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9 neat products to help you get organised

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Jan 08, 2020

Our lifestyles and homes have changed drastically over the years. Our houses are getting smaller, and many of us are looking toward minimal design as a cure for the lack of space. Brands are leaning in with specialised products that serve the demand for clean, simple design. So if you need help tidying up a wire-strewn desk or organising an overflowing bookshelf, you can rest assured there’s a product that’s up to the task.


HyperCasa CEO Gaurav Agarwal says that when it comes to designing an organiser, his priority is to solve a problem. Gaurav came up with the idea for the TidyUp! Wire Bin when he got tired of seeing the mess of wires on his own office desk. “Turns out, a lot of people have this problem,” he explains. The Wire Bin was well-received, and joined the ranks of a new wave of products specifically designed to de-clutter. Still, there’s a fine balance between form and function. “It’s going to be in your direct line of sight, so in addition to solving the problem, it has to look good,” Gaurav offers, “But it can’t be the centre of attraction.”

The best organisers, in Gaurav’s opinion, are minimalistic. This sentiment is echoed by interior designer and social media influencer Rukmini Ray Kadam, who insists, “It doesn’t matter how beautiful the product is. Does it fit in your scheme of things?” When choosing the right organiser for your space, she asks that you follow three rules: first, it should match the design of your space, second, the materials should be durable, and then most importantly—it should be easy to use. “The whole point is to make storage simpler—so something with a simple clasp, or lid would work better,” Rukmini explains, adding “Obviously, something that is complicated to open and close—you’re not going to use it very much.”


When it comes to picking the right organiser for your space from all the products on offer, you may feel spoilt for choice. Here’s our top pick of products that are versatile and well-suited to any space.


For Meet Wire
TidyUp! Wire Bin

Chic and simple, this wire organiser is the perfect solution for that tangle of wires that’s been crowding your desk. While it is ideal for an office, it wouldn’t be out of place even on a nightstand.
Price: Rs. 550

For Wardrobes

Indian Décor Closet Shelf Dividers

Wardrobe shelves are notorious for the mess they can cause, with piles of clothes and accessories falling over one another—but these shelf dividers are an instant fix.
Price: Rs. 598

For Kids’ Room

Homesmiths Toy Organiser

This vibrant toy organiser is a fun way to clear up your kids’ rooms—but wouldn’t be out of place in an art studio, either. You could even use the bins as planters, and make yourself a mini home garden.
Price: Rs. 4,050

For Housekeeping Tools

Angel Bear Mop Holder and Broom Holder

A mop and broom holder should be an essential in every household—especially if you don’t have space for a designated broom closet.
Price: Rs. 399

For Extra Storage
AmazonBasics Foldable Storage Cubes Beige
Storage cubes can be whatever you need them to be—from laundry to toys, they’re a great way to keep all the extra knick-knacks neatly stacked together, and out of the way.
Price: Rs. 1,179

For Shoe Cabinets

Lifestyle-You Adjustable Shoe Slots Organizer
Free up cabinet space with these specialised shoe organisers that let you stack pairs one on top of the other—so you no longer have to worry about separated pairs or missing shoes at the last minute.
Price: Rs. 899

For Bathrooms
InterDesign Formbu Shower Caddy
This shower caddy works especially well for shared bathrooms, but is a great addition to any shower stall. Give each of your soaps, shower gels and shampoos a designated space and clear up all bath-time chaos.
Price: Rs. 3,699

For Laundry

AmazonBasics Laundry Hamper Sorter Basket
This clever laundry basket has sections for you to separate whites, colours and delicates as you go—so you’re spared the task of sorting through them later.
Price: Rs. 2,499

For Kitchen
Indian Décor Home Tower Expandable Kitchen Counter Organiser
An expandable kitchen organiser allows you to save on countertop space while also ensuring all your cooking essentials are within arm’s reach.
Price: Rs. 2,499


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