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7 modern glass wardrobe design ideas for your bedroom

  • Bedroom Design
Jan 21, 2023
Glass wardrobe design idea for the bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Wardrobes normally occupy a sizable portion of your bedroom, hugely influencing aesthetic impact. Here are some smart ways to utilise glass in your wardrobe design to transform your bedroom, even if space is limited

Irrespective of the amount of space and interior design budget, wardrobe choice impacts your bedroom design immensely. That said, incorporating glass into your wardrobe design adds a sense of luxury, openness and light to any space. With a wide variety of clear, mirrored or frosted glass design for cupboard doors your wardrobe design glass can be carefully customised, combined with wood or metal, or even available as space-saving sliding closet doors. Whether as a freestanding glass almirah for bedroom areas that are larger, or a custom built-in modern glass wardrobe, these suggestions can make your room uniquely yours.


#1 Ornamental Detail : Decorated Glass Wardrobe Panels

When picking the ideal glass cupboard for bedroom renovation projects, a very modern glass wardrobe, minimalist and sleek, might not fit an older home. Instead, why not try decorative lattice work and glass shutters, or even partial glass panels, ideal for a freestanding almirah; glass design ideas that utilise both wood and glass look charming and suit classic, rustic or bohemian interior design plans better.

#2 Space Smart : Sliding Glass Wardrobe Doors   

In smaller spaces, sliding glass wardrobe design solutions are the epitome of style and function. For a modern glass wardrobe that allows your favourite pieces to be displayed while maintaining a degree of privacy, combine traditional glass sliding wardrobe doors with sleek, muted wood panels and drawers. Alternatively, contrast your glass wardrobe doors with burnished metal for a spartan yet glossy effect.

Modern glass sliding wardrobe design for the bedroom - Beautiful Homes

#3 Classy Contrast : Two Tone Glass Wardrobe Design

Another popular bedroom design trend is using dual tone to add interest and contrast to your space.When picking a glass almirah for bedroom spaces that are cosier or oddly shaped, your two-tone glass wardrobe can boost the overall symmetry and harmony of your aesthetic, helping diverse décor components to work well together. You can even add the illusion of high ceilings with your wardrobe design; glass below and white high-gloss paint above create a dramatic visual effect!

Frosted glass wardrobe doors for the bedroom - Beautiful Homes

#4 Quiet Privacy : Frosted Glass Wardrobe

If you want to add all the luminous glow of glass while still maintaining your privacy, choose a frosted glass design for cupboard doors. This is the top interior design tip for a full glass wardrobe or in shared rooms and open plan spaces! Indeed, when it comes to sliding glass wardrobe design ideas, frosted doors are often the most versatile as they look stylish and are still highly practical.

#5 Sleek Sophistication : Mirrored Glass Wardrobe Design

A custom fitted mirrored glass wardrobe design can give the impression that your little bedroom is twice as big! To achieve a minimalist glass cupboard, for bedroom design schemes that trend toward clean lines, think about using a panelled, frameless fitting. Combine a mirrored full glass wardrobe, or a mirrored panel almirah glass design, with a light, neutral colour palette, to make any bedroom feel incredibly open and spacious.

Mirrored glass almirah design for the bedroom - Beautiful Homes

#6 Glossy Charm : Lacquered Glass Wardrobe Doors

The best glass cupboard for bedroom areas where you want to add light, maintain privacy and still add subtle drama is a lacquered glass wardrobe design. Although it has the sheen and appearance of glass, this modern glass wardrobe is not transparent and conceals mess and clutter while also being available in a range of colour choices that can be matched to your overall bedroom design scheme.

Tinted glass cupboard design idea for the bedroom - Beautiful Homes

#7 Polished Style : Tinted Glass Wardrobe Design

Make the most out of your tinted glass wardrobe doors with an L-Shaped glass wardrobe design. This style has all the luxe glamour of a faux walk-in wardrobe; design glass shelves with LED strip lights or mounted downlights to make them the focal point of your bedroom. Tinted glass sliding wardrobe doors hide the things you want to keep private while also serving as a stunning piece of room décor.

Looking for more glass wardrobe design ideas? Visit the Asian Paints Beautiful Homes website, browse our expertly curated magazine or explore our previous projects! From glass wardrobe design options, to other interior design and home renovation needs, our team of experienced professionals at Asian Paints Beautiful Homes are here to help. Learn more about our services or products by booking a 3D consultation call, or just walk into any of our stores across India!


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