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Main Hall wall colour combination: Elevate your home's look

  • Colour Combinations
Mar 08, 2023
Hall wall colour combination - Beautiful Homes

Create the perfect ambience in the heart of your home with our expertly curated list of colour combination for hall room

The hall or the living room is a multifunctional room in the house— a space where you gather as family, one where you host all your near and dear ones, the entertainment room and maybe also an office area. When one room plays so many roles, you want to design it to be warm and welcoming, a place where people instantly feel comfortable. And a huge part of setting the right atmosphere is choosing the perfect colours. That is why we’ve curated some of the best hall colour combinations for you to browse through. Read on to find out what's made our list.


1. Best Colour Combination for Hall: Soothing Pastels

From laid back beachy interiors to an artistic edgy aesthetic, pastel colour combination for hall room can be the perfect choice for those looking to create soothing interiors. Keep it minimal by choosing a two-coloured palette for hall painting colour combinations. But if you’re a maximalist at heart and have an eclectic style, a multicoloured pastel hall wall colour combination for living room is the way to go.

2. Best Colour Combination for Hall: Classic Neutrals with a Twist

Beige and whites are not the only neutrals that can lend to timeless hall wall colour combination. Combining trendy hues like taupes, black and earthy tones of browns, blues and greens is a great way to elevate the classic neutral aesthetic. Rust and taupe, tangerine and black, brown and green are some excellent options to consider for your paint combination for hall.

Main Hall wall colour combination - Beautiful Homes
Hall wall colour combination for living room - Beautiful Homes

3. Best Colour Combination for Hall: Glamorous Black, White and Hot Pink

The stark contrast of crisp white and deep black in sleek materials is reminiscent of the Hollywood glam style. Introduce this two-colour combination for living room with checkerboard floors, velvet upholstered furniture and large art pieces. Add a pop of colour with hot pink accent chair painted console, throws and such. Take this style to the next level by introducing crystal and gold highlights with mirror frames, hardware and lighting fixtures.

4. Colour Combination for Hall with Texture: Light and Airy Whites and Woods

Relaxed yet warm, bright and airy interiors are features of a room clad in tones of woods and whites. The key to making this living room hall wall colour combination work is to layer materials and texture for a welcoming ambience. Think along the lines of jute rugs, linen upholstery, knit throws, heavily grained light wood furniture, and stone elements in similar tones for this colour combination for hall with texture

Hall colour combination Asian paints - Beautiful Homes
Best colour combination for hall - Beautiful Homes

5. Two Colour Combination for Hall: Quirky Teal and Leather

Unexpected hall wall colour combination can create a unique and striking look like no other. Start with a neutral base of tan and off-whites paint combination for hall. A dark leather sofa with tufted back will add a luxe element to the space. Now choose a focal point in the room, like an accent wall, a fireplace or an entertainment unit and add a splash of colour with teal highlights. The overall hall living room wall colour combination is warm and earthy but all the different hues make the space visually intriguing.

6. Hall Colour Combination- Asian Paints Colour of The Year: Silver Escapade with Accents

Described as infinite, timeless and expansive, Asian Paints’ colour of the year is here to change the interiors game. As a wall paint colour combination for hall, this hue has a cocooning effect, but when paired with gold accents, it is the right shade for rich and luxe interiors. For the hall wall colour combination, you can also pair it with a soft pink for feminine interiors or with shades of hues for an ocean-inspired space.


7. Best Hall Colour Combination: A Happy Main Hall Hall Wall Colour Combination

Design a cheery living room with hall painting colour combinations of yellow, purple and blues. Start with a soft sunny yellow for the walls with a white ceiling and trimming and wood floors as the perfect complement. Introduce contrasting tones of purples and blues such as eggplant and cerulean with furniture and textiles for a more balanced look. The colours will shine beautifully against the yellow living room hall wall colour combination and create a focal point you can’t look away from. Or change it up with dark hall wall painting colour combinations and yellow accents.

8. Trendy Wall Paint Colour Combination for Hall: Colour Schemes with Green

Green hall painting colour combinations has been taking over the world of interiors these past couple of years. Whether it is an earthy olive, a cool jade or a rich emerald, hues of greens foster a connection to nature and infuse a space with tranquillity when used in home interiors. For a nature inspired hall living room wall colour combination, pick earthy greens, taupes and browns. Choose emerald paired with contrasting ruby or complimenting navy for a sensual, moody and indulgent main hall wall colour combination. Softer tones like jade and mint work well with cool greys and light wood tones for an easy-breezy hall wall painting colour combination.

Colour combination for hall with texture - Beautiful Homes

How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Wall Colour Combinations?

With Beautiful Homes' interior design services, you hire professionals who deliver your dream home with custom solutions. With our wall treatment services and specialised colour selection tools, our experts will help you pick the best Asian Paints’ Hall colour combination for your home.


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