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In the studio of Katrin Bååth

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Take a tour of this minimalist haven in Sweden

Early mornings and us are the not the best of friends. Weekdays and us – maybe just a little bit better. Our biggest motivator is the work we do, the people we meet and the place we call our second home, our studio. It’s a pinboard of all things we love – think lots of natural light, bits and bobs of our favourite things, an endless supply of super strong coffee, and a fairly well-equipped kitchenette.

So when we came across Katrin Bååth’s studio in Sweden, imagine the joy in our hearts! This all-monochrome studio is the stuff our Nordic dreams are made of. Large glass windows open out to what is possibly one of the best views in this part of the world, that of lake Vättern. Picturesque, serene and calm, it’s just the inspiration one needs to get to work.

Immaculate with gorgeous details and a keen sense of design, the interiors remind you of a glossy magazine spread. A high ceiling, white walls and a carefully curated décor – a mix of vintage accessories paired with clean, modern furniture, give it a light and airy feel. One of the first things that catch our eye is a neon sign that reads, “Good Shit”. “It is a big part of my work, of who I am as a creative director and what I stand for. I always want to do really good shit with good people – for a good reason – as simple as that. I light it up every day when I arrive at work and it keeps me focused on why I am doing this,” explains Katrin.

While all elements reflect the black and white, minimalist vocabulary, a wood and glass cabinet stands tall behind Katrin’s desk. “I fell in love with the cabinet from Lindebjerg Design, and fashioned the interiors around it,” admits Katrin, “I had to wait for months for it to be delivered but it was worth the wait,” she adds.

Perhaps it’s lesson we need to imbibe too. If you feel strongly about a piece of furniture or accessory, then even if it takes some time to acquire it, wait it out.

The cabinet is filled with props, which she changes from time to time. “It’s a little bit like a mini showroom or portfolio for me. It’s filled with my own stuff and things I just cant live without,” says Katrin. We all have a little bit of Katrin in us, putting up pictures on our desk, little keepsakes from our travels to keep us going on a particularly rough Monday morning, or that glorious Swarovski USB stick for a little bit of sparkle at work.

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