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7 products to baby proof your home

Products for baby-proofing your home - Beautiful Homes
By Shriya Goyal

Aug 02, 2023

Start now, before your stationary burritos turn into curious crawlers

It's an exciting time when little ones start to crawl and explore their surroundings. As the pitter-patter of tiny feet fills your home, there's no doubt that their safety and well-being become your utmost priority. Babies are natural explorers, eager to touch, taste, and discover everything around them. As thrilling as this phase may be, it comes with potential hazards that can cause parents to worry. Baby-proofing your home interiors is a crucial step in creating a secure environment. Thankfully it doesn't have to be expensive or difficult—all it takes is some ingenuity and the right baby-proofing products.


Before you start, take a baby's-eye view of your home. Get down on your hands and knees and see how things look from down there. This will help you figure out which cupboards and drawers they might get into, and which objects they might pull off surfaces or bump into as they round a corner. Other than corner bumps, electric socket covers and stove protectors, here is an edit of seven products that can make your home baby friendly.

1. Install Safety Gates:

Safety gates are indispensable when it comes to restricting access to hazardous areas like staircases and rooms with delicate objects. Install gates at the top and bottom of stairs and ensure they are securely attached to the walls to keep from harm.

Install Safety gates for your kids – Beautiful Homes

Safety gates from Safe-O-Kid restricts kids from hazardous areas.

Lock your hazardous substance on a height– Beautiful Homes

Multi-latch by IKEA to secure drawers and cabinets.

2. Lock Up Hazardous Substances:

Household cleaners, medicines, and other toxic substances should be stored in high cabinets, out of your child's reach. Multi-latch is an easy way to secure these cabinets and prevent them from opening anything that could seem inviting to open.

3. Bathroom Safety Measures:

The bathroom holds its own set of dangers. Use non-slip mats in the bathtub and on the floor to prevent slips. Keep all medications and toiletries locked away and consider installing a toilet lock to avoid drowning hazards.

Bathroom safety measures for your child’s protection – Beautiful Homes

Toilet lock from Safety1st.

Secure furniture & accessories for your home – Beautiful Homes

Use anchors to secure heavy furniture.

4. Secure Furniture and Appliances:

Unstable furniture and appliances can pose serious risks. Use wall anchors to secure heavy furniture like bookshelves, dressers, and cabinets, preventing them from tipping over. Ensure electrical cords are out of reach or concealed to avoid hazards.

5. Window and Cord Safety:

Install window guards or stops to prevent accidental falls from open windows. Keep blinds and curtain cords out of reach, as they pose a strangulation risk.

Window & cord safety for your home – Beautiful Homes

Window stopper by Kwulee.

Window & glass door protection for your home – Beautiful Homes

Picket fence offers safety from crashing into the window in this room designed by Peekaboo Interiors.

6. Glass Door and Window Protection:

Mark sliding doors and other expanses of glass with colorful stickers or furniture pieces so your child doesn't run into them. In this bedroom design, a sweet picket fence offers opportunities to admire the stunning views and keep safety in mind.

7. Door Stopper:

The doorstop holds the door open—a quick and easy way to prevent your child from getting their fingers caught in the door.

Door stopper for your home – Beautiful Homes

Door stopper by IKEA.

Your tiny burrito is going to be ready to explore before you know it. And one thing is for certain, you must start babyproofing your home fast. By taking these precautionary steps and continuously adapting these strategies as your child grows, you can create a nurturing and safe environment for them to learn and thrive within the comfort of your home.

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