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Deena and Arun Balan’s eclectic and chic home in Bengaluru

  • Ideas and Inspiration
Nov 16, 2018
Deena And Arun Balan’s Home

Repurposed elements and heirloom pieces are at the heart of this home, which is a beautiful blend of striking patterns, textures and finishes

Inside Deena and Arun Balan's eclectic and chic Bengaluru home

If there was an entryway that offered a glimpse of the homeowners’ lives, the one to Deena and Arun Balan’s expansive home in Bengaluru would be it. Leashes, water bowls and pint-sized shoes all propped on and around an antique unit, with artwork along the length of a yellow coloured wall, tells the story of a happy home and its many quirks.

The couple share the home with their dogs, cats and the newest addition to their family, their son Noah, who is now two. The living area is a sprawling space that accommodates their all-white, super stylish kitchen, which extends to their rugged and rustic dining area, further blending into the eclectic living space. Think of it as a living corridor as opposed to rooms. This is open-plan living done right. The living area is like the spine, holding the home together, with the terrace and bedrooms branching out on either side of this smartly planned layout.

Deena And Arun Balan’s Home

The living space is planned in a way that the kitchen blends in with the dining, which in turn blends in with the living room. It’s almost like a spine with rooms branching out on two sides.

Most mornings, Arun and Deena head out to work together. While Arun is one half of Balan and Nambisan Architects, Deena is an interior stylist who has recently launched her own design consultancy called Chairs and Company. Whether it’s whipping up a quick meal, spending time with Noah, catching up on work or entertaining their friends, the couple spends most of their time in this beautifully planned space that moves effortlessly from one function to another.

Tall ceilings, eclectic flooring and unique paint finishes tie all the spaces together. Each section of this living arrangement works beautifully on its own and as a part of the larger scheme. Upcycling is at the heart of their home. Whether it is Sri Lankan fire wood chips used as flooring in the living room, the dining table top salvaged from a fallen tree, bed backs fashioned from an old bed, heirloom pieces of furniture repurposed to fit into this more contemporary setup or an old table fashioned as a basin counter in the guest bathroom, the duo have consciously worked towards using less of the new and making most of what they had.

It’s a home that’s well lived and much loved, with room for everything they cherish, from her eclectic Goan heirlooms to his earthy Kerala style, it indeed is a home we would have loved to call our own.

Deena & Arun’s Home Entryway
A subtle yellow wall leads to the main door of the house finished in stone and wood while the patterned tiles act as a faux rug.
Easy Chair at Deena & Arun’s Home
The far end of the living room leads to a passageway opening out to the bedrooms. The oversized door is made of a wire mesh sandwiched between two glass panels while the wall is finished in grey London putty. The flooring demarcates the seating and passageway, with the firewood for the former and heritage, patterned tiles for the latter.
Classic Artefacts at Deena & Arun’s Home
Vintage finds like this retro, steampunk lamp adorns different corners in the home. The rugged, industrial finish stands out against the very modern, all white brick background.
Deena & Arun Balan
Deena and Arun on their olive-green couch in the living room, which incidentally happens to be their favourite part of the home.
Green Vintage Style Table
This old cabinet reminiscent of Portuguese design was repurposed by Deena to create a striking console for the terrace outside the master bedroom.
Deena And Arun Balan Home Decor
The open-plan kitchen is a dream in all white. The island counter fascia is finished with firewood chips obtained from Sri Lanka, the same of which has been used on the floor. The white painted brick wall adds to the expansiveness of the space.
Wooden Dining table
The dining table is made from a single log of wood obtained from the bark of a fallen tree while the blue painted console with mother of pearl inlay has been fashioned by Deena.
Quirky Artefacts at Deena & Arun’s Home
The master bedroom has a his and her area, with Deena’s side of the bed designed to be more delicate with the chandelier while Arun has a more masculine step ladder that functions as his side table.
Quirky Washbasin
The guest bathroom in Deena and Arun Balan’s home has a cabinet repurposed into a wash basin counter.

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