

The open-plan kitchen extends into the living room to host a large number of guests.

bedroom with a king bed and a wooden headboard

The original layout comprised only one bedroom with an attached bathroom.

bedroom with a green wall and a peach sofa

An additional master bedroom was added to the floor plan.

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