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5 unique polycarbonate roof designs for balconies of all kinds

  • Balcony Design
Feb 10, 2023
Modern polycarbonate roof design for the balcony - Beautiful Homes

Trendy, functional, and long-lasting – here are some inspiring polycarbonate roof designs

In bustling cities and sleepy towns alike, balconies often prove to be a haven that can offer comfort and relaxation, no matter what use you put them to. Occupying an in-between space that is both outside and inside your house, balcony design can be an interesting challenge when it comes to the interior design for home.


Whether you want to soak up in luxurious solitude in your balcony or prefer the space to foster social gatherings, an essential component of any balcony design is the roofing system you install in it. You might want a transparent roof design or something more opaque, but a roofing solution that ensures protection from the elements, offers durability, and is easy on the pockets is the most ideal.


Here’s where polycarbonate roof design comes in.


Benefits of a Polycarbonate Roof for Balcony

A balcony polycarbonate roof design is both distinctive and functional. It will protect you and your balcony from the elements – the wind, harsh monsoons, hot summers – apart from offering all-year UV protection. Besides, it gives you privacy without compromising on the feeling of openness and presence in the nature outside.


Polycarbonate is almost unbreakable yet lightweight, and can withstand extreme impact. Since it’s also a sturdy, resilient thermoplastic material, polycarbonate is both popular and effective as a roofing solution. A polycarbonate sheet for balcony offers weather-resistance, immense durability, and has an easy installation process.


Moreover, a polycarbonate sheet for balcony tends to last many years without fading away or allowing discolouration. Be sure to select a balcony polycarbonate roof design that you love and which suits your space needs, because once you’ve figured out a roof design for your home, chances are that the roof is going to stay with you a long, long time!


And that’s not all. The polycarbonate sheet roof design is trendy solution because of the wide array of styles and textures polycarbonate is available in. It’s hardly surprising then that the material provides for an efficient and fashionable roofing system. But you know what the best part is? Since polycarbonate comes quite cheap, a polycarbonate sheet for balcony is a very affordable design option.


Need a bit of inspiration for a polycarbonate roof for your balcony? Here are a few modern polycarbonate roof design options to get you working on your balcony right away!

1. A Terrace Polycarbonate Roof Design with a Touch of Elegance

This balcony boasts a segmented roofing solution, where part of the balcony is roofed with the rest of the area left open and uncovered. The cane-themed furniture is arranged underneath this terrace polycarbonate roof design, with the roof supported by white beams that complement nicely with the neutral-toned colours of the furniture. A pop of relaxing green on the cushions converses with the tall trees peaking outside, as well as with the few plants growing alongside the terrace wall. This balcony with polycarbonate roof design is ideal for social gatherings all year around.

Open terrace with polycarbonate roof design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Cane Boutique

A cane stand is designed on one side of the balcony which works to hold glasses while one looks out at the wonderful view offered. And if the weather suddenly turns bad, the well-furnished transparent roof design provides immediate shelter without blocking out the view!

Modern polycarbonate roof design for the balcony - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, A Square Designs

2. A Chic and Inviting Modern Polycarbonate Roof Design

Entirely enclosed in a transparent roof for balcony, this space is created to be at once inviting and comforting with a fine dose of sophistication. This balcony polycarbonate roof design is unique in the way it encompasses all of the space and turns it into a comfortably-fitted private area. The lively décor and furnishings in warm tones make it the perfect setting for an evening soiree with friends. The patterned cushions along with contemporary furniture imbue the space with a homely, inviting atmosphere. A polycarbonate sheet for balcony offers UV protection, and a transparent roof design such as this is doubly beneficial as it lets sunshine beam right through!

3. Luxe Balcony Polycarbonate Roof Design

Who says a balcony polycarbonate roof design cannot appeal to connoisseurs of luxury and fine living as well? As a versatile material that is available in a number of textures, shapes, and styles, polycarbonate can be the perfect roofing solution for those accustomed to high living. This modern polycarbonate roof design is supported by dark-hued beams and stands in a semi-open space furnished with plush sofas and elegant, comfortable seating. The beams have been installed with back lighting that illuminate the space for entertaining guests in the evening as well, with the diffused light throwing a soft, warm glow for a sublime, calm atmosphere.

Luxury carved polycarbonate roof design for the balcony - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Cane Boutique

The polycarbonate sheet for balcony in this case is patterned and styled such that it goes with the décor of the balcony overall. As this balcony is larger than most, the owners have made full use of the area, infusing it with grandeur and luxury and turning it into a place for entertaining or relaxing.

Polycarbonate balcony roof design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Cane Boutique

4. A Polycarbonate Balcony Roof that Protects

Polycarbonate’s weather-resistant properties and sturdiness is why the material is so highly in demand, especially when it comes to building partial roofs for balconies and terraces that don’t want to be entirely enclosed. Even so, terrace furniture needs to be protected, and during heavy monsoons, excessive water needs to be slewed off efficiently. A terrace polycarbonate roof design makes all this possible, and more. Polycarbonate is highly functional, efficient, and gives plenty of protection: when using it to design your terrace or balcony, you don’t have to break your head too much over it. 

Besides, it fits in anywhere, and even a simple terrace polycarbonate roof design, such as this transparent roof for balcony, can enhance the overall look and appeal of your space. This polycarbonate roof juts outwards from the main house to protect it from extreme weather conditions such as during the monsoon, whereas the larger balcony area is kept open-air.

5. Wood-supported Modern Polycarbonate Roof Design

This small but cosy balcony overlooks a breath-taking view of mountains and lush greenery below. Furnished with only minimalist and simple furniture in the form of a few functional but attractive chairs and centre table, this polycarbonate awning has been kept simple and clutter-free. It offers up the amazing view beneath with no distraction in the form of furnishings or unnecessary décor, and lending protection from the elements. The exposed bricks and the wood-supported polycarbonate balcony roof give the space a raw and natural look, in true harmony with nature right outside.

Balcony polycarbonate roof design with wooden beams - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Studio Lotus

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