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10 handpicked artificial flowers and plants to liven up your space forever

  • Plants Décor
By Aishwarya Bhonsle
5 min read
Jun 29, 2020

Everyone agrees that having plants in the home is a good thing. Especially in difficult times when moods are low, movement is curbed, and things are generally out of sorts, flowers and plants can bring a spot of cheer. But keeping things alive, even a pot of something green isn’t easy. Maybe you’re not at home often, maybe there’s too much going on, or maybe it’s just too stressful with everything else going on. Whatever the reason don’t fret, because you have options.


Let’s call it faux flora. Artificial plants have gotten a lot better over the years, and you could even mix up real and faux greens to create a more interesting arrangement. We’ve put together a list of our favourite ‘unreal real’ greens.

Polli Nation
Topiary Bonsai With Pot

The easiest way to make your balcony look well-tended and full of life is by placing a terracotta pot planter with a lush shrub. This one fits the bill and you can take credit for your topiary skills without having any. You can easily clean this with a water spray and a mild blow-dry.
Price: Rs. 869

Four Walls
Artificial Roses (set of 12)

Everyone loves roses, and these won’t wither away. Use this bunch as a standalone element or mixed with other pieces. You could even customize its height to suit your needs. These are made out of polyester and so, simply washing them under mild soap water will keep them clean and fresh-looking.
Price: Rs. 604

Cherry Blossom (set of 6)

These flowers look breathtaking, especially when bunched together. This particular model is made out of polyester and plastic and can be cleaned with a spray of water and a mild blow-dry.
Price: Rs. 849

Home Centre

Lily Flower (Pack of 1)
White lilies are a great option for floral decoration. They bring a subtle yet fresh look to the table and they go well with other colours. As the flowers are white, this bunch will require regular cleaning. Use a mild soap with cold water to get rid of stains.
Price: Rs. 499

Mora Taara
Yellow Flower With Leaves (Pack of 1)

Here’s a plant that will add an element of brightness to your garden. Yellow is a happy colour to add to a mix, and these have a lovely linear shape. These are made of plastic.
Price: Rs. 350

Gypsophila flowers (6pcs)

Gypsophila, also known as baby’s breath, is generally used as part of a bouquet. Although, when placed on its own, it poses as a beautiful set of tiny flowers. This bunch is a light blue.
Avoid using water to clean these as they have a metal base. You can use a hairdryer on cold to clean them once in a while.
Price: Rs. 4,925

Palm Plant

You can place this indoor palm plant in an entryway or living room. It will easily add character to your décor. It is easy to clean and needs to be wiped with a dry cloth once in a while.
Price: Rs. 2,790

Monstera Philodendro Plant

Monstera reminds us of that pending vacation to a tropical destination. A calming hopeful sight. Maintaining this plant is easy and will only require an occasional wipe to get rid of settled dust.
Price: Rs. 749

Dancing Orchid Flower Stick

These orchids droop from a stick, with a natural slant, and that makes them look real. Simply wash these under tap water once a month and let it sun-dry. They’ll keep looking as fresh as ever.
Price: Rs. 499

Good Earth
Bougainvillea Flowers

These Bougainvillea flowers are our personal favorite and add a lot of warmth to the beautifulhomes.com office. We recommend these for a dose of colour in a workspace, where it’s difficult to maintain real plants. These need to be wiped down occasionally to make sure they don’t gather dust.
Price: Rs. 1,200


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