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In the studio of Good Morning Films

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The design of the Good Morning Films office combines an instinct for colour, balance and light in equal measure

The Good Morning Films office is exactly as you would expect the office of one of India’s coolest production houses to be- cleverly designed to optimise the space and natural light available and quirky enough to keep its street credentials firmly in place. We visited their light-filled office space in Mumbai’s charming heritage building Kitaab Mahal, to find out what went into creating this office space.
Designed by architect Fali Unwala and styled by interior stylist and former adfilm producer Srila Chatterjee, the office was originally just as the current layout is, but without partitions. 

“We created the different spaces but put them inside the arch-decided areas. Fali created bigger bathroom areas. The space was in very poor shape but we thought it best to keep the rough look of the ceiling, which had parts in zinc. We kept the pillars without hiding them, as well as all the beams. Fali’s space design is fantastic. He turned the steps at the bottom so that the entrance wasn’t awkward; he made more space for bathrooms; he created a pantry area under the stairs and used sliding doors to allow the space to look big and still have private areas,” explains Srila.

The space had lots of natural light and beautiful views of Mumbai’s Victoria Terminus Station, so the design duo wanted to keep as much light as possible and make sure that as many desks as possible could soak in the old buildings around.

The furniture chosen for the office was of two kinds: the essential work furniture, and the variable. The essential was built-in, simple desks with overhead storage. The gigantic accounts cupboards were camouflaged cleverly with simple venetian blinds. On the other hand, the variable furniture is more individualistic. In the upstairs section, the production room is made up mainly of built-in desks and standard chairs, with a signature red as the trim. The book cupboard at the entrance of this section is an Art Deco piece. A teak table functions as a community all-purpose table. Srila used a high quality black and white checked linoleum on the floors that adds character to this space. The pictures on the walls are all from the Good morning films’ collection.

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The Accounts Room, being a work room, had a lot of traffic so it needed to be self sufficient with lots of storage. The little table and chairs for visitor meetings add character to the room, as do the venetian blinds that hide the storage space for files.
In the Producers’ Room, the sofa and table set-up allow for private meetings, and the furniture is inspired by the mid-century modern theme. Srila kept the choice of two desks in this space intentionally separate to make the space feel more personalised and less like an office.
In the Director’s Room- the idea was to create a personal space for

Shashanka Chaturvedi- “a kingdom,” as Srila puts it. “He can do everything he wants here, from work to sleep. He liked leather, so I used it on all the seating. His sofa is wide and super comfortable, so good both for watching movies and sleeping. The furniture is all old teak and naturally polished, so it looks really rich. The kilim is the centrepiece, complimented by the charcoal Art Wall that is hand-painted by Meera Dabir,” she explains.

The main room as one enters serves as a reception, conference, bar and lounge space. The big table is very industrial with the metal bottom, but chic with the interestingly shaped moulded chairs and long bench. The mid-century feel continues in the bar stools, the sofa and the bench. The bar counter was custom made. All this furniture is from BARO, a furniture brand helmed by Srila.

What holds the décor of this workspace is the combination of instinct, natural light and space, and the feeling of awe that the duo of Shashank Chaturvedi and Vikram Kalra (director and producer respectively) wanted to convey to visitors when they entered. That is a mission successfully accomplished, we believe.


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