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Refreshing ideas to tackle the dead spaces in your home

  • Ideas and Inspiration
By Editors, Beautifulhomes
7 min read
Jun 24, 2022
Modern living room design with ladder used shelf & patterned rug - Beautiful Homes

Interior design has become an essential part of our lives as it helps make our homes more organised, stylish and comfortable. Homeowners are looking for good interior design to help elevate their homes and lifestyles. A well-designed interior makes maximum use of the space available to create the perfect design which suits your needs.


A good home interior design has to satisfy certain criteria. It should make optimum use of space and turn even the smallest spaces into very effective living areas. It should cater to the needs and requirements of all the members who live in it and combine it harmoniously to create a beautiful space.


Even well-designed homes often have dead spaces. Dead spaces are those areas in the house that are left bare and vacant, like corners of living rooms, alcoves in the bedroom, spaces under the stairs and even odd walls that could do with some livening up. With a bit of thought and careful planning, any of these dead spaces can be designed to add to the functionality, needs or visual aesthetics of the home.


Ideas to tackle the dead space in your home

Every home will have those few awkward spots that the homeowner doesn’t quite know what to do with. If you leave it bare, it looks like something's missing but if you fill up the space with a spare piece of furniture, it throws the whole room out of sync. These spaces can be quite tricky and need careful thought and maybe an expert opinion to make the most of them.


There are several ways that dead zones can be designed to add to the overall functionality and aesthetics of your home. Here are some cool, functional and innovative ideas on how to turn dead spaces in your home into a practical or decorative feature.

A cute storage solution for a modern house design

One can never run out of needing more storage space in a home, and dead zones are perfect spaces to add additional storage solutions. Any dip in a wall can be converted into a storage space. It can be made functional and stylish with clever design and can blend into the architecture of the house with a seamless fit or can be designed to stand out.


For instance, a bare wall in a corridor can be made more stylish by adding a rectangular console table and an ornate mirror over it. Wicker baskets can be arranged in the space under the console to hold odds and ends. This little arrangement looks lovely and offers additional storage.

Create a cosy corner in your living room - Beautiful Homes
Modern living room wallpaper for décor - Beautiful Homes

Elevate your home interior with a stylish wall unit

Sometimes, there may be a need for space, for instance, you may have a home business and may need a little personal area to store your things and to work from. You could convert any bare corner of the house into a functional space for your needs. You can create a space that caters to your needs when you are working but can be transformed into a neat hideaway that does not impact the aesthetics of the house interior.


A stylish and functional wall unit with shelves, cubby holes and pull-out tables is a design that will be efficient for your work needs and will complement your interior décor.

Add an under-the-stairs workspace to your house design

Another great area to use as a home office is the space under the stairs. If it is large enough, you can add a table, a chair and a wall unit to keep all your papers and paraphernalia. If it is a small space, you can design a wall mounted unit with a drop-down table that can be tucked away when not in use. If your stairs are situated in an area that is used for entertaining, you could add a sliding door to hide the entire space when not in use.

Wicker cabinets used for storage in the living room - Beautiful Homes

Ideas for wall décor to liven a room

Blank and bare walls do nothing for interior décor. There are several attractive ways in which bare walls can be decorated to make them stand out.


Gorgeous wallpaper is the easiest way to transform a boring wall into a statement one. Textured or bold wall paints can make for a very interesting wall. A collection of photographs in frames of different sizes can be very personal and interesting. Shelves with photographs, bric-a-brac, collections and plants are all great ways to add drama to a wall.

Stylish wall unit for décor & storage - Beautiful Homes

Make an awkward corner stunning with innovative home decorating

If you have an awkward corner in any room, it can be converted into a functional and attractive space with clever designs. For instance, an awkward corner in a living room can be converted into a mini bar or a stunning piece of statement furniture can be added to accent the space.


A cosy seating area with a comfortable armchair and a reading lamp in the corner of a bedroom would be idyllic. Gorgeous paintings with spotlights on them can make a drab corner the focal point of a foyer. In a child’s room, drapes can be hung in the corner to make an enchanting tepee.

Home interior design ideas for an empty kitchen alcove

An empty alcove in the kitchen is the best space to make a kitchen breakfast nook. Add a little table and a couple of chairs if there is enough space. In a smaller space, a drop-down table can be installed with a couple of painted wooden stools for a whimsical touch. It will also be a great space for meal prep.


PVC, Steel & other materials to choose for your parallel kitchen interiors - Beautiful Homes
Living room décor with wall art & warm textiles for interiors - Beautiful Homes

Home interior design ideas for bare spaces

Indoor plants are one of the most gorgeous ways to fill voids in the home. You can squeeze a plant into any vacant spot in your home, for instance, beside your bed, on top of bookshelves, and even between furniture. They are the best kind of home interior design décor for empty corners and can bring any dead zone to life.

How can Beautiful Homes help you create a perfect house design?

At Beautiful Homes, we offer a comprehensive and personalized home interior design service that involves the clients in the creative process.  Our services range from home decorating consultation on individual rooms to the design and installation of interior finish materials, furnishings, and accents for entire homes. We use a collaborative approach to deliver the client’s vision in each design element. Our attention to detail is evident through the entire design process.

Living room décor with gold storage shelf, plants, pendant lights & bold colours - Beautiful Homes

The interior designers at Beautiful Homes work with clients and collaborate with builders, contractors and artisans to create practical and cohesive interiors.  We want every client to enjoy the whole experience of the design journey. Our designers our positive, approachable and have a refreshing energy and that is why we have an impressive track record of returning clients. When we design your home, we ensure that every inch of the space works to make your rooms functional, stylish and attractive.


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