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Natural detergents to keep your clothes, and your conscience, clean

  • Sustainable Living
Aug 11, 2021

Usually our choice of detergent is based on the one that manages to deal with the toughest of stains, with a pleasant lingering fragrance being a bonus! TV commercials convince us to purchase conventional soaps promising spotless white clothes even with a single machine wash. But what they don’t tell us is the amount of chemicals that go into it. So everytime we use a chemically made detergent, it leaves a residue on our clothes that our skin tends to absorb. While the remnant water goes on to affect aquatic eco-system and water bodies. But did you know that the same clean and perfumed clothes can be achieved with a more responsible laundry routine?


Read on to check out the list of naturally made detergents that provide good results while being kind to our bodies and environment at the same time.

Pure Cult
Pure cult’s detergent is not only eco-friendly but also cruelty free. Infused with Geranium and Lavender essential oil, the product promises to be kind to your skin while also smelling wonderful. Surfactants are generally considered as the villain ingredient in any detergent, but in this one it is eco-friendly along with a 5-enzyme formula that fights stains.


Price: Rs.499

The Better Home
The Better Home offers a detergent that is purposely designed to create less foam. This way the amount of water consumed is cut to less than half. It has a colour-protect formula and zero artificial brighteners so that your clothes remain in their natural best for as long as possible. Since there are no harsh chemicals used in this product, the clothes tend to last longer too. In terms of fragrance, it has a pleasant citrus one.


Price: Rs.1,599

Mother Sparsh
Mother Sparsh offers a plant based detergent that has a healthy mix of herbs and natural extracts. The bio-enzyme in it helps with loosening of oil and dirt easily. It's also really mild and so is safe for the little one's clothes too.


Price: Rs.998

For all the vegans, Kyra’s detergent doesn't use any animal derived ingredients in their product. This is made of forest-collected soapberries, commonly known as soapnuts or reetha, which is a popular way to naturally wash clothes. This detergent doesn’t have any added fragrance and is very mild on skin. So if you are hypo-allergenic, this is a suitable product for you.


Price: Rs.290

SacredEarth uses a unique blend of herbs, leaves, berries, flowers and barks, sourced from the Himalayan forests. It also has oregano which acts as a natural bleach, rosemary that keeps germs and bugs away and orange that fights grime. This blend uses absolutely no chemicals and is low foaming, resulting in low usage of water. The clothes smell of fresh flowers and have a soft feel against the skin after being washed with this product.


Price: Rs.499

Azafran’s tropical flavoured detergent is absolutely non-toxic and biodegradable. It is safe to use for an infant’s clothes and is made of plant derived materials. This is not a mild detergent, which means it fights the toughest of stains and stink if any, leaving the clothes with a fresh and clean scent.


Price: Rs.400

Bare Necessities
Made with ingredients like coconut oil, baking soda and borax, this detergent has a high cleaning power and fights tough stains. Apart from being made from natural ingredients, Bare Necessities uses materials that can either be fully recycled or re-used.


Price: Rs.399

For more options, take a look at our list of natural cleaning products and fragrances here.


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