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Classic wooden tiles design for walls to create a cozy room

  • Interior Design
Nov 17, 2022
Wooden wall tiles texture used in an open concept home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Wood effect tiles are a gorgeous decorative element that can make your house look exceptionally elegant and classy. Here are beautiful wooden wall tiles design ideas to inspire your interior design

Tiles date as far back as the Egyptians, who decorated their houses with blue tile bricks. They come in many sizes, shapes, materials and colours and wood tiles are a gorgeous décor element that can enhance a home design.

Real wood has been used in home interior design for ages, but it is expensive and hard to maintain. Wooden look wall tiles are the best alternative to real wood as they are comparatively cheaper, more sustainable, and easy to maintain, while providing the same rustic look as original wood.


Different Types of Wooden Wall Tiles Design

Wooden look tiles for wall can make your house look exceptionally elegant and classy. Here are great ideas on how to incorporate wood tiles to enhance your interiors.


1. Wooden Tiles Design for Wall in a Cohesive Open Concept Home

If you’re looking to add rustic charm to your home, a grid of square wooden finish wall tiles is the perfect solution. With the look of untreated wood, wooden look tiles for wall can add personality to any room. Extend the wood tiles across the living and dining room as a design element that binds these two areas together.

2. Stunning Wooden Tiles for Front Wall of Foyer

Wooden tiles for front wall of foyer can create a dramatic visual when a visitor walks in. Cover an entire wall with dark wooden look wall tiles for a warm and welcoming look, or leave it waist high and pair with paint or wallpaper to create an edgy vibe.


3. Multi-coloured Wooden Wall Tiles Design for Living Room

While an adventurous wooden tiles design for wall can make a bold statement, even a subtle pattern can add interest without overwhelming a space. Use multi-coloured wooden tiles design for wall to accentuate your living room. Combine with textured furnishings to add depth or tone it down with minimal furniture and accessories.

Wooden tiles design for front wall in the foyer interiors - Beautiful Homes
Geometric wooden tiles design for front wall in the living area - Beautiful Homes

4. Geometric Wooden Tiles for Front Wall of Contemporary Living Room

From traditional to modern spaces, wooden design tiles for wall are guaranteed to bring lived-in charm. While a wooden finish wall tiles accent wall with classic vertical lines is elegant, creating an intricate geometric design can make for a startling visual. Along with adding texture to your wall, wooden wall tiles add depth and create a blend of traditional with modern.

5. Textured Wall Tiles Wooden Design for Bedroom

Whether you’re looking for subtle wooden wall tiles texture or a distressed wooden wall tiles texture, introducing a tactile element is effective in adding character and personality to a bedroom design. Use mood lighting to create vivid shadows on the wooden look wall tiles, adding interest with every glance. The toned-down walls allow you to inject colour through your duvet cover and cushions.


6. Innovative Patchwork Wooden Tiles for Front Wall of Home

Wooden tiles wall design can give your home’s exterior a look that’s both beautiful and easy to maintain. Use sleek, rectangular patches on the exterior walls to create a wood home décor element that stands out and invites curiosity. Pair dark wood with light paint on walls or use pale wood and paint walls in a deep, dark shade for a contrasting visual.

Wooden look textured wall tiles on the bedroom accent wall - Beautiful Homes
Wooden tiles wall design for the kitchen backsplash - Beautiful Homes

7. Wooden Finish Wall Tiles for a Contemporary Kitchen

The sheer versatility of tile makes it a stylish, logical fit for anywhere inside your home. A beautiful oak coloured wall tiles wooden design will exude a soothing ambiance in a contemporary kitchen. Continue the wooden theme in the flooring and pair it with granite countertops and a colourful backsplash for a chic kitchen design.


8. Add Height to a Narrow Corridor with Wooden Wall Tiles

A light wooden wall tiles design in a narrow corridor can add height to the space, especially with a vertical design. Using a pale toned wall tiles wooden design element in a corridor to act as a cover for built-in storage is a brilliant and creative design idea.



9. Inspired Wooden Tiles Wall Design for Dining Area

Create an element of grandeur in your dining room with interlaced white wooden tiles wall design that provide a wave effect. Install recessed lighting to create an interesting interplay of light. Dark colours for the furnishings and floors will add drama to the room.

10. Industrial Style Small Wooden Tiles Bathroom Design

Not only do wooden wall tiles disguise a multitude of sins, like badly finished walls, but they mask pipework and give featureless bathrooms decorative detail. Create a contrasting pattern using two toned, small wooden design tiles for wall for a sleek and streamlined look. Use black fixtures and brassware fittings for an industrial style that has functionality at its core.


11. Dramatic Elevation Wood Tiles Design

Install elevation wood tiles as the décor element at the entryway to inject a modern twist into your home design. Keep it austere and minimalistic with complementing wood tiled walls, neutral shades and eclectic furniture.

Wooden design tiles for bathroom front wall & sink countertop - Beautiful Homes

12. Grunge Wooden Wall Tiles Design for Living Room

There’s something about distressed wood wall tiles that oozes grunge home decor aesthetic. Pale barn wooden wall tiles design for living room can be used effectively to impart a grunge decorating style to your home. Pair with strong shades and rich patterns to add colour and create a bold look.



How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Wooden Design Tiles for Wall?

When taking on an interior design project, our expert designers, at Beautiful Homes, from Asian Paints, are inspired by a client’s personality and interests to create unique interiors. We help you choose the best wooden look tiles for wall of your home to make it stand out. Browse our online materials library to find your perfect fit. We offer services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.


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