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Rohina Anand Khira’s all-white apartment in Mumbai

  • Apartments
By Pragnya Rao
5 min read
Jan 10, 2018
Rohina Anand Khira’s home in Mumbai

Varied textures, materials and finishes don an all-white garb in Rohina Anand Khira’s stylish and modern apartment

Rohina opens the doors to her spacious apartment on the second knock. And one can’t help but notice the sea of white, and the sea beyond. And two little bobbing heads, of her six year old daughter wanting to show her something new on her phone, and her younger eight month old who is all eyes with the visitors who have walked in. It’s at this moment that it strikes you again – an all white space with two young kids. Either she is obsessive about keeping it spick and span or she has extremely well mannered kids. “I get asked this question rather often. But honestly, it’s not so much work. In fact, for city apartments, this is possibly a great idea to make it appear larger,” she laughs.

Step into the home of Rohina Anand Khira, founder of décor and lifestyle store AA Living

Rohina shares her home with her husband, Deep Khira, and their two kids. A young mom, and the creative, driving force behind one of Mumbai’s boutique lifestyle stores, AA Living, Rohina divides her mornings between taking care of her three babies – her daughters and her store. “I also try and factor in some time for yoga, gym and Instagram blogging mid-afternoon,” she shares as she shows us around her home.

She moved into this apartment in 2011. And having recently returned from Greece around then, she was fascinated by its architecture and design. “I was sure of the colour palette I wanted for the home,” she says opening the door to a predominantly blue and white bedroom with an original art print of Van Gogh’s Almond Blossoms on the wall above the bed while a Frida Kahlo cushion cover takes the centre stage on the bed. It is evident that she loves her art from the various original prints that you will find on the walls, from Gustav Klimt and Monet to a beautiful wooden horse mural, a family heirloom piece, which makes its presence felt in the living room. “When I’m not working, you will find me writing mainly poetry or painting abstracts,” she lets in.

Most of the furniture in the home is painted an eggshell white, which takes away the sterility of white by itself. Rohina has introduced textures in her furniture through louvers, grooves, mouldings, etc and added interest through antique handles in different shapes and sizes. This helps bring in warmth. An oversized couch in the middle of the living room (it’s interesting how she has placed it in the centre of the room as opposed to conventional-against the walls set) is where all the action is. Upholstered in a busy floral print, it draws your eye in. This is where the Khiras spend most of their time, watching TV, lounging, playing board games, and sometimes even having dinner – it’s the family epicentre in many ways. And that’s where the family has wound down as we make our way out.

Rohina Anand Khira, in her bedroom. In the background, is the dressing table framed with handmade paper flowers by Uurmi Bhatia.
The open-plan living and dining is one seamless area, creating a sense of illusion of space.
The oversized sofa acts as a divider in the living room. It is the epicentre of all activities in the house, and with a vibrant print, it manages to create a focal point in the room.
All the furniture in Rohina's home is finished in Duco with antique handles that break the monotony of whites.
Rohina's bedroom is inspired by her love for Greece and hence is done up in white and blue. An original print of Van Gogh's Almond Blossoms adorns the walls.
The dressing table is an all-white dream with handmade paper flowers by Uurmi Bhatia.
The kids' room is also finished in white with upholstery and a doll house adding colour to the space. Elements like the buntings and the dragonfly mural create visual interest.

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