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9 products that will add pops of colour to your space

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Feb 09, 2022
A dining table with a pink table cloth, white plates and pink tissues

Give your home a colourful upgrade with these lively pieces of décor

With design trends constantly evolving, it’s difficult to commit to colours, because walls are a long-term-commitment canvas. So, if you’re looking to bring in colour but want to be able to change things in the short-term then products are the way to go. This way, even if you’re working with a rented space, accessories with a bit of personality will instantly liven and make the home your own iteration. Perhaps there’s a nook that looks drab, or a floor that needs some character, we’ve got suggestions for that and more.


Women Power Collection

There is no better way to change how your floor looks and feels than with a rug. This rug has a burst of colours and details that not only adds visual interest but also character to a space. The feel-good texture and the overall look of this product will easily brighten up your mood and area. Created by Kochi-based illustrator, artist and regular Beautifulhomes.com contributor Vanessa Meister, this piece could also go on the wall, where it will be an instant conversation-starter.
Price: Rs. 83,640

Women power collection rug
Scalloped Lotus mirror


Scalloped Lotus Mirror

Decorative mirrors not only bring in an illusion of space, but also add a visual charm. Mirrored artwork always catches the eye and so is a great way to dress up spaces that may go unnoticed. This scalloped lotus mirror has soothing shades of bright blue, that ask for attention but don’t overpower the space.
Price: Rs. 25,720


The Sisters By Pepa Reverter

Artist Pepa Reverter created vases that resembled women from different ethnicities. Each vase from this collection has a different finish and colour representing the variety in culture. You can pair them up or place one on a console or table to add a dash of colour.
Price: On request

The Sisters vase
Floral ceramic door knobs


Floral Ceramic Door Knobs

A DIY way to amp up a boring cabinet, drawer or door is to change its fixtures. A small but important detail that doesn’t go unnoticed. These colourful knobs will completely change how your cupboards look, without making too many alterations. Plus, these can always be replaced at any time for a brand new look.
Price: Rs. 479


Pink Sunset Sun Palm

Since we stay indoors a lot, organic elements are becoming a popular favourite in homes. While most people prefer potted plants, some cannot handle the commitment that comes with it. These dried palm leaves are made to last and bring in a vibrant and refreshing touch to any space.
Price: Rs. 799

Pink Sunset sun palm
Pomegranates & Roses Panthera Platter


Pomegranates & Roses Panthera 

An offbeat way to introduce colour, is to invest in well-designed crockery. Not only does it make the serve ware interesting but also doubles up as a piece of décor. It could be hung up on the wall as art or placed on tables along with pieces that complement it. This piece by Good Earth, does exactly that with this beautifully illustrated platter. Kitchen shelves, or glass cabinets could also do with an upgrade with this piece on display.
Price: Rs. 11,000


Gulabi Rekh Table Cover

The dining table isn’t paid much attention to unless we have guests coming over for a meal. But using fresh colours to deck up the table irrespective of occasion can brighten up the whole area. This pink table cover adds a romantic touch to the table. Pair it up with a bunch of flowers and candles and it becomes a lovely setting to enjoy your daily meals at.
Price: On request

Gulabi Rekh Table Cover
Chirp jars (Set of 2)


Chirp Jars (set of 2)

Making storage fun is another offbeat way to introduce colour to your space. These bird shaped colourful jars add so much character to any space. These can be used to store snacks, sweets, munchies or any small sized items. Place them on shelves or tables and see how they add interest to these areas.
Price: Rs. 5,150


Assorted Sabai Handwoven Grass Baskets

If you are the kind of person who likes craft, these colourful cane baskets add an earthy texture to your space. The patterns can be mixed and matched or paired with other art pieces to create a lively art wall.
Price: Rs. 5,999

Assorted Sabai Handwoven Grass Baskets

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