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Buddhadev Mangaldas and KL Rahul’s 7,000 sqft Villa Milana is a pure white haven

Buddhadev Mangaldas and KL Rahul’s home in Goa
By Pragnya Rao

Aug 29, 2019


Tall ceilings, local architectural features, antique elements and an understated elegance define the interiors of Villa Milana designed by Ritu Nanda for Gao Properties

Nestled in one of the quieter parts of Goa, Villa Milana is every inch the dream vacation home with its cobblestone driveway, manicured lawns and a swimming pool enveloping the living areas. The charming, duck-egg blue door with its oversized antique tower bolt reflects the understated elegance that one has come to associate with a Ritu Nanda design.


Developed as a luxury home by her son, Buddhadev Mangaldas in partnership with his cricketing buddy, KL Rahul, the home celebrates local craftsmanship while introducing modern flourishes. The home channels a tropical chic vibe with its white walls, natural materials like wood and stone and lush greens. A veranda snakes around the living areas on the lower level and is covered with a stone roof, which is also painted white adding to the expanse of the space.

outdoor furniture

The outdoor seating area with watermelon pink soft furnishings and leaf print cushions induces the susegad vibe so typically associated with Goa.

The living room pays homage to Goa’s old, traditional Portuguese influenced architecture with its high ceilings and tiled roofs. This is where much of the family lives and entertains. The rustic, outdoor dining overlooking the pool is the hub of most activities during barbeque nights while the informal living with its plush sofas in white linen slip covers makes for unending conversations on long nights. A set of antique wooden pillars defines the archway that separates and frames the living from the dining area. As with the rest of the home design, swathes of whites are punctuated with bursts of colour including art by Leeza Mangaldas. “Some of the doors are robin-egg blue for example, and each of the four bedrooms are accented with unique colour pairings: think pistachio and amethyst, salmon and grey, or mustard and cobalt,” says Buddhadev.

Signature vignettes are peppered around the many corners in the house. While soft greys and blues dominate the cluster with an angel figurine, glass vase and marble holder in the living room, beige, whites and pops of pink welcome you at the landing of the staircase.


The bedrooms are done up in a vintage chic style in shades of soft peach, bright coral, lush lilac and pistachio green. The delicate colours are made more robust by introducing them in stripes, which also accentuate the height of the space. “Details were deliberated on for every corner of the house, literally down to the last tea spoon. From furniture and art, to textiles and objects, every piece has been carefully curated, and many things custom-made including bespoke bed linen and specially commissioned art,” elaborates Buddhadev. Little wonder then that the country’s most loved actor, Amitabh Bachchan, made a dash to experience the property, “he flew in on a private plane one morning just to see the villa, even though it was already sold. That was more than I could ever have dreamed of,” reminisces Buddhadev.

wooden column framing
The wooden column framing the archway between the living and dining rooms is actually a vintage find and a central feature of the living room. The décor is minimal with hints of colour introduced through the soft pink upholstery.
white bathroom
The powder room with its all-white combination and skylight at the far end invokes a spa-like feel right in the house.
staircase landing furniture
The staircase leading to the bedrooms upstairs has a dainty corner. A pop of pink creates an accent point while distressed finish furniture along with stone accessories adds to the vintage chic look.
the guest room
The guest room is designed as a suite with separate living and sleeping spaces. Finished in shades of salmon pink, peach and coral, it is equal amounts dainty and striking. The wooden flooring adds to the warmth of the room. On the wall is a painting by Leeza Mangaldas.
room corner décor ideas
The guest room on the first floor is done up in calming shades of pistachio green and soft lilac. A vintage chandelier hung from the wooden rafters along with sheer curtains creates a romantic corner.
The charming, duck-egg blue main door
The charming, duck-egg blue main door with its oversized antique tower bolt is a reflection of the understated elegance that is typical of a Ritu Nanda design.
soft and delicate pistachio green colour shade in the guest room
The soft and delicate pistachio green is given a robust upgrade in the guest room by incorporating it in the form of stripes, which in turn accentuates the height of the room.
guest bedroom colour
The guest bedroom is done up in shades of blue with a spot of mustard to break the monotony. The stone flooring adds to the rustic chic vibe.
traditional portuguese living room
The living room is a mix of traditional architectural elements and modern design, where wooden columns frame the dining area while white linen slip covers keep things straight and clean. On the left, on the wall is a painting by Leeza Mangaldas.

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