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Chic bedroom accent wall designs for 2022

  • Wall Décor
By Editors, Beautifulhomes
8 min read
Nov 19, 2021
Wall design ideas to enhance your bedroom - Beautiful Homes

The key to breaking up the monotony in any room of the house is to add design elements that add visual interest. Colors, textures, furniture, linens, etc., all aid in doing so. An effortless way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room is to add an accent wall design. In bedrooms especially, feature wall designs can add a focal point and tie in all the elements cohesively.


Feature walls, if designed well, can change the mood of a room. While pastel and neutral-hued walls can create a relaxing atmosphere, bright coloured walls can make the space energetic and playful. On the other hand, jewel-toned walls can make the bedroom feel more intimate and sensual.


Whatever be the color palette or preferred aesthetic, we now have multiple options to choose from for the accent wall for the bedroom. You can decide to go with the tried and tested method with paint or wallpaper, or you can opt for more structural options such as wood, cork, decorative panel, etc. Combining different materials and finishes can result in unique designs for the bedroom feature wall.


Bedroom accent wall ideas

When the possibilities are endless, making the right choices for an accent wall for the bedroom can be difficult. We have compiled a list of various feature wall designs that work beautifully to help you. Here are some stylish, chic and modern accent wall bedroom ideas.

1. Colorful accent wall

Colors can affect our mood. When opting for a non-neutral colorful accent wall for your bedroom, keep in mind the feeling you want it to evoke. Pastels add that splash of color to the space but are still soothing to the eye. Blues and greens also have the same calming effect. You can either use accent wall paint or opt for photorealistic wallpaper or one with a colorful pattern to bring in colors. Murals are an excellent alternative for one wall, different color bedroom accent walls.  


To ensure cohesion in the design for the room, choose other décor pieces such as rugs, linens, vases, etc., to bring the accent wall colors in the room. Another way to offset the paint on the wall is to use neutrals for other larger décor items.

Wardrobe designs to add a stylish look to your bedroom - Beautiful Homes
Wallpaper designs to make your master bedroom walls more attractive - Beautiful Homes

2. Master bedroom wallpaper accent wall

Wallpapers are a quick and easy way to jazz up any room. The diverse offering to suit any style and aesthetic make wallpapers a go-to gear for accent wall design. You can choose wallpapers with conventional floral, geometric or tropical designs. Or you can pick a photorealistic wallpaper to bring in the vibe of a getaway in your master bedroom design.


If you prefer the look of natural material like wood, cork, etc., or the industrial look of concrete or exposed bricks, wallpapers are an easy and hassle-free alternative to installing the actual material.

3. Mirrored accent wall

Mirrors are excellent accessories to any room. They make the room feel spacious and brighten it by reflecting the natural light. When used strategically, mirrors can complement accent walls well. In more minimalist designs, mirrors can be used as the statement piece, e thereby making the wall it is placed against the feature wall.


Gallery walls comparison of artworks and pictures are pretty standard. To change things up, you can feature a collection of mirrors on a wall, much like a gallery wall. This will add aesthetic complexity to the room. Another exciting way to use mirrors as the feature element is to create decorative windows. 

4. Bedroom accent wall ideas to incorporate texture

Playing with texture is a great way to add visual interest to any room. Along the same vein, for feature wall designs for your bedroom, you need to rely solely on color to add complexity and interest. If you want to move past the traditional one wall different color bedroom designs, look into installing wood, cork, decorative panels, etc., for your bedroom designs.


When the natural finish is maintained, wood accent walls give off a warm and inviting vibe. You can use shiplap or use wood panels to create herringbone patterns, wood slats etc. These designs can incorporate color as well. Post-installation, the wall can be painted in one color. This would create beautiful highlights and shadows due to the pattern without distracting. Alternatively, you can paint select panels to add a pop of color. Stain the wood panels with different hued polish/ stains for a stained glass effect.


Fabric and decorative plaster can similarly be used to add a tactile element in a modern accent wall bedroom.

Textured wall design ideas for your bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes
Window designs to make your bedroom more elegant - Beautiful Homes

Tips for deciding the statement wall in the bedroom

The bedroom design is your sanctum, arguably the most intimate and personal space in your home. For the same reasons, it is crucial to find the balance between making it relaxing and cozy on the one hand and showcasing your personality through it on the other hand. Adding a statement wall in the bedroom is an easy and cost-effective way to change the mood and vibe of the room. Here are some tricks and tips from the design point of view to help you add some visual interest to the bedroom without making it kitschy.

  • How to choose the right wall:

Each room has a different layout that will affect how your eyes move around the room. As the focal point of the room, the accent wall should be captivating and grounding. If your eyes gravitate towards a specific wall upon entering the room, turning that wall into the accent wall for bedroom might be a good idea. Alternatively, if you want the eye to move in a particular direction to highlight a certain feature in the room, you can pick the location of the accent wall accordingly.


Options that work in most cases include the wall behind the bed, emphasizing a nook if there is one, working with the architectural elements in the room like a fireplace, etc. Turning the ceiling into the feature wall is an option that could work well depending on the size and layout of the bedroom. You may choose to have two walls as an accent or only a section of a wall. Since the accent wall is the statement, make sure that it isn’t hidden by furniture or décor placed against it.


  • Choose an aesthetic or a design style

Having a predetermined cohesive aesthetic for a room can help immensely when making design and décor choices. Do not randomly go about making choices. You must first decide the vibe you want in the room. Then do some research to determine which aesthetic or styles best suit your purpose and personality. The requirements for a bohemian-inspired room would be very different from a more rustic farmhouse style.


  • Choose a color scheme

Your choice in design style should be in tandem with the color palette you pick. One can influence the other. If you’re inclined towards a minimal Scandinavian style, the accent wall with a neutral color or a natural finish like wood will work better. Choose a bright or deeper toned color for the accent wall in case of a bohemian or a midcentury modern look. If the goal is to make the room feel cozier, opt for warm tones. But if you want to make the space look larger, choose cooler tones.

●    Finish
There are multiple options to choose from when it comes to decorating the wall. Paint and wallpaper are the go-to options due to the vast variety in color, pattern and price range. To add a 3D or sculptural element, decorative plaster, panels and wood work well with all styles. A more recent approach for a sleek, minimal or modern bedroom design look is to use lines of LED lights. Albeit, LED lights can be used in various ways to complement any style.

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Beautiful Homes provides a massive range of services and products to help you create a personalized bedroom design.


Beautiful Homes has a wide range of products that can help you create the accent wall of your dreams. We offer a variety of peel and stick wallpapers, single coat emulsions, spray paint with your choice of finish made for all materials and much more. Our color selection tools can help you determine the best color palette for your bedroom.


With Beautiful Homes’ Interior Design Services, you can choose to opt for expert services to help you create the bedroom of your dreams or give your existing room a much-needed makeover. The experts will make sure that the design for the room is highly customized and best suited to your needs. Our professionals will care for all your needs, from furnishing to woodwork to statement walls.


You may choose to avail the Quick Home Makeover services if you’re short on time. Alternatively, suppose you want help with specific projects for your bedroom. In that case, you may opt for our specialized services such as Safe Painting Services, Color Consultancy Services Online, Wood Solutions or Design Wall Makeover.


Whatever your needs are, we at Beautiful Homes have your back.


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