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All your last-minute décor essentials and where to get them

  • Tips & Tricks
By Aishwarya Bhonsle
5 min read
Dec 03, 2020
Green living room with a large sofa a and a Christmas Tree

It is already December and maybe in the oddness of 2020, you've forgotten to get everything together for this Christmas season. Don't worry—it's not too late yet. We've compiled a list of online options where you'll get everything you need for the season, and with plenty of time for delivery. If you act quickly, of course!

The Christmas Tree


Unlike our western counterparts, having a live tree at home isn't possible in India. So choosing an artificial tree that looks realistic is the next best option. The search to select the best possible one starts early on, but since we are already days away from the celebration, here are a few places you can still order a tree from.


1.    Raave's Evergreen

Get a variety of trees in different sizes here. These don't need a set up and come at various price points.


2.    Ikea

IKEA has launched a whole range of Christmas trees for very pocket-friendly prices. These have sizes that can sit on a table or stand 7 feet tall, taking up all the attention in a room.

Eligible for delivery in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune.


3.    Santa Stores

This store offers trees that have a hint of snow on their leaves, along with the plain green ones. So, if you are looking at purchasing a tree that looks perfectly Christmassy, your search ends here!


4.    Trinity Christmas

In case you are looking for a tree that is already decorated and ready to be put up, this one's for you.

A christmas tree in the corner of a room

A well-decorated Christmas tree is an essential part of the celebration. Image courtesy, IKEA

Christmas Tree Ornaments

The Christmas tree is obviously incomplete without its ornaments. Here are a variety of options to choose from.

A round black and gold christmas ornament

Glittery and beaded baubles are a great addition to your Christmas tree. Image courtesy, Nicobar

1.    Ikea

All the basic Christmas ornaments can be found in this store. A few of them have a modern twist to them too.


2.    Wood Tales

This store offers a wooden version of all elements that define this festival. Plus, it's eco-friendly!


3.    The Needle Crafter

Here's a store that offers handcrafted ornaments. These will work as statement pieces on your tree.


4.    Nicobar 

If you are looking for ornaments that are designed to catch attention, here is a set that's perfect for it. Glittery and beaded baubles are a great addition to your tree.

Price: Rs.950

The Wreath 

The wreath is used as a traditional décor piece that is either mounted on walls or placed on tables. You can place it absolutely anywhere and it will immediately bring in the festive spirit.


1.    Flipkart

This wreath is fully decorated and looks as festive as possible.

Price: Rs.1,199


2.    Trinity Christmas

This is a simple wreath that does not go overboard with elements and yet makes a statement.

Price: Rs.550


3.    Ikea

Since red is this festival's favorite colour, here's a wreath that is all red with a touch of green.

Price: Rs.999



The Nativity Scene 

The most traditional part of Christmas is the Nativity set up. You can either buy the whole set or make your own set by purchasing individual pieces.


1.    Living Words

Nativity pieces in various sizes are available in sets in this store. You can also find the crib for setting the scene up here.


2.    Trinity Christmas

This store offers figurines in a variety of design styles. They offer these individually as well as in sets.

Additional Décor Pieces


Here are a few more elements that will help complete your décor for this season.


1.    House Of Objects

Rudolph Reindeer Sculpture (Set of 2)

Since the reindeers are Santa’s travel companions, their presence is special. This set of two figurines can be placed absolutely anywhere for an added festive touch.

Price: Rs.4,990


2.    Chronos 

Snowflake String Lights 

A very important part of any festive décor setting is the lights. These string lights come in the shape of snowflakes, which is perfect for the season.

Price: Rs.499

String of light in the shape of a snowflake

Choosing string lights in the shape of snowflakes, is perfect for the season. Image courtesy, Chronos

3.    Masilo


If you have kids in the house, Christmas stockings are almost mandatory. Here are some personalised stockings to make sure the kids wait for their gifts eagerly and enjoy the festival to the fullest.

Price: Rs.1,500


4.    Flipkart

Green Tinsel Garlands (Pack of 5)

Adding garlands to various parts of the home is the easiest way to decorate. Here’s a set of 5 that you can place on your tables, staircase or on your entryway console.


5.    Partyflex

Pinecone (Pack of 12)

Pinecones are great natural elements to add to the décor. They can be placed in a bowl on your coffee table or as ornaments on your Christmas tree. Either way they will look great and enhance the winter look.


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