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Shalaka Pingale’s contemporary home in Pune is dotted with art and vintage finds

  • Ideas and Inspiration
Apr 12, 2018
Shalaka Pingale’s Contemporary Furniture

A mix of contemporary furniture sits alongside heirloom pieces in this sprawling three bedroom apartment in Koregaon Park


Soft light fills this 9th floor apartment enveloped by a beautifully curated balcony. Shalaka, (co-owner of Sanskriti Lifestyle), shares this home with her “four boys”, as she calls them – her husband Shantanoo, sons Arjan and Vardhin, and their Labrador, Shadow.

If you thought living with kids and pets means you cannot have prized art or precious artefacts dotting your home, then you need to take cues from Shalaka’s home. Restricting pieces to above the table, she has ensured that her home is a delight not just for its inhabitants but also visually. Her advice to first time decorators is, “Don’t think of a space and buy a piece for it, instead if you like something, buy it and find a place for it in your home.” This way you will always surround yourself with pieces that bring you joy.


With an enviable collection at her disposal, thanks to her access to what is one of the most coveted places for buying contemporary art and décor for the home in Pune – Sanskriti Lifestyle – Shalaka had her work cut out. She started with deciding on the furniture layout, and then moved to picking out accessories to complete the look.

Shalaka and Shantanoo Pingale in their terrace opening out from the living room. The swing fashioned from a single block of wood is the main stay of the terrace.

Though it’s easy to get carried away while working with vintage pieces, remember that they are not only beautiful to look at but also carry with them stories of generations they belonged to. So, we suggest digging deep into your grandmother’s store room to find something that not only resonates with you, but also has a shared history. For example, Shalaka refused to part with a teapoy table and wall mirror with a drawer that belonged to her grandmother because of its sentimental value. Likewise, for an old wall mirror and a rosewood sofa set she purchased when she moved into her first house. Pro tip: Always buy pieces that you will love for years.


There’s so much to learn with how she approaches decorating her home. Every once in a while, she moves things around to create an almost new space with the same pieces. It’s like the joy of something new with the comfort of familiarity.

The living room is dotted with pieces that Shalaka picked up over years. The rosewood chest is made from a single block of wood and was restored by her. This living room corner was the hardest to put together, she says. It took seven attempts before she was happy with how it looked with the wooden sculpture in the corner.

A heavily carved unit makes for a stunning display of artefacts in the living room. Shalaka has paired vintage finds with paintings made by her mother in law, Sonali, to create a personal nook.

You can dress up a niche like Shalaka has with a vintage almirah that doubles up as a bookshelf.

Who says passageways have to be drab? Give them a makeover like Shalaka’s home with a mix of paintings, vintage brass pieces and stone sculptures. The idea is to mix and match materials. What we love though is how she has used wooden figurines to dress up the thickness of the wall.

Incorporating an informal dining area as part of the kitchen is a good idea if you don’t have the luxury of a dining space. You can use wall plates to dress up the walls as seen here in Shalaka’s home.

The study is Shantanoo’s getaway room. The handwritten sign hanging on the door, made by his two sons stating, “Girls not allowed,” is ominously addressed to their mother Shalaka. Inside you can find an assortment of masks he has been collecting over the years. Pro tip: Find a place where you can showcase your collectibles. You won’t have to worry about storing them and they’ll serve as great conversation starters.

The master bedroom has a vintage side table next to the four-poster bed. Shalaka has dressed it up with wooden statues of deities.

The guest room is a perfect example of how you can use different shades of wood and still create a harmonious interior space.

The four poster bed is the focal point in Shalaka's bedroom. What we love though is how she has seamlessly incorporated the humble Godrej cupboard in the setup.


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