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Apartment balcony design ideas for all shapes & sizes

Modern apartment balcony design & decor - Beautiful Homes

A-Z guide for designing your dream balcony from scratch

Open space from inside the home is something that needs to be talked about for the freshness it spreads and for the beauty it adds. Who wouldn't really love a balcony, be it a home or an apartment space? Apartment balconies are a lot more than just a happy space, it indeed adds a lot of emotions and life to the space. If you are someone looking for apartment balcony makeover ideas or apartment balcony decor ideas, then this article is for you without a doubt. Continue reading to redesign your already existing balcony to something exotic with some apartment balcony lighting ideas and more. In today's article, we will be sharing ideas specifically for Indian homes and apartments with a bit of desi and class maintained.


Below mentioned are some perfect apartment balcony decor ideas for Indian Homes.


Apartment Balcony Decorating Ideas for a Desk with a View

Well, have you ever thought of working outside the four walls? With some great green views and a chill breeze patting your hair and calming you down from hectic schedule. Amazing isn't it? Adding some greens to the corner and getting some shades on the top will light up the mood of the space. This cozy setting is your perfect space to work, hang out with friends, sky gaze, and more. Some apartment balcony decor can also be added on a minimal level to enhance the overall feel.

Indian Apartment Balcony Decorating Ideas with an Elegant Spin     

Indian apartments are always about going a bit desi while keeping the class intact. A pop of colours and spin chairs with cosy pillows are indeed an undeniably lovely combo for anyone who wishes to spend some time outdoors without actually going out. Be it for an apartment balcony with a very small design or for a large balcony space, spin chairs will always be loved and be in high demand without zero doubt. Apartment balcony designs are always a topic of discussion for the best space and good vibes it creates for a home and so the interior design of the space can be taken even more seriously by adding the ideal type of drapes and curtains to further enhance the mood and colour tone of the balcony.

Indian apartment balcony design ideas - Beautiful Homes
Apartment balcony lighting decor ideas - Beautiful Homes

Add a Comfy Bench to your Apartment Balcony Décor

There is never anything like a comfy bench that can add to both the aesthetics and usage value. Isn't it surprising that a simple comfy bench can effectively contribute to an apartment balcony makeover? Apartment balcony safety grill design and benches can be effectively incorporated even for apartments with very small balconies. These indeed add safety factors too, especially for apartments with toddlers and children. Incorporate balcony lighting design for a chic décor.

Turn it into a Bar with this Apartment Balcony Decorating Idea

More than fun, having a bar at home is a class with sass. Be it to enjoy a casual drink after a long day of work or even to host a house party for your friends and family, balcony bars are going to be loved. Cute little balcony bars can be effectively designed for both small apartment balcony designs and large balcony designs. It is your golden chance to customise your own bars with modular cabinets and drinks of your choice. Focussing on the texture and design of modular cabinets can further enhance the overall outlook of the space.

Apartment balcony turned into a balcony bar for décor - Beautiful Homes
Small apartment balcony design ideas - Beautiful Homes

Apartment Balcony Décor with a Swing and Some Greens

A balcony is a perfect mix of both indoor and outdoor space, so why not add some greens and swings to make the place even more merrier? Indian apartment balconies are pretty much incomplete without greens in them, adding a swing makes it the absolute best space to chill in the mornings and evenings. A hanging swing and potted plants don't consume much ground space thus making it an ideal design for small apartment balconies too.

How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Choosing Perfect Apartment Balcony Design?

Apartment balconies are your easiest getaway to breathe fresh air and relax after continuous hours of work. Be it to sip your morning hot coffee or chilled beer at night, balconies do have an extra sparkle to add on and to cherish the moment. If you are looking forward to adding a bit of your signature to your balcony design and beautifying it, worry not, Beautiful Homes are here to guide you with the best. For more information, services, and suggestions, head on to our website to book a 3D consultation or you can walk into any store across India. We’re currently functioning in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune, and Kolkata, with new locations coming soon!

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