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An eclectic, mix and match family vacation home in Lonavala

  • Vacation Home
May 28, 2018

This holiday home brings together contrasting prints, family heirlooms and travel finds to create an eclectic space


You know it’s a holiday home when you are welcomed in through a bright blue door enveloped by white walls, a la Santorini. Put together by the design team at Abaca, the home channels a laid-back vibe with a large living room that opens out to a languid pool and lush lawns. We love how regular walls have been swapped with stone ones and painted in white to give it a resort-like feel.


But that’s where the cliché ends. The door opens into an expansive living and dining room dressed in vibrant orange and moody blues. Even though it’s a holiday home, a lot of elements have been personalised to create a homely, lived in look. Borrowing from the idea of traditional patchwork, the dining chairs have been upholstered with different swatches of fabric so that no two chairs look alike.

We especially love the flooring. Similar in look to wooden flooring, the wood-like vitrified tiles are not only easy to maintain but also easier on the pocket. You can break the monotony like they have with a border of printed tiles. If you reverse it, then the central part with printed tiles can also give the illusion of a carpet.


It’s a thoughtfully planned home, even though it’s a second home. Personalisation is something that one can use even while doing up a guest room so that it feels as welcoming as the rest of the house. Every area has quaint details – an antique key holder in the entryway, needlepoint cross-stitch pieces done by the matriarch in every room and a vegetable patch to boot.

Personalise your space with artefacts and objects you like – thrift market finds, framed family photographs and even your favourite potted plants for a dose of freshness.

Odd corners and alcoves can be effectively utilised by placing curios and travel finds. Here, an old bell finds refuge under a trio of flowers. Similarly, if you have large jars, or pots or even wall hangings, don’t be afraid to make them the star of your display.

Break up large spaces with the help of a strategically placed rug or dhurrie. This could be in a colour that may or may not match the furniture surrounding it. For upholstery too, don’t shy away from using different prints that clash for a visual treat.

Simple prints and artworks can go a long way in making your walls come to life. An old-school side board painted in an eye-catching colour can also serve as a focal point in the living room. When using artwork, keep the top clutter free, but if you’re placing the desk against a barren wall, use the top as a display for your favourite things.

It’s easy to create an informal living room arrangement that makes full use of ceiling to floor windows. All you need is a thick, sinkable mattress propped with bolster pillows. Diffuse the harsh sunlight streaming in with cotton drapes or Roman blinds.

While the entire house is white, there is no dearth of colour, which has been added through printed and patchwork upholstery from Baro. For an eclectic look, mix up furniture pieces in different styles.

One of the trickiest spaces to play with is the kitchen. Not only does it have to be aesthetic, but also serve its primary function. This usually means that it ends up with the short end of the stick. Here, a brightly patterned splashback and fiery orange countertop enliven the space.

Recycling or repurposing is a fun way of adding unique elements in the house. The mirror frame seen here has been crafted out of wooden photo frames. We love the interplay of matte and polished triangles that have been joined to form each square.

Keep your bedroom clutter free by cutting out all the extra fluff. Play with colours by using patterned linens and textured rugs. Personalise the space by adding artwork – not necessarily done by someone famous. Frame drawings and paintings done by your loved ones and display them with pride for warm, welcoming spaces.

While minimal, the bedrooms in this vacation home contains all the essentials – a warm rug, plush corner chair and functional side table. Patterned tiles, a bright quilt, orange bolster cushions and art prints help bring in colour.

While most people still opt for cupboards with wooden doors, you can try swapping them with ribbed glass ones. This helps in making the room seem airy and visually light, as opposed to wooden or laminated doors. Alternately, you can use full length mirrors over the doors.

It’s easy to create a reading nook in your bedroom. If you have some space to spare, create a slightly raised platform near your windows and comfy it up with a thin mattress and cushions. Now not only do you have extra seating in your bedroom, but also a cosy corner where you can leisurely sip your cuppa.

There are several ways in which you can introduce colour in your room – vibrant flooring and printed furnishing can enhance the look of a room, even if the rest of it is done in a monotone.


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