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10 Neutral Colour Schemes for Indian Homes

  • Interior Design
Sep 20, 2021

Neutral colours are the easiest go to in interior paint colours for Indian Homes. They can create a warm, inviting canvas for any style. They can also create a relaxing and refreshing vibe. They are perfect if you like to change things around like colours, materials and patterns in the soft furnishings or décor. Neutral paint colours also play a great supporting role to pretty much any house paint colour in India so choosing an accent colour – whether complementary or contrasting – becomes a lot easier.


What Are Neutral Colours?

Do not mistake neutral paint colour for a lazy or mundane choice. When we think of neutral shades for wall painting ideas for the home, we think of white, beige or grey. But the neutral colour spectrum has expanded a lot, especially in the field of interior design. The choice is abundant because there are numerous shades to pick from. Just take a look at how many paint shades of white there are! When looking through room painting design ideas or colour swatches, you will also notice cool and warm toned neutrals as well as those with colour undertones. For example, beige can have undertones of pink, grey, tan or even yellow.


How To Use Neutral Colours?

Broadly, there are two ways to use neutral colours for walls in house design. You could keep the focus on the neutrals by layering complementary neutral shades. For example, choose a light neutral paint colour for the walls and slightly deeper shades for upholstery and soft furnishings. Think of a cream, beige and taupe colour scheme where wood furniture and natural materials like a cane armchair, stone wall cladding or jute fabric cushions add visual interest. The other way to use neutral colours is as a background to vibrant, bold or deep colours. You can bring these colours in through upholstery, soft furnishings, decorative objects and art.


So, now that you have an idea of what neutral colours are and how to use them, read on for our picks of classic neutral paint colours from Asian Paints that will never go out of style. 

1. Love Song

Colour Code: L144

Working perfectly in any room and expansive walls, Love Song is a sophisticated pale shade of creamy white. If you are looking for versatile room painting designs, Love Song plays well with other neutral shades as well as striking ones like teal, burnt orange and eggplant – though this shade would work with a host of brighter and darker colours. Natural light will dance off this colour, making your room look airy and bright. 

Neutral shade of creamy white for your interior home walls - Beautiful Homes
Purity-N is palest pink undertone for your room painting design - Beautiful Homes

2. Purity-N

Colour Code: 0766

With the palest hint of a pink undertone, Purity-N is an easy-going shade. It adds a touch of warmth and comfort to your spaces. Another neutral shade that can be used in bedroom design or any room design, Purity-N pairs exceptionally well with shades of grey, darker browns, sunny yellows, pumpkin orange and soothing sage green. 

3. Tear Drop

Colour Code 9244

If you are looking for soothing wall painting ideas for the home, Tear Drop might just be right up your alley. This subdued shade with the tiniest wisp of blue makes one think of refreshing mountain air at dawn. If you want to pair it with shades of blue, consider shades like imperial blue, slate blue, grey blue, dusty blue and duck egg blue. It also works well with shades of beige, taupe, deep plum and mustard yellow. Light to medium-honey wood furniture works perfectly with this shade. 

Neutral shade with fresh blue for your wall painting & room painting designs - Beautiful Homes
Grape delight is a dusty lilac undertone wall painting colour for your living room interior design - Beautiful Homes

4. Grape Delight

Colour Code 8220

A wonderful shade for your living room walls, Grape Delight feature a hint of a dusty lilac undertone. This delicate, soft shade is a great backdrop for black and white interiors but also pairs well with nautical blues, pale yellows and deep teal. 

5. Dusky Iris

Colour Code 7235

This tranquil neutral shade with a whisper of blue-grey works really well with natural materials, darker greys, deep oranges and forest greens. The shade will lend an air of elegance to any room and is a great way to brighten dark interiors. 

Tranquil neutral blue & grey wall painting colour for your home interior walls - Beautiful Homes
Fresh neutral cool blue shade for your home interior wall painting - Beautiful Homes

6. Winter Morn

Colour Code: 7228

A crisp and refreshing neutral shade, Winter Morn has the tiniest hint of cool blue to uplift your mood. This is a wonderful background colour if you like the look of white wainscoting or moldings on the wall. The shade works very well with bright shades of blue like Pigeon Crest (Colour Code: X148), Deep Firozi-I (Colour Code: X164), Royal Wave (Colour Code: X143) and Cairo Blue-N (Colour Code: 9653). Accent colours that pair well with this shade are terracottas, sunny yellows and blushing pinks. 

7. Fairytale

Colour Code: 7251

In the same colour family as Winter Morn, Fairytale has a more noticeable blue undertone. If you are looking for neutral wall painting ideas for the home in the range of pale blue, this could just be the shade for you. This crisp, refreshing and utterly soothing neutral colour lends a timeless appeal to any décor style. It works especially well with accent colours like Jade green and rose pinks. It also pairs well with light beige, taupe, warm grey and ivory. 

Beautiful pale blue neutral shade for your home interior wall colour - Beautiful Homes
Classic soft violet wall painting colour for your home interior walls - Beautiful Homes

8. Delicate Violet

Colour Code: 7164

Featuring the most subtle hint of soft violet, this classic neutral wall colour adds an elegant, almost romantic touch to your home. Pairing well with deeper blues and greys, Delicate Violet can also take on accents of fresh greens, inky blues and regal purples. 

9. Misty Meadow

Colour Code: 7668

Misty Meadows is a creamy white with a subtle fresh green undertone. It’s immediately invigorating and can be used in any room. Pairing well with hunter green, peacock blue, and pale yellows, this classic neutral colour scheme is perfect for those looking for a breath of fresh air. 

Misty meadow is creamy white shade with green undertone for your wall painting - Beautiful Homes
Soft white with a greige undertone room painting for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

10. Confetti

Colour Code: 8300

We end our room painting design ideas list with this distinctive and gentle shade. A soft white with a greige undertone, this shade is as classic as it is versatile. It can work with cool ad warm toned colours, layer well with other neutrals and form a sophisticated background for pretty much any shade. The experts at Asian Paints recommends accent colours like a dusty purple –  Black Currant-N (Colour Code: K058), a duck egg blue – Grand Bay (Color Code: 8273) or a bright teal like Hokkaido Coast-N (Colour Code: 9699). 

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