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Interesting staircase decorating ideas to elevate your home interiors

  • Staircase Designs
May 15, 2023
Staircase decoration with asymmetric steps – Beautiful Homes

If your staircase is nothing but a staircase, try these timeless decorating ideas to transform this drab space into a design accent for your home

Staircase banister = Fun slide. That is how my kid brain saw all staircases. The steps were superfluous to the descent; it was always about sliding down the banister. As an adult, I am probably not going to attempt a fun slide down the staircase but that doesn’t mean I can’t make the staircase area fun again. Staircases usually take up a fair amount of physical and visual space. However, this utilitarian element can turn into so much more than just an architectural feature that physically connects two floors. From stairway wall décor to staircase corner decoration ideas to using this space increase functionality in an aesthetic way, your staircase can turn into a striking design accent. 

Staircase Decorating Ideas

here are quite a few elements to play around with – the wall, the landing, the risers and treads, the banister, the railing or balustrade, the area under the stairs as well as the corners and turns. These elements give you the opportunity to add character and personality to a space and elevate the cohesive interior design. Depending on your tastes, the nature of the staircase and your budget, there are a myriad of staircase decorating ideas to try. The key is to find decorative elements, patterns, colours and/or textures that complement the style of the home.

Stairway wall decorating ideas for your home – Beautiful Homes

photography by Shamanth Patil

1. Quick and Easy Stairway Wall Décor: Turn Your Staircase Wall into a Gallery Wall

One of the easiest ways to decorate the staircase area is to turn the wall behind it into a gallery wall. This is also a great budget option that could work for homes on rent as well. You can pick a curated art print set that comes with one or two pre-set configurations to make things easy. Or pick and choose various artworks, photographs or wall pictures for staircase that hold special meaning and create a gallery wall out of them. Identical picture frames in various sizes work to create a cohesive and uniform look or try frames of different colours and patterns to create an eclectic vibe. As your family memories grow, so will your gallery wall. Read our tips on how to create a gallery wall here and here.

Contemporary stair wall decorating ideas – Beautiful Homes

Photography by Ishita Sitwala

Wallpaper staircase wall ideas for the home – Beautiful Homes

Photography by Nayan Soni

2. Wallpaper Staircase Wall Ideas

A fresh coat of paint in a contrasting or complementary colour can work wonders for refreshing the stairway wall décor. You can also pick a textured wall surface to add visual interest to this space. If you are looking for colour scheme tips and ideas, read our article on how to choose colours that work in conjunction. However, you can take this a step further by look at interesting wallpapers for this area. In this image, the floral wallpaper paired with a green-framed mirror completely transforms the staircase landing area. The accent wall turns into wall art for hall stairs and landing with just two elements – wallpaper and a mirror.

Stairs decoration ideas for home with wall panelling – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy: Azure Interiors

3. Contemporary Stair Wall Décor with Wall Panelling

Take a look at how the staircase in this image both complements the home interiors while still forming an architectural accent in the room. This stairs decoration idea for home highlights the wall adjacent to the staircase with the use of wall panels which also work to visually connect the two floors. An added design element is the concealed LED light strips placed under each step. When working on staircase decorating ideas, think about the sightlines and décor style as well as the mix of colours, materials, textures and/or patterns. Choose those that elevate the décor of your home. 

For instance, an exposed brick wall left in its natural state or painted white would add a layer of rusticity to the organic décor or a fluted wood panelling would work well with contemporary décor.

4. Stair Case Décor Ideas: Let the Materials do All the Talking

Sometimes all that is needed is to create a soothing vignette by combining interesting materials. Keeping the décor to a minimum – a potted plant and modern clock – the staircase is the standout feature in this image. Concrete, wood, a minimal metal and wood railing and a small patch of patterned tiles come together to create a beautiful area. This is also a great small staircase decorating idea where you don’t have to add too many elements to create a dramatic visual – the materials do all the talking. 

Small staircase decorating ideas – Beautiful Homes

Photography by Shijo Thomas

Decorative stair railing with lights – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy: Mads Creations

5. Stairs Decoration Ideas for Home: Statement Lights

Take a cue from this staircase that is almost ethereal. Sticking with a neutral grey and white colour palette, the drama is brought about with a beautiful light installation that covers multiple floors and softly illuminates each floor with the multi-level lights. Adding to the look are the hidden light strips illuminating the stair risers that adds a lightness to the look. A statement light installation can be the perfect addition to your stairway but a small light installation or floor lamp could also be a great staircase corner decoration idea paired with a sculpture, mirror and/or floor plants.

6. Turn The Staircase into a Masterpiece

From the asymmetric steps to the display units on both sides, this staircase decorating idea is a complete winner. The longer steps double as areas to place plants or other decorative accents. Instead of a decorative stair railing, a ceiling hung, open display unit adds an interesting architectural feature to the vignette. The wall shelving units on the opposite side mirror the lines and materials and could be used to display decorative objects or you could use the stairway wall décor to add shelves and turn it into a multi-level home library.

Staircase decoration with asymmetric steps – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy: Solo Architects

Simple yet decorative staircase railing design – Beautiful Homes

Photography by Lal, Redz Photography

7. Switch Out the Simple Railing for a Decorative Stair Railing

Decorative stair railings and balustrades are a modest way to transform this area. This utilitarian feature can be turned into an ornamental one. Choose from the myriad of designs available or creatively personalise this element. From modern and contemporary to glamorous or minimal to traditional to even repurposing old wood furniture into a decorative balustrade, there is a lot one can do with a simple railing.

8. Staircase Decorating Ideas for Under the Stairway

There are many thing you can do with the area under the staircase from creating concealed storage to carving out a small home office to turning this space into a reading corner with comfy seating. Keep elements like lighting, circulation, height of the staircase and easy access in mind to make this area both functional and aesthetic.

Under the stairway decoration ideas – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy: Asian Paints

Rustic & wooden stairs decoration ideas for home – Beautiful Homes

Photography by Fabien Charuau

How can Beautiful Homes Help You with Staircase Décor Ideas?

From simple ideas like stairs decoration with plants and decorative objects or choosing the perfect staircase colour combinations, adding wallpaper or textured paint to a complete transformation of the staircase interior design, there is a lot that can be done with this element in the home. If you are considering a complete overhaul, you might need the help and guidance of design experts. The Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints offers customers personalised interior design and seamless execution, from start to finish. They create spaces tailored to your tastes and lifestyle, combine aesthetics with functionality and comfort as well as optimise different areas within your budget. They will work out every detail to make the process as easy and hassle-free as possible.

You will get the benefit of a panel of designers, seasoned contractors as well as a dedicated project manager to work out each step of the way.  You can also peruse the Beautiful Homes online portal or visit the retail stores in various cities for guidance and an exceptional curation of furniture, lighting, home décor, accessories and wallpapers for home as well as solutions from a family of brands.


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