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Organise your crockery

  • Storage
By Nadezna Siganporia
4 min read
Mar 15, 2017
Organize Your Kitchen Crockery Design - Beautiful Homes

We give you tips on how to organise your crockery to help keep your kitchen organised


Keeping your kitchen organized begins with a meticulously planned crockery cabinet that makes the task of daily chores in the kitchen that much easier. We share tips on how to keep your modern kitchen crockery cabinet organized.


Unload and sort
Start by completely emptying your crockery cupboard. This will help you review the utensils you have. One way to sort your crockery is on the basis of frequency of use. Items used daily can be stacked together and kept in the most accessible part of the kitchen while fancier dinnerware can be stored at the highest shelf, and taken out when required.


Toss the chaos
An important step is to get rid of items you don’t use. Ask yourself three questions to help you keep or throw an item. First, do you have too many similar items? Second, do I have something that does the job better? Third, do you really love it? Don’t get rid of items that have sentimental value, of course but rather, look at products that you don’t use anymore.


Stack away
Decide how you want to store your crockery. Stacking dishes works well to keep the cupboard organised; start with the largest size at the bottom moving to the smallest on the top. A space saver, especially with round plates is to use a wire rack. Look out for a plate rack that can be fixed or placed inside the cupboard so that you can stack multiple plates vertically. Invest in pull out shelves inside cupboards; they are a great way to reach your crockery easily and utilise awkward corners.


Use the corners
Corners tend to get under-utilised and are actually perfect spots for stacking daily use items. Invest in a multi-level, triangular rack that you can place on the counter or narrow shelves to store your coffee mugs and tea cups. Since mugs are the most difficult to stack because of their handles, placing them in the corner rack really helps make space in the crockery cupboard. A cup stand placed in the corner also works well for smaller cups.


Go vertical
One of the most overlooked areas for storage in the modular kitchen are the walls and backs of cabinet doors – use this vertical space to hang your knives, and ladles. Not only will you not have to rummage around in a drawer for what you need while cooking, but it also clears up valuable drawer space. A simple hook rack screwed into the wall can be a great space saver. For the lucky ones who have enough space in their kitchen for an island, consider using the space above head level for hanging glassware.

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Open shelves in the kitchen work as useful storage options.
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Corners tend to get under-utilised so use them in your kitchen to stack daily use items.
A cup stand on the counter works well for smaller cups to be stored away.
Invest in a triangular rack to save space in the kitchen.

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