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TV unit design ideas for every room in your house

  • TV Unit Designs
Dec 06, 2021
Tv unit design ideas to enhance every room - Beautiful Homes

The perfect TV unit can truly amp up the vibe of your modern home. Scroll through the 24 TV unit design ideas in this blog to see what best fits your living room and bedrooms. Read on!

A TV unit is the highlight of your living room - a symbol of rest, relaxation and entertainment that you and your family can cosy up next to at the end of the day. While you may have a rough idea of what you want your TV unit to look like, it is always advisable to explore the popular options. Discover the most trending entertainment units in the market, and pick out the ones that bring out your personality the best!


TV Unit Design for Living Room

When it comes to the living room, sleek, contemporary designs are in. Here, you can either choose to mount your TV on a wall or place it on a stand, depending on how much space you need and which TV unit you end up liking. Another factor to consider as you look through these options is storage - if you want the space around your TV to look minimalistic, or vibrant with plants, decorative chinaware, and handicrafts.

1. Wall-mounted TV Unit with Shelf and Drawers

One of the most commonly found TV cabinet designs, a wall-mounted TV unit occupies minimal space while keeping your living room stylish and organised. The drawers and the shelves are a great way to store away movies, games and cables, while smartly displaying homely plants and sophisticated décor.


2. Modular TV Unit

An enviable TV wall unit design, a modular TV unit is a great option for those who need more storage space, but also want to bring out their design genius. If you're a movie buff, a gamer, or a music lover, consider filling up the cases with ultrasound 3.1 speakers and your favourite CDs!

Tv unit design with storage for your living room - Beautiful Homes

3. Wall Mounted TV Panel and TV Stand Design

A sleek, eye-catching TV unit design for living rooms, this entertainment unit looks like the dream of every homeowner. With lighted shelves, console space and wood finish, this storage-friendly TV unit would make a great addition to your modern home.


4. Wall Mounted TV Panel with Floating TV Stand

What we're essentially looking at is an alternative version of the model above - a treat for those who like their floors clean, and their walls raw and industrial.


5. Minimalist Wood TV Stand

Wooden TV stand designs are a combination of charm and elegance setting a new standard for luxury. Maintain a minimalist look by keeping your TV cabinet designs trendy, by incorporating wooden TV stands which are simple, yet classy. You will have ample storage, and more than enough surface to display your best possessions! This is a great option if you already have decided what you want the wall around your TV unit to look like.


6. Gypsum Board TV Wall Design

If you're looking for something far more eye-catching, consider a Gypsum board TV wall unit design. This LED-backlit, display-friendly TV unit is for those who love to host and entertain. But be mindful before you go for this option - it has no cupboards or drawers for extra storage.


7. Modern TV Stand Design

If you're looking for something much lighter and minimalistic, consider going for this sleek, fuss-free modern TV stand designs. You can either place your TV on it, or, if you want to save some space for your mini speakers and console, mount it on the wall.

Wall-mounted tv panel design ideas for your house - Beautiful Homes

8. Wall Mounted TV Panel with Floating TV Stand

A floating TV stand is a great way to find more storage space while still keeping the spotlight on your TV. It gives you room to stay organised, keep your floors clean and spacious and put your best décor on display. The soothing LED lights truly bring out the wooden finish of this main hall modern TV unit design.

9. Floating TV Unit Design for Hall with Shelves

The last TV unit design for living rooms in our list, this floating modular unit is storage-friendly, sleek, and stylish. Perfect for contemporary home owners, this TV unit has multiple shelves and LED-spotlights that go easy on the eye. The perfect place to cosy up while catching up on your favourite TV shows.


10. TV Unit Design with Electric Fireplace

We know what you're thinking - cocoa and Netflix. If you've always loved the idea of having a fireplace at your home, we suggest you add this design to your list right away. With an industrial finish and antique touch, this TV unit comes with a built-in fireplace, console space, and display storage options.

11. Corner TV Unit Design for Halls

A TV stand design like no other, this unit can easily fit in any corner of your living room. It offers ample storage space, and will effortlessly blend into any type of space be it monochromatic or colourful.


12. Functional Wall Mounted TV Unit Stand

Designed for minimalists, this TV unit design is purely functional and practical. It also offers creative space to those who love to change the aesthetics of their living room from time to time. If you can already picture switching out a couple of these plants with books, consider adding this option to your list!

Tv stand design for your living room - Beautiful Homes

13. Industrial Wooden TV Stand

If your living room has a raw, unfinished charm about it, then this is one of the best TV console designs you can ask for. It comes with shelves, drawers and console space, and is designed to showcase just the right amount of industrial flair.


14. Mounted TV Shelf Design with Stand

This TV shelf design idea offers the perfect way to utilise the wall space around your TV unit. Offering ample storage space and smart lighting options, this TV unit can truly spruce up your elegant living room.


15. Floating Industrial TV Unit with Storage and Shelves

A great alternative to the floating TV units we have showcased above, this TV unit comes with better storage, console space, and a sleek, industrial touch.


TV Unit Design for Bedroom

When it comes to finding a TV unit design for bedrooms, you can either choose to go for minimalistic, floating TV console designs, or spacious, impressionist TV cupboard designs. Consider the size and the aesthetic of your bedroom as you scroll ahead.

Floating tv unit console design for bedroom - Beautiful Homes

1. Asymmetrical Floating TV Console

If you’ve already decorated your room and are simply looking for a TV console design that takes minimal space, consider this unit. It offers ample space for your console and firestick, leaving room for your bigger plans.


2. Floating TV Unit Design with Storage

This audio video TV unit leaves your floor free of clutter, offering you more space for your electronics and keeping your things organised. You can even use the shelf on the right for your game and movie collection.


3. TV Unit Cupboard Design

Curl up comfortably into your sheets with one of the best TV cupboard designs out there. This TV unit comes with panels and cabinets - a great shelving and storing system for organising your bedroom, and switching up the décor!


4. TV Unit with Floating Storage and Office Space

An office space, an entertainment unit, and a floating storage space all rolled into one, this design offers everything you might want in your bedroom’s TV unit and more!


5. Mounted TV Cupboard Design

A TV unit for this contemporary design comes with shelving and cupboard storage space. One of the most functional TV unit designs for bedrooms, this piece has a unique, homely design.

What are Modern TV Unit Designs?

The concept of modern design has its origins in Scandinavian architecture, which relies more on earthy hues, clean lines, metallic undertones and functionality.


Following the same concept, modern built in TV units have a simple, yet sophisticated feel to them. They are sleek, contemporary and functional, and offer shelving and storage space in one form or another.

Modern built-in Tv unit designs for bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Before You Make a Decision

Keep these three key factors in your mind

  1. Do you want your TV to be at the centre of your unit?
  2. Are you okay mounting your TV?
  3. How much storage space do you need?
  4. What concept brings out your personality the best?


At Beautiful Homes Service Advantage for modern & functional home interiors (services, products & shop), we can help you make better choices for your TV unit design needs. If you need any assistance with home décor or interiors, feel free to reach out to us. We’d be more than happy to help!


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