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Unleashing the wonders of smart home security systems

Smart home security systems – Beautiful Homes
By Aniruddha Rao

Aug 29, 2023

Your home’s security devices get a high-tech makeover

In the smart era where technology continues to shape the way we live, the concept of home and security has evolved much beyond its traditional definition. Today, smart home security integrates a plethora of sensors, cameras, and smart locks, all interconnected and accessible through smartphones and other devices. We take a deep dive into the nuances of security systems that are sure to bring a peace of mind to homeowners.


Here is all you need to keep in mind before choosing a smart home security system:


1. Size and Layout:

Determine the size of the home and list out the specific sections of the house that need to be secured. It is important to list out the varied spots at home and customise security devices according to the requirement, for example, entry points, windows, balconies, or outdoor lawn etc.


2. Security Goals and Requirements:

Before starting out this process understand and determine your security goals. Are you looking to safeguard your home because you live in an area that has a record of theft / burglary? Or do you need the protection of your toddler or pets? Determining the goals creates an efficient and specific approach.


3. Scalability:

Make sure the security system that you choose is modular and flexible in the long run and as your requirements of security changes with time, the devices should be retrofitted seamlessly with your existing security system framework.

Wireless camera doorbell for extra security – Beautiful Homes
Smart homes’ application on phone – Beautiful Homes

4. Remote Access and IOT:

It's necessary to access your security system remotely through a smartphone app or a remote tablet. This way you get complete access and control even while travelling or being remote. An added feature of an alarm on your phone or notification can be sent in case of any emergency. This also enables the service provider to update the latest features with consistent software updates.


5. Storage Options:

As cameras record day-to-day activities in your home, it's necessary to understand the storage options provided by the manufacturer. It can be done either via local storage (SD Cards/Hard disk) or via cloud storage.

6. Video Quality and Coverage:

It's essential to have the right cameras installed to provide efficient video quality for surveillance. Assess the quality of video feeds (resolution, night vision) and the coverage they provide. Consider if you need wide-angle views, pan-and-tilt capabilities, and whether the cameras are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.



Here’s our edit of different types of smart home security devices that you can try:

1. Security Cameras:

They are also called the eyes of your home. Choosing the right camera systems plays a pivotal role in fortifying your home. Look out for cameras that are versatile and have features like motion detection, live monitoring, night vision, HD video recording and IP rated cameras to withstand outdoors as well. We recommend the Imou 360 full HD camera. Along with its AI human detection technology the camera comes in a subtle grey colour that seamlessly blends in with the aesthetics of your home.

360-degree wi-fi security camera – beautiful homes
Controlling smart home services – Beautiful Homes

2. Video Doorbells:

Technology has promoted safety and security through replacing the basic doorbell with a smart video doorbell. Go for devices that comprise a high-quality camera and a larger field of view along with an intelligent tracking system that can detect a person, package or animal. We recommend the Wyze wireless doorbell pro. Its compact form factor, easy retrofit and effective 140-degree motion detection technology makes it a great product.

3. Smart Lock Systems:

Gone are the days of physical locks. Technology has now enabled you to lock or unlock a door through a fingerprint reader. Always look out for doors with multiple ways to unlock to provide versatility and feasibility. We recommend the Ozone 5-in-1 keyless entry door lock that comprises a 5-way lock opening option along with a variety of colours to compliment your design.

4. Alarm Systems:

These systems are sensors on your doors, windows, or any other areas of hazardous threats. If they are breached, the sensors get triggered and sound the alarm. It's important to always look for systems that can be paired with your smartphones and your emergency contacts. They can alert your loved ones or send a notification in case of any emergency. We recommend the highly capable Godrej Eagle-I-Pro.

Security alarm system to fortify your home – Beautiful Homes

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern living, smart home security systems stand as sentinels, bridging the gap between convenience and protection. As we embrace the era of interconnected devices and intelligent automation, it's imperative to recognize the vital role these systems play in ensuring the safety and privacy of our homes.

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