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7 stunning paint colours to make your front door exciting

Beautiful black front door colour with rustic, cottage style exterior - Beautiful Homes
By Nadezna Siganporia

May 18, 2021

Your front door is quite literally the first thing anyone sees before entering your home, and beyond its obvious functionality, it is also a wonderful canvas with which to experiment. A simple internet search for decorative doors will list out a mind-boggling array of patterns and designs to choose from. Of course, you do have the option to go in for a new front door that suits your fancy, however, if you are looking for a quick and relatively inexpensive makeover, we suggest turning to colour. Just by changing this one element – the door colour – you can completely alter the entire look of your exterior entrance. This could even turn into a wonderful D.I.Y. project with a host of quality exterior and wood paints available in the market. Here are seven stunning entry door colour ideas with which to experiment.

Impactful neutrals
We tend to look at neutral shades as being the base canvas that can take on pockets of colour. Here, the creamy white front door steals the show even though the surrounding walls are a beautiful shade of burnt orange. With colourful exterior walls, a neutral shade for the door can actually pack quite a punch.

Style tip: The black door fixtures add visual interest and contrast, making the white door stand out even more.

Beautiful creamy white neutral coloured front door with colourful exterior - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, georgia de lotz/ Unsplash

Nature inspired leafy green coloured front door with stone façade rustic exterior - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Leszek Glasner/ Shutterstock.com

Naturally inspired
Everything from the nature-inspired green to the natural stone façade adds a sense of refreshing calm to this entrance and front door. This shade of leaf green perfectly complements the country chic aesthetic of the façade. The rough, textured planters add just the right amount of rusticity.

Style tip: Offset a prominent green door with muted accessories and wall colour. Decorate the entrance with creamy white planters.

Radiant red
Set against sage green, this jolly red door with a crisp white trim steals the spotlight. It creates a focal point with the vivid contrast that is both unexpected and equally welcoming. When choosing a colour for the façade or exterior walls, go in for a soft contrast. Colours like soft greys, warm beige, light or pale greens work really well to set the stage for fiery red.

Style tip: Add a few natural materials like exposed brick, stone or pebble trays with plants to complement the door colour.

A jolly red coloured front door and white trim with sage green exterior - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, David Papazian/ Shutterstock.com

Moss green coloured glass and wood front door with pale yellow exterior - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Yolanta/ Shutterstock.com

Subtly soothing
This soothing moss green with grey undertones is an absolute delight; the subtlety of the shade is its biggest asset. Pale yellow, terracotta, muted orange are a few colours you could look at for the façade or exterior walls. Adding glass panels or wood moulding details brings out the beauty of this subtle shade.

Style tip: Black or wrought iron door fixtures and lights pairs well with this look. 

The magic of black
Black makes for striking door colour against the rustic, cottage style exteriors of this home. The stark contrast helps to anchor the neutral façade, making the entrance the focal point rather than fading into the background. Even if your exterior walls are plain white, a black front door could be just the right colour for you.

Style tip: Accentuate the door by adding brass handles and accessories. The metallic highlights pair well with deeper shades.

Beautiful black front door colour with rustic, cottage style exterior - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Lucija ros/ Unsplash

Front door with combination of full jet black and off black exterior - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ImageFlow/ Shutterstock.com

Dark and dreamy
Using blacks that differ in intensity can create quite a stunning visual. This façade pairs jet black and an off black to create a dark and inviting entrance; it adds a sense of mystery as well. You could also consider deep charcoal for that subtle distinction from the jet black. The key to making this door colour work is to keep the décor and architectural elements to a minimum. To uplift the palette and add contrast, keep the flooring and ceiling neutral and bring in a hint of greenery.

Style tip: We like how the designer has used visual symmetry to elevate the vignette. 

Ocean’s a calling
This palette brings to mind sunny blue skies that meet a deep blue ocean somewhere on the horizon. The front door creates an inviting visual set amid greenery. While a glossy finish will look good in this shade, experiment with a distressed finish for that shabby chic vibe.

Style tip: Even though the entire door is painted one solid shade of blue, the decorative mouldings add depth and visual interest.

Entry door with deep ocean blue paint colour and sky blue exterior amid greenery - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Marianna Glavan/ Shutterstock.com

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