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Olympic medallist PV Sindhu’s home interiors are stylishly neutral

  • Personal Touches
Nov 14, 2022
PV Sindhu

Season 6 of Asian Paints Where the Heart Is ventured into world-renowned athlete PV Sindhu’s three-storey Hyderabad home

For Olympian PV Sindhu the memories of the homes she’s lived in are recollections, of time spent with family, sure, but also of some incredible professional milestones. Their Gachibowli home, for instance, is where “I got my first World Championships medal in 2013, the 2016 Rio Olympics medal and the 2019 World Championships medal as well. And when we shifted here [to this Hyderabad home], I won my Tokyo 2020 Olympic medal. Each house has given me different memories which I will cherish forever.”


This home on a hill in Hyderabad has a restrained aesthetic, with spacious rooms anchoring it to its surrounding gardens and the outdoors. “This house is built on a hill, so you get to see the whole city.” Two of the three floors are where the family stays; the third floor is given over to the garden and a home theatre. And the design for it all is muted and neutral, just the way Sindhu likes it.

PV Sindhu’s home, a space that has been her cheerleader, is a place she likes to find herself with her loved ones when she is off the court. A beautiful home adorned with the accolades of the family, this hilltop home is an inspiration to combine minimalistic layouts with bold accents. Up on a hill in Hyderabad sits a home that’s built to perfection, every angle squared away, every detail thought through. Much like two-time Olympic medallist PV Sindhu’s game, her home is focussed, sharp and an absolute delight.


“My mom and sister did most of the interior. I sometimes get involved as well. It’s important to make choices according to your space. We with a lot of gold accents and wood. The colours and fabrics were also subtle so that it’s very calming.”

The highlight, though, is the medal room, instantly seen upon entering the home. It doesn’t need much in terms of décor, especially given that it is richly adorned with Sindhu’s many trophies and medals, as well as a whimsical collection of stuffed-toy mascots from international championships she won.

While these mementoes of stunning victories are distinctive and incomparable, there is the underlying spirit of tranquillity that make this place home. It is a space full of daylight and greenery, subtle embellishments and rich memories, where the sports star finds comfort and rest from her hectic schedule. “When I come home, it’s like a refreshing feeling; I play with my nephew and spend time with my dog. It’s very peaceful.”


The Décor Roadmap

The build book for this home for Sindhu and her family focused on neutrals with subtle colour and texture coming through in the soft furnishings. This home is a great point of reference to get that understated clutter-free look. The Beautiful Homes Service Style Guide, of course, can be a useful companion in your home décor journey.

Comfortable Seating in Soft Fabrics

A large space can be a tempting canvas on which to experiment with colours, a plethora of décor and maximalist accessorising. Unless, of course, you prefer subtle and are partial to neutrals, like Sindhu. Her medal room in all-white has more white in the form of the seating. If you like soft and subtle, then the combination of the Chicago 3- and 2-seater sofas will give you just the look you want.

Framed photos of Sindhu's victories
Two-seater Augusto sofa

Or Layer on the Leather

If, however, you like your minimalism with an edge of sophistication, you can opt for the Agusto 2-seater sofa in beige leatherette. Leather was the material of choice for upholstery in Sindhu’s living room, enriching the understated luxury of her space.

A window Nook for Some Me Time
A sofa in beige leatherette

Create a Window Nook for Some Me Time

If you have space in your home in front of a window, whether it’s your bedroom or a quiet space in your living room, don’t neglect it. It’s an invitation to create a niche where you can read over some coffee or enjoy quiet conversation. Add a pair of these Lorenzo chairs and some greenery and you’ve hit the sweet spot for solitude-seekers. The little corner in Sindhu’s home features leather-upholstered comfy-looking chairs. If you’d like some for yourself, then the Agusto 1 seater, while larger, will work too. 

Augusto accent chair

Personalise your Walls

For Sindhu, whose profession is so closely interconnected to who she is, personalising the space takes unique form, in the framed photos of her victories and a shelf for her medals. The idea, to use walls and surfaces around your home to build a gallery of memories, is the best way for you to express who you are. Adding quirky souvenirs from your travels, for example, or curating a bookshelf with your favourite books, for another, are easy ways to do so.

A sweet spot for solitude-seekers
A room adorned with Sindhu’s trophies, medals, and a whimsical collection of stuffed-toy mascots from international championships
The cream-coloured Harmya chairs and the Diamonds Are Forever chandelier

Lighten up the Dining Area

A picture window, an elegant marble-top table, a statement chandelier and a great meal—that’s what you imagine when you see the dining room in this Hyderabad home. If you’re inspired to create an elegant dining area, then the Gilberto 6-seater table surrounded by cream-coloured Harmya chairs and the Diamonds Are Forever chandelier have much potential for re-creation. Just make sure you have space for a dining area in front of a window.

A Workout Area that Means Business

A gym in the home of a world-renowned Olympic medallist is going to be a serious space, a work-from-home zone if you will. Nothing can be more suitable to pick up tips for your workout area at home than a professional athlete’s well-kitted gym. Treat your home workout area much like a workspace—distraction-free with subtle personal touches. In Sindhu’s basement gym, the space is spartan, with the equipment taking precedence. Though some décor touches peek in with the artwork against a beige backdrop. For your space, you can also add a bench, like this William bench, to catch your breath between sets in your weight training session.

The spartan basement gym with the equipment taking precedence

This home is an enviable balance of a refined-looking design, finely detailed décor, lavish greenery and light—elements that every homeowner would need to round out their idea of home. 

Harmya dining chair

Harmya Dining Chair

Six-seater Gilberto dining table

Six-seater Gilberto Dining Table

Lorenzo accent chair

Lorenzo Accent Chair

Chicago 3-seater Sofa

Three-seater Chicago Sofa

Willian dining bench

William Dining Bench


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