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Here’s how you can get started with smart lighting

Smart bulbs - Beautiful Homes
By Aniruddha Rao

Jul 24, 2023

Check out these parameters before opting for a smart bulb for your home

Just screw a smart LED bulb into a lamp, pair it with a smartphone, and now you never have to worry about fumbling for the light switch in the dark or getting up to shut down the outside light after you are tucked in bed. In a world that thrives on constant innovation, lighting has undergone a remarkable transformation. No longer confined to a mere functional necessity, it has evolved into a catalyst for ambience.


Smart lighting has single-handedly changed the way we experience light, offering a level of control and customization that was once unimaginable. Through the use of advanced connectivity, sensors, and intuitive interfaces, these intelligent lighting solutions empower us to personalise and optimise our environments. But smart lighting is something you must experience to really understand its benefits. To many people, it may seem complicated and expensive compared to screwing in a lightbulb. Here are some simple considerations on how to get started with smart lighting.

1. Compatibility: Ensure the smart bulb you choose is compatible with your existing smart home ecosystem or the platform you intend to use. Your whole setup should be under one ecosystem to provide maximum flexibility in customization. The common platforms to operate your smart bulb include Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.


2. Bulb Type: Smart bulbs come in various types, including LED, CFL, and incandescent. Out of all, LED bulbs prove to be the most energy-efficient and durable. It is crucial to consider the bulb type based on your preferences for energy efficiency, brightness, and colour options.

Smart strip light by Syska - Beautiful Homes

SYSKA 5M 25w

Smart colour changing bulb by Wipro - Beautiful Homes

Wipro 9W B22D

3. Determine the type of connectivity you prefer: Smart bulbs typically connect through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or a dedicated set-up. However, Wi-Fi bulbs prove to be the most versatile, as they can be controlled remotely and integrate with other smart devices. On the other hand, Bluetooth bulbs are suitable for smaller setups, where direct control from a smartphone or tablet is sufficient. Dedicated hub-based bulbs require an additional setup system, but they can be more reliable and provide broader compatibility.


4. Look for smart bulbs with energy-efficient ratings: LED bulbs are generally the most energy-efficient option. They save you money on electricity bills and offer longer life spans compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.

5. Voice Control: If you wish to illuminate and alter your room lights with just a voice command, it is necessary to ensure they are compatible with your preferred voice assistant, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Voice control feature adds convenience and allows you to control the lights without even reaching for your phone or the smart home app.


6. Check the accompanying mobile app features for the smart bulb: A well-designed app can make controlling and scheduling your lights more intuitive and user-friendly. Features like timers, dimming options, colour selection and automation capabilities bring a world of possibilities to your smartphone.

Smart temperature control bulb by Philips - Beautiful Homes

Philips Wiz Smart bulb E27

7. Consider the lighting features you desire: Some smart bulbs offer adjustable brightness levels, temperature control (warm to cool) and colour-changing capabilities. If you wish to have a white light while working and an ambient light to set the evening mood, choose a bulb with a wide range of colour options.


The ever-evolving world of smart bulbs has made ‘the clapper’ lights look like a relic of the past. Being one of the most entry-level gadgets, they can get you started on a journey towards a smart home. And here are some of our recommendations. If adjustable temperatures are your priority in smart bulbs, Philips Wiz Smart bulb E27 with Wi-Fi is a great option. We recommend the Wipro 9W B22D with Wi-Fi for a rainbow of colours and dimmable music sync function to set the perfect mood for any occasion. Bring the magic of smart bulbs to your false ceilings or niches with SYSKA 5M 25w colour light strip. From a small geometric artwork to the complete wall, Nano Leaf triangular panels feature energy-efficient LED technology that allows you to create dynamic and immersive lighting experiences.


Once you are done with your research, smart bulbs can radically alter the mood and convenience of your home on your command.

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