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From the BHS album: A Chennai apartment gets a colourful makeover

  • Interior Design Services
Dec 21, 2021
Living room painting service by Asian Paints - Beautiful Homes

Beautiful Homes Service provides a chic upgrade for this family home


Chennai, Tamil Nadu



Painting a semi-duplex apartment and a modular kitchen upgrade for an apartment in Chennai.



1,725 square feet



Two weeks for painting the full house and four weeks for the modular kitchen upgrade


Number of Rooms

On the ground level: a living room with a balcony and dining room, a pooja room, a kitchen and guest bedroom
On the first level: two bedrooms with attached bathrooms and balconies


Client Profile

When Hariraj T. first contacted Asian Paints for a quick painting service for his three-bedroom, semi-duplex apartment in Chennai, he was surprised to find out that the company’s Beautiful Homes Service could also help him with a much-needed update to his kitchen.


Along with his wife Sharmini and his daughter Harshana, Hariraj found a one-stop solution for his home renovation project earlier this year. By opting for full-service painting, textured accent walls and modular kitchen cabinets, the family was able to give their home a bright and colourful makeover in just under four weeks.


We spoke to Hariraj about his family’s experience with the Beautiful Homes Service. Edited excerpts from an interview:

How did you Hear about Asian Paints Beautiful Homes Service?

Over the years, we have had the full house painted a few times but we weren’t very happy with the results the last time we used an independent painting service. During the pandemic when we decided to give the house a fresh paint job, we found that all roads led to Asian Paints. I was drawn to the advertising that promised a safety-first approach in terms of following COVID-19 protocols. There was one more reason we decided to go ahead with the Beautiful Homes Service—my older daughter’s husband is an architect and he advised us to work with Asian Paints too.

Bedroom painting renovation by Beautiful Homes Services - Beautiful Homes

Strict Covid-19 protocols followed by the Beautiful Service team and swift execution allowed the family to stay in the house throughout the renovation process.

What was the Brief Given to the Team?

Initially, I just wanted to get the full house painted but my wife pointed out that the kitchen needed some rework too. The kitchen cabinets had been through wear and tear. There was some damage to them because of water seepage too. When we spoke to the Beautiful Homes Service, we realised that they could help us upgrade the kitchen too. So this time we opted for a modular kitchen with water-proof and stain-resistant shutters.

How would you Describe the Design Process?

The Beautiful Homes service was very engaging and there were multiple visits by the team, whenever we requested them. We found that Asian Paints provided a one-stop solution for all of our requirements. I was most pleased to have a one point contact with Tharun, the Customer Experience Specialist (CES) assigned to us.

First, a team came over and took all the necessary measurements and made a note of all of our requirements and our budget. We had already done some of the homework and browsed through the Asian Paints website and narrowed down on some of the colours we wanted to use in the home.

My wife and daughter took over the colour selection process from thereon. They wanted to do something unique in the living and dining room areas and the Asian Paints team introduced us to texture walls. After browsing through the catalogues the team brought along, we opted for textured painting for two large walls—one in the living room and one in the dining room. The team offered to show us a mock-up of these textured walls but we didn’t think it was necessary at the time. In hindsight, it would have better if the team insisted and not just offered the 3D visualisation but having said that, we are happy with the end result.

Bedroom painting service done by Asian Paints in the semi duplex house - Beautiful Homes

The Beautiful Homes Service team was able to pull off full-service painting of the three-bedroom, semi-duplex house in just under two weeks.

What was the Experience Like During the Renovation?

The biggest challenge during the project was that my family and I didn’t want to leave the house during the renovation. The painting was therefore done very systematically by the team—first, they finished painting the upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms while we stayed in the guest bedroom, followed by all the other rooms on the ground level. The painting of the house was completed in two weeks and the modular kitchen was installed within four weeks.


The team also swift in taking corrective action if any issues came up. For instance, the paint used in the washrooms was darker than we expected and immediately Tharun instructed the team to make the necessary changes. I have to say that he is one of the best people I have ever worked with—he is a true leader and I’m glad that the Beautiful Homes Service ensured that he was always just a phone call away to address our issues. 


Any Words of Advice for Someone Signing Up for the Beautiful Homes Service?

The team was very professional and didn’t waste any time at all. We were impressed with the team’s discipline and commitment to finishing the project on time. A supervisor would visit every morning and evening to make sure the work was getting on as planned.

Initially, we were sceptical about having people spend 8-to-10 hours working inside the house.  We requested that the same set of people worked inside the house throughout the project and as promised, the Beautiful Homes Service team made sure that everyone who worked with us was fully vaccinated and followed all the COVID-19 protocols. The whole team as well as my family masked up throughout the day and whenever required, we double masked too.


Are you looking for interior design expertise for your own project? We can help. Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints offers customers personalised interior design and hassle-free execution, all in one. We can help you design, visualise, and create your dream home. For a home consultation, click here.

Hariraj T. with his family at their home in Chennai - Beautiful Homes

Hariraj T. with his wife Sharmini, daughters Harshana and Sanjana and his granddaughter Sasha at their home in Chennai.

Textured finishes for two statement walls in the living area - Beautiful Homes

The family zeroed in on Asian Paints textured finishes for two statement walls in the living area.

Living room painting service by Asian Paints - Beautiful Homes

The semi-duplex apartment was given a makeover with painting services and a modular kitchen upgrade by Beautiful Homes Service.

Bedroom colour scheme, wall textures & finishes was chosen from Asian Paints - Beautiful Homes

The family did a quick selection of paint colours for the house on the Asian Paints website while a Customer Experience Specialist (CES) helped them narrow in on the different textures and finishes.

Personalised bedroom renovation colours by Asian Paints - Beautiful Homes

Bright colours were selected for the bedrooms to match each family member’s taste and personality.


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