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Arch window designs to add character to your home

  • Window Design
Aug 12, 2022
Arch window & door design for your home decor - Beautiful Homes

Used in a variety of architectural styles, arched windows were once a staple of classic home construction. And with the rise of clean lines and biophilic design in modern architecture, arches are making a comeback

With the popularisation of sustainable and nature inspired architecture, the benefits of curved window design in terms of maximised light and better temperature control have become clear. Adding to these practical advantages is the eye-catching and organic shape that makes an arch unique. Even a simple lunette or half circle window installed above a front door can make your property stand out among its boxy rectangular neighbours! Let’s explore a few different types of windows that can help you add the personality and flair of an arch to your home.


5 Popular Types of Arch Window

#1 - A True Classic for Decorative Impact : The Palladian Window

This is the style of arch window that you often see in Colonial or Cape Cod architecture. A three-section window where the centre section is arched and distinctly larger than the two side sections, Palladian windows are very unmistakable in design. Usually used to grace an ornamental facade, this style can even be further accentuated with pillars for glamourous old world charm.

Outside window arch design for dining room - Beautiful Homes
Long palladian window with white curtains - Beautiful Homes

#2 - The Arch Window for Small Spaces : Tall Arched Windows

In homes where space is at a premium, having tall arches that extend upwards give the illusion of added height and make the rooms feel more spacious. Tall arched aluminium windows let in more light and, since the frames have a low visual profile, the interiors feel larger and more connected to the outdoors.


With a clever use of curtains, tall arches can have a huge aesthetic impact and even become a focal point of your home’s décor scheme.

#3 - An Arch Window With Form & Function : Arched Transom Windows

Perhaps one of the most easy types of arched windows to incorporate into a rehab or redesign project, the transom window sits above a door or window lintel. Transoms can often be opened to allow the circulation of air and the passage of light even when the main window or door is shut. A semi-circular or shallow arched transom window above an entry door is a great way to add decorative flair with practical purpose.

Wooden exterior arch window design - Beautiful Homes
Arch window grill design with white border - Beautiful Homes

#4 - The Traditional Arch Window Modernised : Ogee Arches

This is the arch shape that graces Indian jaali windows, traditional ethnic homes and ancient forts. While this shape will be familiar to many, few of us might know the terminology – an ogee is a continuous S shaped curve, and an arch with two ogee curves meeting at the apex is called an ogee arch. Often used outside, window arch design styles using an ogee can lend old-world grandeur to a home. Or, if blended with a modern minimalist visual aesthetic, an ogee arched window can add a touch of softening architectural drama.

# 5. The Impact of a Shallow Curved Window : Segmental Arched Windows

In a home with a more modern contemporary look, you might need an arch with a more moderate profile. The segmental arch is a circular arc of less than 180 degrees; think of a shallower cut section of a circle rather than one closer to the diameter. A segmental arch window works particularly well for a large window bank or in a room with a single focus window, as it maximises the window area while still lending your room all the visual benefits of curves.

Half round window design with brick wall paneling - Beautiful Homes

6 Arch Window Looks for Design Inspo

Arch Window Design Inspo #1 — Arched French Doors

If you are looking for a way to add style and practicality to your balcony or terrace doors, arched aluminium windows can be the perfect solution. Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, metal framed French windows can either be whole arches or simple rectangles with a transom in a curved window design above them. Depending on your particular design needs your arch window grill design can be simple squares or even just plain glass for maximum light.


Arch Window Design Inspo #2 — A Reading Nook

An arched Palladian window with a plush built-in bench is a perfect cosy retreat in a bedroom area. Embellish this idyllic window seat with an arch curtain design or swag valances for added luxury and flair. Alternatively you could set up your reading space at a circular porthole, or full moon window, for a little unconventional enchantment.


Arch Window Design Inspo #3 — Matching Interior Curves

Your wooden arch window design can serve as the starting point to your home’s design aesthetic. Echo the curves of your windows in internal doorways or even accessories within your rooms for a cohesive yet impactful effect. An interior half round window design is a great way to light a stairway. Or use a charming semi circle window with frosted glass at a height on a bathroom wall to add natural light while maintaining essential privacy.

Arch Window Design Inspo #4 — Graceful Entryways

Although usually seen outside, window arch design can also serve as a beautiful screen in an entryway. Choose an embellished exterior arch window design in a wooden jaali pattern to provide privacy to the deeper interiors of your home, while still adding decorative flair to your hallway. And if you want to add a little character to your front door, a half moon window above your door is an evergreen classic.


Arch Window Design Inspo #5 — Size Up

Maximise the lit corner space in a living room or bedroom by supersizing your curved window. With a wider, shallower arch, curtain design becomes easier as you can merely pick conventional curtains set on a rod higher than the apex of your window. Supersize a half circle window with square grills for more impact and personality. This combination of straight and curved lines is particularly flattering in a room with simpler minimalist décor.


Arch Window Design Inspo #6 —Stained Glass

Another impactful use of a half round window design is to make it a decorative focal piece in your décor by exploring stained glass. A stained glass half moon window above a door can add colour and personality to any home. If you are unsure about a whole design, you could use the coloured glass in a single section of a half moon window, defining just the apex of the arch. Or choose a simple geometric glass design for understated flair.


So Why Choose an Arch Window?

  • Arched windows are an excellent choice for a variety of design ethos that are rooted in nature such as Zen, Boho, Biophilic or Sustainable, and more.

  • A wooden arch window design adds function in terms of maximised natural light, while still lending charm and visual appeal to your space.

  • Ideal for a room with a low ceiling, such as an attic or half-story mezzanine, a semi circle window makes the most of the available wall space.
  • They are a perfect way to add natural light in narrow or tight spaces; use arched transom windows above the front door, or tall slender arches along a corridor.

  • To break up the monotony of a stairway and improve the lighting a series of arched windows along the wall can be a lovely finishing touch.

  • Flood a landing with natural light by installing an arch window; grill design here can be as elaborate or decorative as you want, making the space a small oasis of added style.

  • Arched windows lend themselves to creating a little drama in an otherwise bland area, such as above a kitchen sink or high in the wall above a bathroom mirror.
Curved window design for kitchen interiors - Beautiful Homes
  • For a building facade or exterior, arch window design solutions are an impeccable way to add character and personality to your property.


So now that we’ve discussed the various types of arched windows and how they can elevate your space, we hope you’re feeling inspired to make arches a part of your home! Reach out to us at Beautiful Homes and we’ll help you choose and create the perfect arched windows to suit your needs!


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