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10 affordable interior design tips for stunning style on a budget

Low cost interior design tips for your home décor - Beautiful Homes

If you are taking on the challenge of refurbishing or redecorating home interiors and working on a budget here are – expert secrets and tips to make your decorating dreams a reality

Today the range of home décor items available to us is both wider and wonderfully varied, which makes giving a personal spin to your home easier than ever before. When it comes to home décor remember that there is actually no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way as far as your final vision is concerned. Your space should reflect who you are and make you feel relaxed and comfortable. That said, attempting to balance trends with your personal needs and taste can be a lot to handle. And while not everyone feels overwhelmed by options, a little inspiration and guidance can make all the difference when it comes to translating an idea into a budget friendly interior design scheme. 


Affordable Interior Design Tip #1 : Reduce and Declutter

The best way to start your low cost home décor upgrade is with smart preparation. Before you can achieve a cohesive and beautiful style, you need to edit and declutter your existing space. If the task seems too huge to approach in one single stretch, start small. Perhaps just a few drawers or a single room at a time – whatever the amount, you will discover that the preparation can feel cathartic and even increase your enthusiasm for your new project. Quite apart from the fact that having less stuff automatically gives you more room to work with, there is the added advantage that while clearing you often find forgotten home décor items that might be the perfect fit for your new design aesthetic.


Affordable Interior Design Tip #2 : Make a Mood Board

In terms of actual design planning, a key step is figuring out exactly what works for you in terms of personal style and taste. Think of the unifying theme of your home. Do you prefer warm tones? Are your tastes more formal or do they lean cosy contemporary? What are some of the core pieces you already own that you wish to accentuate? Browse budget friendly interior design magazines and websites to bookmark, tag and collect the décor schemes that speak to you. Make your mood board, planning out colour palette, textures and patterns and matching them to your furniture pieces to see how they work. Repeating colour or pattern elements across a variety of pieces will give your room a perceptible rhythm. Play with contrast and visual interest by varying sizes and textures. Your mood board will help to ensure that the overall theme of your low cost simple home interior design remains coherent and harmonious throughout.

Affordable Interior Design Tip #3 : Try Before you Buy

The next big tip when being your own affordable home decorator is to sample before you commit to a material or colour. While your mood board will already give you a leg up in terms of ensuring colours work together, the actual finishes and textures of materials can change how they look in-situ. Paint samples and small swatches of material are a low cost home décor solution that help you mix and match elements to see how they fit best.


Shades of white paint, in particular, can change a lot in different light.

Affordable sitting benches & sofas for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Banaji

An expert secret that keeps the best interior design low cost while looking flawless is to swatch paint on sheets of A4 paper and tape them to key walls to see how natural light affects the colour during different times of day. Textured materials or fabric with a sheen can also look very changeable. Tape or place samples in the relevant areas to get a better idea of the final effect.


Affordable Interior Design Tip #4 : Measure Twice

Keep your measurements meticulous to avoid expensive errors! A key element to budget friendly house plans is avoiding additional costs and reducing redundancy and waste. Be aware of the sizes of your key furniture and consider their position and settings before buying any new pieces. Pay attention to your wall, door and window placement and plot out the outline of your room on a sheet of grid paper. Make to-scale cut-outs of your furniture that you can move around and rearrange with ease. Prioritise spatial comfort and pay attention to pathways and light sources. Scale awareness is essential when creating a home interior design at low cost.

Recycle & repurpose affordable interior design tips for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, KNS Architect

Affordable Interior Design Tip #5 : Recycle and Repurpose

While having a completely blank canvas might seem appealing, realistically most of us have existing pieces that we need to incorporate into our newly decorated room. The advantage, of course, is that refurbishing an older piece is a great way to keep costs down and make your brand-new home interior design low budget.


In fact the truth is that many pieces just need a little attention and care to be glorious. It might be as simple as a coat of polish, a new paint colour or some smart reupholstery. 

What is more, if you are feeling particularly creative you might even see if an old stalwart is the perfect project for some affordable interior design DIY magic.



Affordable Interior Design Tip #6 : Be Bold

As your own affordable home decorator you get to make some bold decorating choices. For a contemporary look that does not break the bank, mix and match low cost home décor items with a few big ticket splurges. A handy trick for getting proportions right is to decorate about 70% in a single style and 30% in a contrasting style. For example, adding a few modern pieces in a largely traditional room. This is a budget friendly interior design trick that allows you to regularly upgrade your look while retaining bigger, more expensive pieces.


Affordable Interior Design Tip #7 : Pick Adaptable Pieces

Invest in smart storage options – multipurpose tables, compact wardrobe and closet solutions, and tailor-made storage are the cornerstone of affordable interior design. They simultaneously give you more room to work with and provide for an essential need. Look specifically for pieces that can be rotated through various rooms or that fold away when not in use. Movable and adaptable pieces are a low cost interior design secret that can change the look and theme of your room with minimal effort.

Affordable Interior Design Tip #8 : Lighting is Vital

Choose the right bulbs and fixtures for your budget friendly house plans. Appropriate lighting, both in terms of illumination and in terms of placement can make or break the look of your space. Explore focused lighting, ambient light and maybe even an ornamental piece as a design focal point. Even on a low cost interior design budget, lighting is a key area where some degree of expense is imperative. Counterintuitively, with modern innovations in technology, upgrading light switches and fixtures can actually cut down on your long term expenditure.

Adaptable pieces & lights for budget friendly house interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

Affordable Interior Design Tip #9 : Go Natural

A particularly effective way to add charm to a low budget interior design space is to incorporate house plants into your scheme. Greenery automatically makes a room more restful and welcoming. When picking your indoor plants, be realistic about the level of maintenance you can keep up with. Factor in access to sunlight, space to grow, and watering requirements. Pick plants that fit your abilities, or if you think you cannot maintain a live plant properly, explore another affordable interior design hack: faux greenery. When it comes to living room design, strategically placing a variety of house plants not only adds a touch of natural beauty but also brings a refreshing atmosphere that uplifts the ambiance without breaking the bank.

Go natural for your low cost home interior design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, SND

Affordable Interior Design Tip #10 : Enjoy the Journey

When you begin to remodel your home interior design at low cost one of the big concerns is the amount of time it will probably take. The expert advice is to embrace the chaos! Keeping a diary of the remodel has the added advantage of giving you a record of paint numbers or fabric sources for later reference. Pay attention to the various steps from old to new. Take before and after pictures. By investing yourself in the process, you become more connected to the final result.

Well, that’s the last expert tip we have to share, but perhaps these low cost interior design ideas have sparked some ideas of your own! Either way, we hope you’re now ready to begin your own affordable interior design journey.


If you want to get further inspiration or answers to more questions, we’re here for you!  Partner with us at Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints for help in creating a budget friendly interior design solution for your home. Find the latest in furniture, home accessories and décor styles from our curated collection, or reach out to our team and we will be there to help you through all your design decisions!

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