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12 smart desk ideas for these work from home days

  • Work form home
By Aishwarya Bhonsle
5 min read
Jun 15, 2020

Work from home sounds great at first. You can take a nap whenever you like, slide on to your bed as you reply to an email, or simply snack while lounging on your couch finishing tasks on your laptop. Eventually, though, distractions set in and the procrastination begins, along with mysterious backaches and sore necks. So, creating a specialised space for work is really critical. And do it right away, no matter how much space you have. We’ve found desk options for spaces that have the luxury of an additional room and some for studio apartments. Take a look…


Midori Study Table
If you are looking for a table that transforms according to the space and requirement you have, here’s one for you. This one adjusts depending on where you want to place it and how much space you have. It either opens up into a complete setup or folds into a smaller sized table. 
Price: Rs. 7,499

The Big Piano By Samira Rathod

Bloat study table
If you are looking for desks that add to your décor and provide utility, this interesting piece is a great option. There’s plenty of storage and it’s beautiful. 
Price: On request


Cupertino desk
This one is a perfect fit if you are looking to invest in a good quality minimalistic desk. It covers all your requirements for storage and makes your workspace look light and clean at all times.
Price: Rs. 1,38,950


This desk creates a lasting impression as it has been designed to use one pair of its legs as a makeshift bookshelf. This two-in-one furniture piece saves on space and money.
Price: Rs. 60,000 + tax


Lagoon Single Bed
If you enjoy the luxury of working from bed, here’s a product that’s made for that. It has a table attached for working and additional storage at the side as well as on the headboard. This is as comfortable as your regular bed, minus the aches of course!
Price: Rs. 72,720

This And That

Retro Study table
If retro is your type of style or if you are looking for a desk that goes well with the rest of the décor, here’s an easy choice. This one looks simple yet doesn’t fail to catch our attention. 
Price: Rs. 70,800

Erp Design Studio

Skew work desk
If storage isn’t your primary focus, here’s a product designed to satisfy your aesthetic requirements. With a glass top, fashionably paired with a wooden piece, this desk will ensure you leave your bed for work time.
Price: Rs. 39,900



Neo Study
This is one efficient work desk. A simple design, it also comes with a small board attached that lets you mount small accessories or stick important notes. 
Price: Rs. 22,199


MALM Desk with pull-out panel
If you aren’t looking to invest in an expensive desk, here is one that’s light on the pocket as well as on the eye. It has a unique feature i.e. the pull-out panel, which allows you to make additional space as and when required. The white colour also ensures the piece is easy on the eye and would melt into the wall if the rest of the space is also white.
Price: Rs. 8,290

Wooden Street

Holger Foldable Wall Mounted Table
If you live in a studio apartment or have very little space to spare, here’s a desk that completely disappears into the wall once you are done working. It is foldable and has storage space as well.
Price: Rs. 12,989

Be Vintage

The Cotswolds Desk
If you are looking to buy a desk as a temporary makeshift arrangement, then this desk has different personalities so you can use it in another space later. This desk works well as a dressing table or a console and will add a warm vintage vibe to your room.
Price: Rs. 39,520


Study Table with Stool
This desk is a complete work station set up. It has huge drawers for storage and comes with a stool that fits within. If you are looking for a neat and compact desk set, this could be the one to go for.
Price: Rs. 26,236


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