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Brown wall paint colours for your home

  • Wall Paints
Mar 03, 2023
Terracotta and brown wall colour combination for your home - Beautiful Homes

Brown wall paint colours are a lovely choice for home interiors as they can make a space feel warm and inviting. Here are brilliant brown wall colour combinations that can elevate the look of your interiors

Your choice of colour scheme sets the tone and is the foundation for your interior design. Often, people tend to play it safe and go neutral. But if you take a risk and really do what inspires you, it usually ends up looking completely amazing.


While there is always a place for clean white walls and subtle neutral palettes, unexpected colour combinations are the ones that stand out and create a wow factor.


Brown Wall Colour Combinations

Brown as wall paint is back in fashion and with a boom! Once regarded as dated and drab, brown wall colour is now appreciated for its earthy and natural feel. Homeowners are trading in the cold greys, blues and teals for more earthy and warm hues that a brown wall colour provides.


With its wide range of shades from light cappuccino to taupe, mushroom to tan, rich chestnut and deep chocolate, brown colour combination wall paint can make a room calming and comforting or dramatic and chic.

1. Terracotta and Brown Wall Paint for a Traditional Entrance Way

If you want to decorate your space in neutral shades, but are tired of boring greys and creams, brown colour combination wall paint is a warmer alternative. The combination of terracotta mixed with brown will provide an earthy elegance in a traditional foyer.


The subtle terracotta and brown colour combination wall paint helps balance the formality of a traditional space but does not overwhelm. Add brass fixtures, ornate frames in dull gold and wood furniture for a moody but cosy feel.

2. Black and Brown Colour Wall Paint for Rustic Living Room

While black and brown wall paint design may feel like a stark combination, the right shades can make a stunning statement. Mix in layers of textures with pale wood and wicker furniture, and pair with cream and steel blue upholstery and window treatments. 


Accessorise this exquisite black and brown wall colour combination with woven baskets and planters full of lush foliage, or play with natural textiles such as linen cushions, woven fabrics, and jute rugs.

Exquisite black and brown wall colour combination for your home - Beautiful Homes

3. Green and Brown Wallpaper for Bedroom

Green and brown wallpaper for bedroom can create a warm and comforting vibe. This vibrant green and brown wallpaper for walls will evoke a sense of a mystical woodland and can be partnered with tan accents to create a trendy bedroom.


Pair this exquisite green and brown wallpaper for walls with an eye-catching pale wood headboard, all white bedding, and metallic furniture to balance out the stunning design.

Chocolate brown wall colour combination for your home - Beautiful Homes

4. Chocolate Brown Wall Paint for an Inviting Dining Room

Chocolate brown wall paints are the ideal colour choice for creating restful spaces that can envelop a room, making it warm and inviting.


For a richer look, team this brown wall colour combination with creamy whites and natural palettes or pair them with dark blues and greys for a sleeker vibe. The warm and velvety undertones that dark browns provide will bring drama and look effortlessly chic whilst also providing a cocooning feel.

5. Brown Wall Design for a Cheery Kitchen

Brown is a fantastic choice for everyday spaces like kitchens as it can bring a subtle hint of colour without overpowering the space.


A light mushroom with pink undertones will provide just the right tint to highlight wooden cabinets and hardwood floors in a very cottage style kitchen. Gingham curtains and a matching checked backsplash in cheerful red and white will liven the light brown wall colour and provide an upbeat vibe, creating a kitchen that is down to earth, cheery and welcoming.

Brown wall colour combination for a cherry kitchen - Beautiful Homes
Light brown & grey combination for your wall colour combination - Beautiful Homes

6. Deep Grey and Light Brown Wall Paint for Minimalist Space

Brown is so versatile and has so many shades to choose from. Light brown wall paint with grey is a popular foundation for a minimalist space as it provides a great foil on which to add other hues and form a calm, cohesive, and neutral paradise. To avert the risk of appearing dull, layer patterns and textures in the fabrics and window treatments using flecks of darker browns for pleasing cohesion.


Other warm but soothing combinations that will work with light brown wall paint for minimalist interiors are cream and beige. Or make a bolder choice with deep, muted colours, like dull gold, dark green or deep red.

7. Blue and Brown Wall Paint Design for Contemporary Interior

Shades of brown wall paint with blues can work together to create an enticing and sumptuous layer of comfort in a contemporary space.


Blue and brown wall paint is a classic combination that can be used in a variety of styles. Pastel blues with dark brown hues create subtle drama while turquoise with pale browns is bold and lively. Touches of white and greys can help both colours pop for a whimsical and chic look.


How can Beautiful Homes Help You with Brown Wall Colour Combinations?

Brown wall colour for interiors is the epitome of elegance, and combinations of brown with blues, pinks and muted neutrals can create a space oozing with sophistication and style. If you are looking for dramatic brown wallpaper for walls or the perfect brown colour wall paint for your interiors, the Beautiful Homes interior design team can make it happen. Check out the lovely colour combinations that are available at our online store and book a 3D consultation to see how it will look. We offer interior design services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.


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