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Wooden window frame design

  • Window Design
By Editors, Beautifulhomes
6 min read
Nov 02, 2022
Wooden window design ideas for kitchen - Beautiful Homes

Strong, luxurious and beautiful are the words that perfectly describe wooden window frames. Read on to find out why these may be exactly what you’re looking for

The aesthetic and utilitarian functions of windows are known to all. But what about the actual materials these essential home elements are made of? Wooden window frames are one of the top-notch options out there. They are sturdy, sustainable and scream luxury when designed well. Here is a quick compilation of wooden window designs for Indian homes that we think you should consider.


1. Living Room Wooden Window Design

If your living room design receives little natural light, opt for large casement windows to let in more light. You will also have access to any amazing views outside. Opt for a Sheesham or teak wood window design for a classic look. For a more contemporary front wooden window design, paint the wooden frame white, black or an accent color from the room’s color scheme.

2. Kitchen Wooden Window Design

A bay window over the counters with french doors is an excellent option for anyone with green thumbs. You can easily grow a herb or a vegetable garden on the window sill. If the dining area is part of the kitchen, replicate the window design for the one adjacent to it. This will create visual continuity.


3. Eye-Catching Balcony Wooden Window

For a sleek look, casement windows or traditional french windows are a great option for a balcony design. But if you’re looking to add a touch of drama, we suggest you choose a full wooden window design such as a jaali shutter.

Kitchen Wooden Window Dining Area Design - Beautiful Homes
Designer Wooden Window in Bathroom - Beautiful Homes

4. Designer Windows in the Bathroom

An awning window is a great option for the bathroom. It would be a glass window design with a wooden frame. Make a statement with dark wood or a painted frame. If you want the window to blend into the background, pick the same color as the walls for the window frame.

5. Stunning Office Windows Design

The requirements for each office are different. To that extent, a custom design would be the most suitable, particularly for temperature control. To optimize the views, picture windows with sturdy yet thin frames are the way to go.


6. Arched Wooden Window Designs

For anyone who likes grandiose vintage aesthetics, arched windows are just the way to incorporate the same in your home. A casement make would work brilliantly for arched windows, particularly for patios and front wooden window design.

Modern Wooden Office Window Design - Beautiful Homes
Wooden Ventilator Round Shape Window Design - Beautiful Homes

7. Wood Window Frame Design with a Round Shape

Whether you use a round-shaped window as a wooden ventilator window design or as a decorative addition to your home interiors, it is sure to make a statement. With this wooden khidki design, you can also have easy access to stunning views of the sky.

8. Sliding Wooden Window Designs

Modern wooden window design with sliding doors works well as a space-saving option. Ensure that you use light frames instead of heavier ones for ease of movement.


9. Louvre Wooden Window Design

You can maintain your privacy without restrictions to the airflow in the room with Louvre windows. These are essentially wooden ventilator window designs with slanted slats that allow for air circulation while providing shade, making them suitable for hot and humid regions.

Modern Wooden Window Design with Sliding Doors - Beautiful Homes

10. Iron and Wooden Window Designs

Iron grills are a great way to add extra protection to your house. But instead of the boring grid, opt for gorgeous vine-like designs made of wrought iron. Combine it with a teak wood window design for a timeless look.


11. Wooden Window Frames with Shutter Designs

Another great way to ensure an added layer of protection is to have shutter windows. You can add these as hinged doors outside your glass windows. They will also provide shade and privacy. To give it a fun twist, paint both the shutters and the inside new wood window frame design in a bright color such as blue, yellow or pink.

Wooden Khidki Design for Living Room - Beautiful Homes

12. Wooden Window Design with Glass- Bow Windows

An excellent way to enjoy outdoor views is in a panoramic fashion with bow windows. Ideally, have them custom-made for your space for the best results. Not only do they elevate your home interiors but also the elevation. Opt for a streamlined, thin glass window design with a wooden frame for largely unobstructed views.

13. Wooden Window Design with Glass- Tilt Turn Windows

If you’re looking for a minimal and modern wooden window design, consider the tilt and turn window design combining wood and glass. These are great options for indoor-outdoor spaces. Swing the doors open for an uninterrupted space. Still, if you only need to open them up for ventilation, you only have to tilt upward and inward a little like hopper windows. Keep the natural wood tones of the frame for an organic look.



14. Wood Window Design for Home- Garden Windows

Create the perfect spot for your plants with garden windows. You can install them in any room for additional space for your plants and ample sunlight. Or you can turn them into mini shelves or cozy nooks for your pets.



How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Wooden Window Designs for Indian Homes?

At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, we have a team of experienced designers and professionals who understand what you want and provide personalized solutions. The service includes furnishing, wall treatments, lighting, décor and more. And you get to decide whether you want to change up your entire home or just one room. Visit our website to check the various options we offer and projects executed by us so far. Book a 3D consultation call or walk into any of our stores across India to learn more.


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