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Makeshift entryway ideas for a city apartment

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We show you how to carve out an entryway for small city apartments with our tips

An entryway serves as a landing strip, a place where you can sort the clutter coming into your home. Most city apartments, however, lack a separate entryway with the front door opening directly into the living room. With a few items and creative placement, you can shape one out easily.

1.    Use the wall adjacent the door to fashion a vignette. A narrow console or shelf gives you a horizontal surface to work with while a
       mirror reflects light, opening-up the space.

2.    Provide storage for keys and mail like a decorative bowl or box as well as hidden storage for shoes. A slim shoe rack can double up as
       a seat with the top tier being used as a table.

3.    Line up a narrow rug or runner with the door and use a low hanging pendant light or a fancy chandelier to illuminate this zone.

4.    To further define the area, use a sheet of wallpaper behind your console or paint this section a different colour. If possible, you
       could create a shallow alcove to visually separate this zone from the living room.

5.    Use decorative elements for a sense of symmetry. Create a visual demarcation with framed artwork or photographs suspended
       from floor to ceiling or make a green wall of planters arranged in the same way.

6.    An open bookshelf or screen placed perpendicular to the door can be used as a partition, creating a sense of a corridor without
       cutting it off from the rest of the room.

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