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Everything you need to know to create a cosy bedroom

  • Interior Design
By Bindu Nair
5 min read
Nov 01, 2019
Cosy Bedroom Design Ideas With Cosy Bed Corner - Beautiful Homes

What does a bedroom need to become a sanctuary? These tips will set you on your way to having a cosy space to retreat to at the end of the day

The bedroom is possibly the most intimate space in your house. It is the one space where you have the freedom to be yourself. Therefore, every item that populates this private haven should be well chosen. Even when we share this space with someone else, there is always a corner, a side of the bed, one half of the shelf and wardrobe that is wholly and completely yours. 


Given the importance of the bedroom in your life then, we have a list of items that you absolutely must make room for and call your own when you’re setting up your bedroom. Read on to find out!


A Good Mattress
Some people like the support of a firm mattress, while others prefer to sink right in. There’s even a lobby for water beds! Whatever your inclination, choose the mattress that works best for you—this is an investment piece that’ll give you returns every single day. Take care of it by turning it over periodically.


Create A Canopy
Even if you don’t have a massive four-poster, you can opt for a canopy. It’s a fail-safe way to make the bed inviting and a pretty good option, especially for cooler climates.

Bedroom Design in Boho Style With Canopy Bamboo Bed - Beautiful Homes
Elegant Bedroom Design With Green Wallpaper & Two Bedside Table in Gold & Black - Beautiful Homes

Get A Tufted Headboard
If you like reading in bed, sitting up is made that much more comfortable with a tufted—or quilted, as some say—headboard to lean on to. Read our story on headboards here.


Pay Attention To Soft Furnishings
Keep the bedding a light, clean colour. Not all fabrics are the same—cottons are always cool, while linen can be too warm and musty for hot weather. Consider the climate and do your research while buying bedlinen. If you like having a comforter on you through the night buy at least two different weights; a lightweight one for the summer and a heavy-fall duvet for the winter (again, this also depends on the strength of the winter in the place you live.)


Try Dark Colours
While light colours can make a space seem more open and airy, dark tones create a more womb-like atmosphere. If you ask us, we’re partial towards grey.


Use Dim Lighting
Bluish-white light must be banned from all spaces in the home, and most certainly from the bedroom. Dim, warm light that lull the body into a state of relaxation is perfect. To ensure you don’t have to move out of bed to turn off the lights, get table lamps with a dimmer. Read our story on the best way to light your home here.

Warm Flooring
You don’t want to step onto a cold, hard floor when you step out of your warm, soft bed. Get a furry, thick rug to place under or on either side of your bed. A rug also helps bring warmth inTO the room.


Have Calming Elements In The Room
If you like contemporary art, stay away from disturbing and strong ideas staring out at you.


There are many room and pillow scents that are perfect for the end of the day. However, plenty of people find them distracting or allergy-inducing. If that is not an issue for you, then you should invest in a natural, light fragrance for the Bedroom Design. If you prefer the perfume emanating from a candle, please ensure you blow it off before you fall asleep!


The Right Temperature
If you feel too warm, it’s likely you’ll sweat yourself awake at some point in the night. So ensure the room is the right temperature. The ‘rightness’ of the temperature in the room varies depending on the people using it and the outside temperatures. Once you’ve discovered your ideal, ensure you stay within that. When it’s very warm outside, you may want to turn on the AC a little bit in advance so that the room is cooled by the time you’re ready to turn in for the night.

Bed Corner Design With Red Tufted Headboard, Hanging Lamp - Beautiful Homes

Keep Your Tech Products Away
Blue light emitted by electronic screens leads to delayed sleep. So, it’s advisable to not bring these into the bedroom. Avoid having a television in the room, choose a bookshelf instead and stock up on books and magazines to read before going to sleep.


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