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How to create an interesting entryway

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Your entryway is your home’s calling card. Make that first impression count

The entryway is the first glimpse visitors have of your home. It sums up your décor style, and sets the tone for the rest of your interiors. So what goes into making an entryway a reflection of your personal style? We help you decode this décor dilemma through a set of questions you can ask yourself, before you take the plunge.

What do you want your entryway to say about you?
Are you a private person? Or someone who loves to display your collection of objects unabashedly  to the world at large? The entryway is a great starting point for conversations and for putting things that matter to you, on display. You can choose to keep it personal with family pictures or display something that’s less private but decidedly personal at the same time, like your favourite piece of art.

Do you want your entryway to be functional or decorative or both?
An entryway is your pit stop before you step out for work and also the point where you walk in, at the end of a working day. A functional entryway works hard to keep your needs in mind. It can store your keys, small accessories that you use everyday, like your watch and keys, besides important letters and bills that need to be filed away regularly. On the other hand, if you would rather focus on making this a space that looks good, with limited utility purpose, that’s a good uncluttered look to go for, too.

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Console Table or Low Bench?
One key piece of furniture to consider while planning an entryway is either a console table or a low bench. In an Indian home, where one is expected to remove their shoes before stepping in, having a low bench is helpful for visitors to rest comfortably as they remove or put their footwear back on. Bear in mind that a bench does not offer much by way of storage options. That brings back the question of function versus form. If you like a minimal, de-cluttered look, opt for a low bench that is high on simplicity and low on storage options, thereby forcing you to stop accumulating objects in that corner on a regular basis.

If you want the option of extra storage, however, consider opting for a console table that can display your favourite décor pieces while at the same time giving you space to store things away.

Where do you want to draw a visitor’s eye?
Displaying art, textile pieces or décor objects above the console or bench creates a focal point, that draws visitors in. Ideas to consider include whimsical objects like your personal collection of objects. Using simple rattan trays as a wall hanging is an unusual choice, and is a great example of styling your home with objects already available.

Now that you have ample ideas for the entryway, styling the rest of your home should be a little less intimidating. All the best.

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