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This technology will save your fabrics from any stains

SmartCare NanoProtek from Asian Paints - Beautiful Homes
By Gauri Kelkar

Sep 05, 2023

Asian Paints’ SmartCare NanoProtek offers an easy answer to the question of unsightly stains on our fabrics and soft furnishings at home

It’s a pet peeve for any homeowner. Buying a new bedsheet, cushion cover, or pretty fabric for the home and living in constant anxiety of it falling prey to a stubborn stain—or that annoying water spillage. Imagine, then, if you could pre-empt the problem before it happened. Asian Paints’ latest offering makes sure you can do that with SmartCare NanoProtek, a high-performing water- and stain-repellent solution for your fabrics.

It anticipates and mitigates such a recurring, obvious problem that it’s easy to think that homeowners probably manifested it into existence through sheer will. A nanotech and polymer-based product, it ensures your fabrics have greater repelling power. What’s even better is that there is no downside of yellowing fabric or stiffening material. 


If you’re worried about how safe it is to use, then that’s covered too—it emits no toxic vapours, is PFOS-free and skin-friendly too. SmartCare NanoProtek is available in two variations: you can opt for water-based on-order coating of fabric metres pre-dispatch. Or go for the aerosol-based spray coating product in cans sold over the counter.

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So, here’s something to make that next house party or raucous kiddie gathering happen without any worries of drops and spills on your precious fabrics!


However, it never hurts to know some basic care and maintenance guidelines when it comes to looking after your upholstery and soft furnishings. After all, the better the care the longer the lifespan. Here are a few quick FAQs that offer insights into doing just that:


1. What is the easiest way to clean and maintain your fabric upholstery?

As with every other aspect of cleaning your home, the upholstery fabric and soft furnishings you use around the house require regular cleaning. A quick way to do this is frequent vacuuming. You should vacuum your curtains, sofas, etc at least once a week. This will take care of the superficial dust gathered on their surfaces. More importantly, doing this regularly also prevents the dust from getting into the fibres, which, in turn, is much harder to get rid of. Moreover, there are also bacteria that could make themselves at home in your upholstery, so cleaning should definitely not be ignored. However, be sure to read the instructions for cleaning delicate materials such as silks, satins, etc. Another option to a vacuum is using a gentle brush with soft bristles to remove the surface dust particles.


2. Is it necessary to have your upholstery professionally cleaned?

It is always a good idea to get experts on the job when possible. As a general rule of thumb, homeowners are advised to have their upholstery fabrics handed over for a professional deep clean-up at least once a year, or every one-and-a-half years. This of course also depends on the kind of fabric it is, the manufacturer’s instructions for its care and where and how often it is used.


3. What is spot cleaning and does it work on upholstery?

Every homeowner will be familiar with spot cleaning, whether they are familiar with the terminology or not! It essentially is performing triage on the specific area. Spot cleaning refers to taking care of those spills, stains and spots without having to actually wash the entire fabric. Fortunately, there are some easy homemade solutions for handling such stains and spills. For example, you can create a cleaning solution by combining equal portions of water and white vinegar. Then, dampen a microfibre cloth (preferably)—make sure it isn’t completely soaked in the solution—and wipe down the stain or mark on the fabric in question. Wipe it down till you’re satisfied and then clean that up using another, dry, microfibre cloth.


4. Is there a difference between a spot and a stain and how do you deal with both?

A spot is a fresh spill and is generally only on the surface and in most cases it can be removed right away. A stain, on the other hand, is a spot that wasn’t dealt with instantly. A stain gets embedded in the microfibres of the fabric, and is more permanent in nature.

To get rid of a spot, the most important thing to do is act now. Then, be sure you don’t scrub over the spot but blot it using a damp cloth. Removing a stain, however, is a more involved process. It requires a water- or solvent-soluble solution or a non-solvent (like metal or sand). It is advisable, though, to speak to a professional when it comes to stubborn stains.


5. Are there any homemade solvents to take care of fabric upholstery?

Absolutely. Easy fixes include mixing baking soda with water or water and white vinegar to handle surface cleaning. Vacuuming or even regular cleaning with a soft-bristled wide brush are great (dry) alternatives too.

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