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How to choose a towel rail to organise your bathroom

By Ela Das

Jun 17, 2020

Going beyond style movements and décor designs, one of the biggest trends for a while now has been the neat and orderly, — almost-OCD-like — well-organized design aesthetic. Whereas for the larger part we’ve been influenced by Marie Kondo, several social media accounts across Instagram and Pinterest have encouraged this movement among our peers and celebrities, as well.


Although the neat and tidy obsession extends across the entire home, one room demands our primary focus the most: the bathroom. While we regularly wash our hands, making sure they’re germ-free, sometimes we forget to keep also the sink as clean, organised and clutter-free as possible.


What better place to start than our bath linens and towels? Since these are items that are used and reused regularly, it’s both hygienic and neat to keep them well-aired to avoid an accumulation of bacteria and moisture.


Since purposes and climate conditions may vary far and wide across our country, we broke down six different towel rails and their purposes, to provide you with the best solution for your home.

Towel Rail Trick For A Small Bathroom

For a clever space-saving hack useful in small-space bathrooms, you can install a long towel rail instead of a knob to open the drawers below your sink counter. Hang there your towel and your drawer knob is now practical and useful! The longer the rail, the more towels you can fold and hang: enough space for the whole family.


Expert Warning: This style idea works well for a single drawer in your sink console, rather than with multiple shelves and cabinets, as your hung towels can come in the way while opening and closing your drawers.

Image courtesy, DS design studio- shutterstock.com

Image courtesy, Ryad Dyor

A Towel Rail Should Always Be Close At Hand

Let’s admit it, even if only to ourselves — we’ve all been there. After a nice, relaxing shower we reach for a bath towel only to suddenly realise that we’ve forgotten to leave our towel close by before stepping into the shower. The horror!


Installing towel rails in every nook and cranny of the bathroom design can be cumbersome and not cost-efficient. So, in order to avoid dealing with a towel rack too far from where we need it, the solution is moveable or free-standing towel stands. Being lightweight and thin in-depth, free-standing towel stands are great bathroom accessories, ideal for storing your bath linens close to the shower when you need them and for tucking them away in a more discreet and ventilated area to let them dry.

Heated Towel Rail During Cold Weather

For the cold winter months or for those who live at higher altitudes facing harsher climate, the idea of toasty warm towels after a shower on a cold morning can be absolutely dreamy.. Heated towel rails, or towel warmers, can be installed in any bathroom. While traditional European heated towel rails were plumbed, like a radiator, with water heated from a central boiler, nowadays modern heated towel rails are electric. Electric heated towel rails have an electrical resistance that heats the water or oil contained within the unit.


Added Bonus: A heated towel rail is not only a luxury item for more comfortable winter days, but it is also a great tool for drying wet and damp towels after usage. This is especially handy in colder and more humid climates, where the drying process can take up to many hours.

Image courtesy, Christy

Image courtesy, Cult furniture

Use A Ladder As A Towel Rail For A Chic Accessory

Similar to the free-standing towel stand, a towel ladder can also be moved around at your convenience. Moreover, although this kind of towel rail requires vertical wall space to rest on, it accommodates several bath linens on each of its rails. The beauty of this accessory, besides its unique and chic design, is how it makes ample use of the vertical space of a wall, which can often be overlooked and remain unused.

A Multi-purpose Hook As Towel Rack Alternative

Another styling hack for small-space powder rooms is a multi-purpose hook frame that can perform as a hanger and also double as a towel rail. This is a great way to also save floor space, as you can hang on these hooks many different items.


Insider’s Eye: We love the combination of the hook frame above the laundry bin coming together on what would otherwise be a narrow and long-unused space on the wall and floor.

Image courtesy, Nest

Image courtesy, Diana Rui-shutterstock.com

The Best Towel Rail Will Fit Into The Tiniest Of Spaces

Since, technically, towels are thin and barely a few millimeters thick, storing or drying them should not be a cumbersome and space-wasting problem. In this bathroom, the discreet towel rail is fitted perfectly within the thin, narrow space between the sink and the wall, which would otherwise remain unused.


Being quite long, this towel rail provides enough free space to allow a good amount of ventilation to keep towels well-aired in order to dry throughout the day.

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