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King size vs. Queen size beds : What is the difference?

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Jan 29, 2022
Queen size vs king size beds for the bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Are you setting up or redesigning your bedroom and stuck wondering what size bed would best suit the space and your needs? Or maybe you just need a little refresher on the difference between king size and queen size beds… either way, read on!

Experts suggest an ideal of 8 hours sleep per night, which means that 8 out 24 hours of your day should be spent in your bed! Clearly then, your bed should be the most fabulous and relaxing place, and when looking for maximum comfort either a King size and Queen size bed seems like an obvious choice.


Although one might assume a straightforward “the bigger, the better” approach, the choice between Queen size vs. King size beds requires a clear understanding of the difference in dimensions and how these would fit into your space. The typical measurement of King and Queen size beds vary depending on country and region with only the bed width generally being a standard of 5 feet (60 in/152 cm) for a Queen size and 6 feet (72 in/184 cm) for a King. As a general rule, what is King size and Queen size bed “standard” will be a factor of the average height requirement of the local market.


In India, the preferred Queen size is a slightly more rectangular 5 foot x 6.5 foot (60 x 78 in/152 x 200 cm), while the popular size for King beds, is a squarer 6 foot x 6.25 foot (72 x 75 in/184 x 190 cm). These are the sizes that Indian sellers are usually referring to when citing a “standard” size. This can be confusing to the first time buyer as despite a larger surface area, the King size is 3 inches shorter than the Queen. What is more, there are dimension variations such as the California King (longer than a standard King at 7 feet), and Olympic Queen (6 inches wider than a standard Queen), but these are rare in the general Indian market and not sizes that one would typically encounter.



The Difference Between King Size and Queen Size Beds

Let us then explore the range of measurement of King and Queen size beds that you are most likely to encounter. As mentioned earlier, when deciding what is King size and Queen size bed dimensions, the principal factor is width. Your 5 ft width Queen size or your 6 ft width King will usually come in three length variations:


  • 6 feet (72 in/184 cm)

    This is by-and-large not a popular length, as it is quite short for a tall person. In a Queen size, this could be an option in a smaller guest room or for a single adult. In a King size this is actually a true square bed and probably only a choice for rooms with acute space constraints. Incidentally, sheets and bedding for this length at a King size width are often harder to find.

  • 6 foot 3 inches (75 in/190 cm)

    This is a much more common length and can be the perfect balance; leaving sufficient space in your bedroom while still being long enough for comfort. In the Queen size, this is a great choice for a small bedroom design.  As previously stated, this is the most popular option of the King size in India, providing enough width for two adults comfortably, without overwhelming an average sized master bedroom.
  • 6 feet 6 inches (78 in/200cm)

    This is a better length for taller adults and is favoured when space is ample or when you can incorporate storage into the bed. In a Queen size this is the preferred option for taller couples with smaller master bedroom design. In a King size this is a comfortably roomy size when space is not a concern.

    When you make a comparison, King size bed vs Queen for your room, you need to pick the best fit in terms of both width and height of each.
A king size bed in the bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Depending on the orientation of your room and the usage needs of doors, drawers and cupboards you might want a bed with greater length but a shorter width. And, if your bed design incorporates storage you might want a larger surface area even if you have to sacrifice some length.



How To : Choosing Between a King Size and Queen Size Bed

The main difference between King and Queen size bed designs is the amount of surface area that each offers. Irrespective of length, the surface area of a Queen size bed is smaller than the King sizes, which is a factor when you are dealing with limited floor space or want in-built bed storage solutions. For a King size bed the minimum usable floor space for your bedroom ought to be at least 12 feet by 12 feet. Pay attention to door and window placement when calculating the dimensions of your usable floor space and factor in access to in-built storage, if that is part of your plan.

White bedroom with a king size bed - Beautiful Homes

For a Queen size you will need at least 10 square feet of usable space. Keep in mind your preferred bed orientation when envisioning the placement and positioning, as the Queen is a more rectangular shaped bed. The Queen size bed dimensions versus King sized, mean that in a large but narrower room, a Queen might give you a better overall appearance without significant loss of comfort. Picking between a King size and Queen size then, is very much a matter of having a clear idea of your personal needs; from the heights of the individual users, to the size of the room, your usage patterns, and more

Other Factors : Queen Size Vs. King Size Beds

When choosing between Queen size bed dimensions versus King sized ones there are other considerations at play, besides just the space available in your room. A Queen size bed is usually the more economic option and often the size that can be better suited to a guest room or holiday house; spaces with limited use. Another key advantage is that they are usually easier to manoeuvre, with a lighter-weight mattress, so they are particularly well suited to second floor bedrooms or for renters who might want to move with ease.


Perhaps the greatest difference between King and Queen size bed usage is the amount of lateral space that a King size offers to a sleeper. 

Queen sized bed in the bedroom interior design - Beautiful Homes

For a couple who have an infant, a small child or a fur baby who insists on sharing, the King size will comfortably accommodate them along with two adults. This would also be the recommended bed size for plus sized users or particularly restless sleepers.


Décor Tips : Style your Bed to Match your Bedroom Design

As rooms are measured in feet, we have been discussing King and Queen size bed dimensions in feet too, as this can help you better visualise your bed placement. A simple trick to make your bedroom design look roomier is to centre your Queen sized bed in the space and tuck your area rug about 2/3rd of the way under it. Use lighter colours and bright accents for the bedding and wall colours. Positioning side tables on both sides of the bed can give it the impression of width and luxury, without actually utilising a lot of  floor space.


For a King size bed, often the main consideration is keeping it from dominating or overwhelming the space. By placing the bed against the back wall or even under a window, you can leave space along three sides for easy movement. Choose taller pedestal lamps to draw the eye upward and place cupboards facing the foot of your bed, to get the best flow.

Spacious bedroom with a queen sized bed - Beautiful Homes

Although we have King and Queen size bed dimensions in feet, mattress manufacturers often sell in either inches or centimetres, and it would be a good idea to double check your size specifications before you pick your mattress and bedding. 


When buying pillows for your Queen size bed, make sure to choose the standard pillow size of 20 x 26 inch rather than the oversized King pillow of 20 x 36 inch, so as not to unnecessarily dwarf your bed design.

When it comes to Queen size vs. King size beds, the ultimate aim is finding the ideal bed for your bedroom! If you’re still not sure how to choose one that not only ensures perfect relaxation and comfort, but also compliments your interior décor, partner with us at Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints! Shop for the latest bedroom furniture, accessories and décor styles from our curated collection, or reach out to our home décor store today, for more great ideas and assistance in doing up your home.


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