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Closet cleaning tips & ideas to for an organised bedroom

  • Wardrobe Design
Feb 23, 2023
Ways to clean your wardrobe - Beautiful Homes

Our quick guide closet cleaning includes clean wardrobe tips and wardrobe organisation ideas so you can DIY it

The spring-summer seasons are here and it is time to refresh your house with a cleaning spree and re-organising your things based on your current requirements. Often, a huge challenge during the process is your wardrobe. And that’s why our quick and easy guide, with clear steps will help you tackle both wardrobe organisation and cleaning. Read on to find out more.


Steps Involved In Internal Wardrobe Cleaning

1. Step 1 of Wardrobe Cleaning: Empty Your Wardrobe

Over time, we are bound to run out of space in our wardrobes as we keep adding things to it. So when it comes to cleaning your wardrobe, it can be a huge task. The easiest way is to start by emptying the space. This will give you the room for deep wardrobe cleaning.


When you get to clean up wardrobe, here are some pro wardrobe cleaning tips. Start with first dusting and then vacuuming the shelves, drawers and corners. The gentlest way to clean up the wardrobe, irrespective of its material, is to wipe it down with a clean damp cloth. The next part is to air it out to avoid any damage from moisture.

Organize your wardrobe for extra storage - Beautiful Homes
Small Single wardrobe ideas - Beautiful Homes

2. Step 2 of How to Clean Wardrobe at Home: Purge Stuff that You No Longer Use or Need

Before you put all your belongings back in, you need to go through everything you have to sort it out. An excellent wardrobe organisation tips is to start with three piles- keep, maybe, donate. The first and last are self-explanatory. But the maybe pile during wardrobe organisation can get tricky.


As you go through it, ask yourself questions like ‘does it fit well?’, ‘when was the last time I wore it?’, ‘is it a sentimental piece?’ Answering these questions will give you a fair idea of what you need to keep and what needs to go.

3. Step 3 is Best Way to Organise Wardrobe : Organise Your Belongings

Once your wardrobe is clean, it's time for wardrobe organisation. Having an organisation system goes a long way in keeping things neat and tidy and makes your bedroom look cool. There is no one best way to organise wardrobe, rather there are a few different ways to go about it. So we’ve listed our top wardrobe organisation tips:

  • Get some drawers partitions to categorise your accessories. Socks, ties and other smaller items.
  • Separate clothes on the basis of whether they need to be hung or folded.
  • Then you categorise them based on if they’re tops, bottom, outerwear etc.
  • You can stop here or go a step further and colour coordinate.
  • Make things easier for your future self by sorting and storing everything in trays, baskets, etc.


External Wardrobe Cleaning

Tips for cleaning out your wardrobe, both the inside and the outside remain more or less the same. But here are a few things to remember:


Cleaning of Wardrobe Surfaces

  • The first tips for cleaning out your wardrobe is to dust the shutters and carcass regularly. This will help avoid dirt accumulation.
  • Next wardrobe cleaning tips is to wipe it down with a clean damp cloth and follow it up with dry cloth.
  • Check the guidelines from manufacturers about any specific instructions on how to treat the material.

How to Clean Wardrobe at Home: Things to Avoid

This list of no-nos is just as important as any tips for cleaning out your wardrobe.

  • When you take on the task to clean up wardrobe, avoid using any detergents or harsh surface cleaners as they can damage the finish of the material.
  • You also want to avoid using wet cloth to wipe it to avoid any moisture-related damage.
  • Avoid rough fabrics or brushes to prevent scratches. Ideally only use soft cotton rags.
  • Do not varnish or wax the wardrobe surfaces if you’re not a 100% sure how to do it. Instead hire a professional to do any kind of maintenance work.
Full wall wardrobe design for your all-white bedroom - Beautiful Homes

How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Wardrobe Cleaning?

For more such clean wardrobe tips and wardrobe organisation ideas, head over to the Asian Paints Beautiful Homes website and browse through our expertly curated Magazine. Avail our end-to-end home interior design services to create your dream home. At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, we have a team of experienced professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your vision— from wall treatments to lighting, décor and more; we've got you covered. Book your 3D consultation or walk into any of our stores across India to learn more.


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