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Colours can affect your sleep, so choose wisely

  • Colours
Apr 22, 2022
colours can affect one’s sleep in numerous ways

Mariesha Rego D’Souza, the in-house colour expert at Asian Paints, offers valuable pointers about choosing colours for a bedroom

How are Colours in a Bedroom Different from the Other Rooms of the Home?

Your home is an expression of yourself. It is a reflection of you and your design sensibility. Some parts like the living room are for storytelling about your life and taste, heirloom objects with a backstory, an artwork you love, a curious object that is a conversation starter when you entertain, etc. Other parts of the home, such as the bedroom, is an inward projection of what you feel and what makes you feel at ease. It is a personal area, a sanctuary. And hence when one selects colours for the bedroom it must be a very personal restful choice. There are always colours that we think of as celebratory and others that we think of as calming, the bedroom should incorporate hues from the latter end of the spectrum. You must be able to rest and withdraw when you’re in the bedroom.


Are there Any Basic Tips that One Must Keep in Mind While Choosing Colours for a Restful Space

Colours can affect our temperament is a well-known fact and colour in a large scale on a wall or in a room can affect us far more. What not to use: Avoid using pure colours, such as reds, blue, and greens. Think of them as the colours available in the smallest art kit available of maybe six to eight colours—except for white, please don’t use the others all over the walls of a bedroom. These colours when painted on a large wall can influence our mood and behaviour to be energetic which is opposite of a restful room, and they can also create aggressiveness or anxiety. Use lighter, deeper tones to create a more restful environment. Instead of a bright Sporty Yellow (X104) use light colours like Pristine Linen(L153), Caribbean Sky (7419), Cream Custard (7897). Instead of a Scarlet Sun-N (9981) use deeper colours like Mossy Bark (8414), Kahlua Cream-N (K279), Straw Mat (8575).

When there are So Many Options, How Does One Know Which Option Works Best?

Think of the time one felt most at peace. Was it the beach, or gazing at the sea or was it the foliage in the lawn, was it a scene in a movie with snow glad hill view? It could also be a soft lavender fragrance translating to a very serene colour palette of lavenders and whites or the scent of glass/ moss and wood from the recent hike. Inspiration is everywhere, especially in nature, but what puts you at ease and gives you a sense of calm is very personal.


Now that We Understand How to Select Restful Colours, How can We Achieve a Bright Start to the Day?

Having dark curtains is a norm in the bedroom, we all know that. Once the curtains are open make sure that the wall opposite the windows is of a lighter colour to ensure light bounces off and the room is flooded with light in the morning. It would also rely on which direction the window opens to, an east facing window might be brighter than a west facing. Avoiding visual cluster around the window and throughout the room to ensure a bright room at dawn.

avoid dark and bright colours in bedrooms

Application of lighter shades in the bedroom improves temperament.

What are the Unique Ways to Add Colour in the Bedroom?

Wallpaper and textured patterns are good to have, especially if it will be visible from the bed. Ceiling is another area that has been ignored and most of us have the default white, but this can be a unique space to add colour.

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